Maggot in Dreams

Dreaming of maggots is very bad and should be analyzed carefully. Maggots represent the eating away of the dead, and thus destroying your sense of sanity. It is also foretelling of issues that are being ignored and which will catch up with you and likely to impart a destructive period in your life. Take care of your pending problems and stop maggots from coming into your dreams.

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199 thoughts on “Maggot in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that a Black and Orange grub burrowing into the back of my scalp. It hurt and and I ripped it out.
    What could it mean?

  2. My first maggot dreams were finding them in my feet and hands and i was either squeezing them out or puttig rubbing alcohol as they burrowed out and pulled them all. It was so graphic. The 2 nd one followed and this time notnonly where they in my feet and hands but other parts of my body and i couldnt get them all so i went to a doctor who helped remove all of th because i refused to leave any behind

  3. 3 weeks After a break up I had two dreams in one…one with a lady who works in my hr department she kept asking me did I want my own space its ok to have your own space and to be alone, i have my own space… she kept repeating this. At first I was reluctant kept saying no I’m ok and finally I said of course your right which went directly into the next dream i was sitting on the toilet and for some reason I had a black plastic bowl in my hand which i began to vomit maggots in! I only did it once and I felt relieved to me it signifies me ridding all that bad karma I dealt with in that relationship that I held on to for far too long and the lady assured me that I will be fine no worries!

  4. I dream of black maggots squeezing them like pimples from my face (1 cheek). I wasn’t scare but of shocked and worse of all embarrassed that someone else noticed it. There were about seven. Six little and a real big one which was the only one I had problems taking out . That one I had to jank while the others came out smoothly. This was weird because I don’t get pimples

  5. I dream that I was in the bathroom, and was peeing. Although with in the toilet bowl there was long thin centipede-like maggots. What I remember is flushing the maggots into the water with the pee stream. After that I flushed the toilet.

  6. I dreamt maggots for the first time and it was Scarry. It was in a house and they started coming in from outside by the thousands into each room and I was terrified the room that was mine the door was bent by the pressure of the maggots and I was screaming for my mom I was all balled up and freaking out. The whole outside the town everywhere . then they started to dissipate and someone was watering outside. I was trying to save my pets they were full of these nasty bugs.

  7. I was in this African trade market then I went to shower in the open when little tiny maggots started coming out of my skin, then they grew 10x bigger thick and long they kept coming off my skin in my legs mostly so I began to pull them out then my skin started swelling and where I would pull them out in hands full it would leave huge open wounds in my skin like gun shot wounds I would bleed etc…

  8. I dreamt of maggots 3 times in one night.
    1st dream, I went to urinate and saw very small maggots coming out of my private part going up and was very ashamed, and I wondered if there’s anyone who saw it.
    2nd dream, I was pregnant and a prophet said to me, I must keep the baby and I was amazed at his saying but immediately I started having doubts if I want the baby. He told me that there are people who’d love to adopt the baby and I started considering to give up the baby but deep down I didn’t want to.
    3rd dream, I was with my mother going to a meeting and we were running late. We were walking, so I decided we’ll be too late…we turned around to get a car. As we were approaching the house I saw maggots all over my legs. I was wearing a short. And at the back I was wet and the maggots were about 3 sizes, some very small, medium and big ones. I said to my mom, this child is rotten and she said yes and my stomach was getting flatter. I was very uncomfortable and ran to the bathroom wanting to get into the bath and wash off my body.

    Please help, I still feel uneasy when I think of the dream.

  9. I just had a dream, of white maggots growing with some kinda slim coming down , but their were growing on 2 parts of our house ceiling……it was just a wiered and gross dream, the baby maggots where crawling on the floor, I was tring to step on them to kill them, with my son’s help.

  10. I dreamt that i was carrying an apple that looked amazing but then when i turned it over there were maggots all over my hand and the apple what does it mean?

  11. I dreamt I was being sick and maggots really big ones which had been eating me were in the sink then i took of my clothes and they were on my skin everywhere eating me. This has just happened and it woke me and disturbed me greatly. :( I was dreaming normal until it turned nasty.

  12. I dreamt I was standing in someone’s kitchen I open the refrigerator and there were maggots in the refrigerator I closed it and dirty water started leaking out from under the refrigerator after I cleaned it up I turned around and the person I was talking to in the kitchen spit maggots out onto the floor. I swept them into a pile on the floor with my hands and smooched them with my hand so they wouldn’t get away. But every time this person spoke a magot would come flying out of their mouth. Every time this person spoke a Magot would come flying out of their mouth

  13. I dreamt I had a small hole in my calf and I looked in it and then opening the holes I saw maggots as I squeZed the hole it became bigger and then pieces of skin or I don’t know came out with maggots on it. I kept seeing maggots as I was emptying what was inside my calf. I’m so anxious and feel weird about what it means

  14. I had a dream, I looked down and saw bed magot on the right side of my shirt and I begin to brush them off. What that mean.

  15. I dreamed one maggot in my heel burst through the skin when I went to pull it out it went back in my skin broke up around heal I could see the inside behind the skin there was no heel bone hollow there was just a maggot trying to get deeper into my foot. what does this mean?

  16. I woke up in my dream and started to rub my hands only to look at the palms to see one maggot in each palm I rub them off and saw to large holes on each palm what does this mean.

  17. I had a dream that maggots were all over me i was sittingon the couch and i was trying to take them all off !!

    And i took them all off at the end !
    What does this mean

  18. In my dream I’m standing in he bathroom, notice maggots coming of out of my hair lots of maggots. I panic and begin to comb my hair to get rid of the maggots without touching it with my hands because I was so grossed out. As I comb the maggots out I throw them in the sink and continue combing my hair. I begin to notice bumps in my scalp. The maggots were coming out of my scalp. I was so scared and freaked out. Then I woke up!