Maggot in Dreams

Dreaming of maggots is very bad and should be analyzed carefully. Maggots represent the eating away of the dead, and thus destroying your sense of sanity. It is also foretelling of issues that are being ignored and which will catch up with you and likely to impart a destructive period in your life. Take care of your pending problems and stop maggots from coming into your dreams.

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236 thoughts on “Maggot in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that a friend was meant to make my hair so I was waiting outside her house, so suddenly I looked down and I saw white little maggots all over on the floor of where she wanted to cook, so I asked her is this where she is stay and she said yes, so she gave me a cloth to clean up and even that cloth had maggots so I gave her back the cloth and I used my hand to clean and I was stepping out and I woke up

  2. I dreamt I was vomiting maggots and then spitting out the ones left in my mouth then stamping on them.. it was so gross… There was so many and everywhere. I woke up feeling so sick and my throat burns.

  3. Hi, I constantly dream of maggots on the wall of my girlfriend’s room specifically on the side where she sleeps and maggots coming out of her. Is she sick?

    1. Are they eating anything?i read that maggots can symbolize that someone is “sucking the life” out of you.

  4. I dream about I was in someone house and I was on the floor all of sudden roaches and magets started coming outta everywhere I didn’t know to get rid of them

  5. I dreamt of maggots in my right leg and I remember removing them from the holes they created in my right leg and it was so gross but I can’t remove them so I Just removed my right leg skin and that removed them all but I was left with just muscle tissues in my right leg full of blood. It was terrifying!

  6. I dreamed my skin started coming off in square chunks, and I could see tiny little worms crawling around under my skin. I could feel them and then more and more chunks of skin kept coming off, and I couldn’t get to the hospital. No one would take me. And I got a ride with a friend of mine who was sick and we couldn’t get to the hospital because her car wasn’t working right and I didn’t have the right direction, and my skin coming off in chunks and maggots were all under my skin. This dream scare the heck out of me, and I woke up and I cannot go back to sleep and it’s 3:53 a.m. I have never had a dream like this please help me

  7. I had a dream about my liver. Apparently I was still very young and had to depend on my mother for care. It seemed like she didn’t care at all that I was in so much pain that I thought that I was about to die! And she kind of turned her back and looked back at me neglectfully. I felt that my rib cage bones were chocking me and not allowing me to breath. I felt like I was about to die I dragged myself from the floor and called an ambulance but I was worried that my mom was going to get angry because ambulances cost a lot of money. Then I was going in and out of consciousness and I was being transferred to some hospital where they told me that my liver was failing and that I needed a transplant. Everything else was kind of a blur after that. I just remember thinking “Oh God I am going to die. Who is going to give me their liver?” I don’t remember all that well if it was today or yesterday I had a dream with my grandmother…she was beautiful; I have no idea why people are so afraid of aging. Whenever I think of my grandmother I always think of how beautiful she was & and is. I always see her dressed in light colored garments. Almost angelic.

  8. I dreamed I was squeezing maggots out of my legs – there were many, but were coming out with ease. In this slushy environment there were also fish, some a bit overgrown. A baby shark had grown among them and bit the tip of the head of another fish. I knew I had to squeeze it all out, but I worried about the condition of my legs after all the cutting and squeezing. Would I have enough muscle left? With so much junk in my legs, would there be a lot scarring?

  9. I dreamed last night about maggots!
    It started when I visited my classmate (elementary classmate) and he is dying so I hugged him to say my farewell, I put my hand on the wooden bed to support my weight as I reached him and I was surprised by suddenly a maggots are falling from the wooden bed where my hand is placed. The maggots falls in my foot and in my hand and they are going inside so I shrugged and brushed it off until the maggots are gone.
    Then I don’t know if someone told me or I just know that my classmate is dying because of maggots are killing him (maggots are inside his body). So even though the maggots are gone I still feel or think that their is maggot left inside my foot and then I woke up with a doubts in my mind.
    *queations::please answer
    –what will happen to my classmate?is he going to die?
    –what does maggot mean to me in my dreams?
    —what does maggots mean?.
    I’ll wait for the answers
    Thank you 😊

  10. I had a dream that my supervisor, my boyfriend, and I were working a wedding, we all work in EMS. I was parking my car when I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. I got out of my car and walked in the building, I told my supervisor that I could barely breathe and something was wrong with my mouth. When I pulled my cheek out, my gums were busted open with infection, I could taste the blood, and there was maggots bubbling out. I then began vomiting blood and maggots. My boyfriend picked me up as I was blacking out. I woke up.

  11. Hello,

    Last night I dreamed that my heel was being eating by maggots and left a big hole! Also a close friend of mine was in the dream and I was asking her for help she refused at first until I explained then she took me to the hospital’ ! Dream has me sort of freaked out’ ! Seems very weird.

  12. Please help! I had a very scary dream that kept continuing! I had maggots; tiny light spiders; ants and other bugs entering my toes; feet and legs biting me and some dying inside of my body. I had to ask people who were there to help me get these creatures off my skin som embed deep below skin surface leaving bad marks and pain! What does all these mean and what can i do now?

  13. I had a dream i was goin to get my hair fixed by wen I got there i wasn’t feelin well, I was at my mom house where I was comfortable so I took my shoes off n wen I did I panic! I see three maggots in my left foot I can’t pull thm out so I had someone in the house I knew n trust to pull them out, but he was struggling at first.When he finally pulled the first one out my mouth started to get fill wit them so i spit them out but I was gagging as if I was throwing up. Then my ma came n jus pulled the rest of them of out wit no problems

  14. I had a dream i was looking at my bottom row of teeth nd between i saw a maggot i flossed it out and spit it out i did it i believe twice maybe 3times then woke up angry .ive been in a bad mood previously to the dream and finding my self irritable .
    Please help!!

  15. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that maggots were under my skin in both of my hands. I tried getting them but couldn’t. I remember trying to mash them through my skin to kill them. I could see them crawling. How creepy is that!

  16. Last night I dreamt of being barefoot and looking down to my feet seeing my right foot more swollen than my left, so I reach to take a look and ee the bottom green, brownish, and purple, and that there’s little hairs sticking out of these tiny holes so I freak out and begin to pluck it, and as I’m starting to put I feel and see something moving and going deeper, I being to pull it all out and comes out a maggot. I’m frightened of maggots being in me so I continue to pull them all out abkut 3 and then I show my sister’s and suggest to check other places, she says something about my armpits which I’ve always been insecure of, so I take look and see the same kind of hairs like on my foot, and I begin to pull them our but now there were about 5 on each side, and as I’m pulling them out on the 3rd one on my right side first, it tries to borrow itself back in so I struggle and finally an releved when they’re out. Then we’re running away from some people I don’t know but know we need to get away so we cross small alleys where we reach the end of the place like city where there’s a river that then becomes a forest.. can anyone help with this interpretation. Thank you

  17. Last Night I had my first maggot dream it was when my little sister who was allergic to dogs brought home a bunch of stray dogs and I was laying on the floor next to her while she was putting maggots on them I felt really disgusted and they kept falling by my butt, and I kept pulling them up. Then my mom said it’s time to take the dogs to the animal pound. She let me keep one of the black dogs and I took it to the kitchen and gave it water from a green cup. It drank alot of water but the cup was still full? Then the dog just stared At it. And I ran to the garage door to tell my mom not to take the dogs because of the maggots. She ignored me and left. What is this supposed to mean??

  18. I keep dreaming of maggots coming out from under my skin on my hands neck and shoulders when the maggots come out of me they turn in the giant flys that take for ever to be killed they just keep coming at me no matter what I do

  19. It went like this….I ate some spicy mexican caldo and went off to bed In my dream I went to a unknown restaurant and ate a pretty big burrito after that I went to a Christian church event with my fam didn’t feel good so went to throw up once I seen my thrown up maggots were all around the toilet bowl and as well some small green roach looking bugs crawling out from all around the bowl showed someone about what I had vomited and they ran away and that was it.

  20. I dream about maggot when I try to clean my room,when I open the carper I saw 2 heads of dog in thethere with to much maggot on it,so I try to clean it using dust fun,the maggots spread and crawling into my legs,I shout and cry cause I fell very tickling and feel so bad,what does it means?

  21. i had a dream of maggots coming out of my left forearm skin….they make like 4 or 5 holes n come out of my skin..i was crying n trying to kill them with salt..

  22. i had a dream about maggots at first i didnt see them but then they was all over my face and matter how many i washed off they just kept coming back. what does it mean

  23. I dreamt I was throwing up many many small eyeballs in a toilet, then I could feel something eating through my tongue and spit out maggots and more eyeballs….what does this mean?

  24. I dreamed that I was really sick and started throwing up. But when I threw up I threw up big white maggots. Lots of them. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t. And when I did wake up I felt so sick like it had actually happened. What does this mean?

  25. I dreamt that a Black and Orange grub burrowing into the back of my scalp. It hurt and and I ripped it out.
    What could it mean?

  26. My first maggot dreams were finding them in my feet and hands and i was either squeezing them out or puttig rubbing alcohol as they burrowed out and pulled them all. It was so graphic. The 2 nd one followed and this time notnonly where they in my feet and hands but other parts of my body and i couldnt get them all so i went to a doctor who helped remove all of th because i refused to leave any behind

  27. 3 weeks After a break up I had two dreams in one…one with a lady who works in my hr department she kept asking me did I want my own space its ok to have your own space and to be alone, i have my own space… she kept repeating this. At first I was reluctant kept saying no I’m ok and finally I said of course your right which went directly into the next dream i was sitting on the toilet and for some reason I had a black plastic bowl in my hand which i began to vomit maggots in! I only did it once and I felt relieved to me it signifies me ridding all that bad karma I dealt with in that relationship that I held on to for far too long and the lady assured me that I will be fine no worries!

  28. I dream of black maggots squeezing them like pimples from my face (1 cheek). I wasn’t scare but of shocked and worse of all embarrassed that someone else noticed it. There were about seven. Six little and a real big one which was the only one I had problems taking out . That one I had to jank while the others came out smoothly. This was weird because I don’t get pimples

  29. I dream that I was in the bathroom, and was peeing. Although with in the toilet bowl there was long thin centipede-like maggots. What I remember is flushing the maggots into the water with the pee stream. After that I flushed the toilet.

  30. I dreamt maggots for the first time and it was Scarry. It was in a house and they started coming in from outside by the thousands into each room and I was terrified the room that was mine the door was bent by the pressure of the maggots and I was screaming for my mom I was all balled up and freaking out. The whole outside the town everywhere . then they started to dissipate and someone was watering outside. I was trying to save my pets they were full of these nasty bugs.

  31. I was in this African trade market then I went to shower in the open when little tiny maggots started coming out of my skin, then they grew 10x bigger thick and long they kept coming off my skin in my legs mostly so I began to pull them out then my skin started swelling and where I would pull them out in hands full it would leave huge open wounds in my skin like gun shot wounds I would bleed etc…

  32. I dreamt of maggots 3 times in one night.
    1st dream, I went to urinate and saw very small maggots coming out of my private part going up and was very ashamed, and I wondered if there’s anyone who saw it.
    2nd dream, I was pregnant and a prophet said to me, I must keep the baby and I was amazed at his saying but immediately I started having doubts if I want the baby. He told me that there are people who’d love to adopt the baby and I started considering to give up the baby but deep down I didn’t want to.
    3rd dream, I was with my mother going to a meeting and we were running late. We were walking, so I decided we’ll be too late…we turned around to get a car. As we were approaching the house I saw maggots all over my legs. I was wearing a short. And at the back I was wet and the maggots were about 3 sizes, some very small, medium and big ones. I said to my mom, this child is rotten and she said yes and my stomach was getting flatter. I was very uncomfortable and ran to the bathroom wanting to get into the bath and wash off my body.

    Please help, I still feel uneasy when I think of the dream.

  33. I just had a dream, of white maggots growing with some kinda slim coming down , but their were growing on 2 parts of our house ceiling……it was just a wiered and gross dream, the baby maggots where crawling on the floor, I was tring to step on them to kill them, with my son’s help.

  34. I dreamt that i was carrying an apple that looked amazing but then when i turned it over there were maggots all over my hand and the apple what does it mean?

  35. I dreamt I was being sick and maggots really big ones which had been eating me were in the sink then i took of my clothes and they were on my skin everywhere eating me. This has just happened and it woke me and disturbed me greatly. 🙁 I was dreaming normal until it turned nasty.

  36. I dreamt I was standing in someone’s kitchen I open the refrigerator and there were maggots in the refrigerator I closed it and dirty water started leaking out from under the refrigerator after I cleaned it up I turned around and the person I was talking to in the kitchen spit maggots out onto the floor. I swept them into a pile on the floor with my hands and smooched them with my hand so they wouldn’t get away. But every time this person spoke a magot would come flying out of their mouth. Every time this person spoke a Magot would come flying out of their mouth

  37. I dreamt I had a small hole in my calf and I looked in it and then opening the holes I saw maggots as I squeZed the hole it became bigger and then pieces of skin or I don’t know came out with maggots on it. I kept seeing maggots as I was emptying what was inside my calf. I’m so anxious and feel weird about what it means

    1. I had a very similar dream to this last night, but the hole was on my knee asif I’d fell and badly scraped it. I wiped the wound and then noticed the maggots were on my leg and trying to crawl into the hole, I grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled like 5/6 different sized ones out – Really creeped me out and I woke up pretty distressed. Yours is the closest dream I’ve found to mine so far! Any luck in figuring out a meaning?

      1. Just now I dreamed that maggots were appearing everywhere on things that I was putting a lot of quality and hard-work into [and imagining to manifest]. They multiplied like wildfire so fast that I IMMEDIATELY SURPASSED DISGUST AND STARTED scraping ALL THE HOES UP BY HAND AND THROWING THEM ALL IN TRASH BAGS TO DESTROY THEM. wHEN i WOKE UP i KNEW IT REPRESENTED oops caps the cleanliness of my diet intake that effects my mind. I was doing great, juicing, feeling a clean high frequency, no brain fog, then I didnt opt for freshly juiced fruit above a small glass of wine. it fucked me all up..i have brain fog, my frequency i worked hard for dimmed, and i feel on a lower quality frequency than when i was soaring. Say no to weed alcohol and low frequency food and drink intake guys. and eat a slice of bacon and a rice crispy treat above having even a 3 sip glass of wine [because that’s all i had and look what happened].

      2. you’ve waited too long to heal a past wound and now you’re disgusted with yourself about it but you will heal that wound once your disgust grows so great that you cant take it anymore. make sure after you heal it you clean yourself up. dont forget about that part.

  38. I had a dream, I looked down and saw bed magot on the right side of my shirt and I begin to brush them off. What that mean.

    1. give more detail about the meat. where was the meat. was the meat rotten or fresh. how did the meat come about in the 1st place.

  39. I dreamed one maggot in my heel burst through the skin when I went to pull it out it went back in my skin broke up around heal I could see the inside behind the skin there was no heel bone hollow there was just a maggot trying to get deeper into my foot. what does this mean?

  40. I woke up in my dream and started to rub my hands only to look at the palms to see one maggot in each palm I rub them off and saw to large holes on each palm what does this mean.

  41. I had a dream that maggots were all over me i was sittingon the couch and i was trying to take them all off !!

    And i took them all off at the end !
    What does this mean

  42. In my dream I’m standing in he bathroom, notice maggots coming of out of my hair lots of maggots. I panic and begin to comb my hair to get rid of the maggots without touching it with my hands because I was so grossed out. As I comb the maggots out I throw them in the sink and continue combing my hair. I begin to notice bumps in my scalp. The maggots were coming out of my scalp. I was so scared and freaked out. Then I woke up!