Parasite in Dreams

When you dream about a parasite, it normally represents the situation where you are dependent on others. This dependency issue becomes a drain on yourself because you become more helpless the longer you are stuck at an unwanted situation.

If you value your life energy and wish to stop dreaming of yourself as a parasite to your friends and family, start contributing work and ideas back to the group. No one likes associating with parasites.

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3 thoughts on “Parasite in Dreams”

  1. had a dream today 10/20/17. in this dream i was bare footed. i notice there was a small cut in the sole of my left foot, so i examined it. notice there were 2 little worms within that cut, so i took tweezers and try to exact it, but was unsuccessful; then the parasitic worms started to multiply, from 2 to 4, 4 to 8, and so on, until my left foot was filled with them. i had told my aunt which she also attempted to exact them but was unsuccessful. it did not hurt, but was in fear knowing that there were parasites living in my left foot. i took anti-biotics that my cousin had given me with the hopes of it ridding me of parasites. my next thought was either, go to the hospital or get it amputated, which was the last resort. no idea what this dream ment, but i was glad that when i had woken up, i notice that it was just a dream…lol

  2. It is very hard to describe the parasite in my dream, however it was white and looked similar to an octopus, only it was about the size of quarter and had many leg like tentacles coming off of it. It was located on my bottom right foot and I was digging at it with tweezers to try and get it out. It was very disgusting and disturbing and it was as if I could feel the pain and struggle of me trying to get it out. I’d like to know if there is any explanation as to why I have dreamed this.

  3. Had a disturbing dream about parasites and worms, coming out of my youngest son’s mouth, he was sick and I kept trying to pull them out along with contaminated germ ridden white strings. I was cleaning and clearing his mouth and throat so he wouldn’t choke. He had cough up blood prior to the parasites in the dream. When I cleared his mouth and throat, all the parasites and worms lay on a very large napkin, squirming and of various kinds and sizes. I killed them by throwing alcohol on them. What does this dream mean. Send it to my email please.