Moth in Dreams

Dreaming of moths represent the constant nagging and annoyances of tasks being unattended. These tasks are never a problem by itself, and easily taken care of. The moth dream is telling you to stop for a moment and squash the annoyances so you can focus on bigger things in your waking hours.

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6 thoughts on “Moth in Dreams”

  1. I saw that many tinny moths came into my lounge & settled together then I saw a large big white moth(1-2feet) sitting at the corner of a wall then I saw another big larg 1-2feet colourful moth came In then after flying he came and sit near to me & gets closer to get love.. I tapped him with fear and love.. his body is like an innocent beautiful bird & wings n feel of a moth.. then he get little back n settled..

  2. I dreamt that I was in a room with people reading bibles and there were moths with bright eyes hanging from the ceiling like bats. Then I heard “there are no rules. ” ??

  3. Last night I dreamt that I had a large moth about 12inches long, and it had pearls as eyes, I looked after itbut one day it went missing and then my cat bought it in dead. I have’nt got a cat. Any ideas on the meaning?

  4. I know there was more to this dream, but all I can recall is communicating with this pretty good sized moth. Somehow, it was trying to tell me something, I extended my hand, and the moth fluttered against my palm. I then squeezed the life out of it and awoke.

  5. Dreamt that I was near the kitchen sink which was directly under my kitchen window. A huge moth was flapping against the kitchen window under the net curtain. I found my lost fly swat and gave a couple of whacks. It was killed but I found myself examining it. I began to question whether it was a bird or a moth because of it’s size.