Spider in Dreams

Dreaming of a spider is an indication that you take time in your work while amassing properties of wealth beyond your wildest imagination. You will always have this hunger to acquire more things; driving you to aim higher. The downside is that you feel trapped and entangle in this web while other aspects of your life outside of work is failing.

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12 thoughts on “Spider in Dreams”

  1. In my dream, there were spiders crawling over my legs as I lay in bed. I shake them off, but they keep coming from the end of my bed. Now I am nearly all covered with spiders until they are nearing my face and eyes. What’s odd was I became paralyzed with fear as these spiders became heavier and heavier. I couldn’t breath, then I wake up.

    What does my dream mean? Normally I am okay about insect and bugs, but now I don’t think I can become comfortable around spiders.

    1. I had the same spider dream as you last night. I spoke to my friends about it, and came to the conclusion that I am actually terrified of spiders when most of the time I think I am okay ignoring them. My friends tell of a different story, they have seen me spaced out as if frozen and ignoring them for whole minutes at a time whenever I see a spider.

  2. I had a dream with a lot of spiders. There was a lot of them coming down from the celling from there webs on me. Also there was a lot of them crawling all over me way to many to count. I remember my feet stuck but I felt my feet tingling.. I don’t understand the dream could some one please interpret thanks…

  3. I had a dream about spiders, crawling on me. The first one was about 2 inches, it has short legs all over its oval shaped body It looks more like the image of a bacteria, but I called it spider in my dreams.

    The 2nd one, was small, it was round-shaped spider, and it has short legs all over it, black and white in color, crawiling on my left leg.

    does it have a meaning or interpretation?

  4. I was inside a storage closet (shed) and i saw a spider dangling from the ceiling near a sleeping bat. The spider on a long stringy web (like a yo-yo) began dangling in front of my face and i was scared, it landed on the floor in front of me (after i threw it off the web) and hid under a black bolt and when it crawled out i killed it by rolling something over it. i have read several interpretatoins, about it being bad luck, black magic ect. what does it mean in this scenario? I wasnt worried about the bat, but the spider dangling in my face did worry me.

  5. i was in a labatory with 3 characters from my manga i was making and they were testing if the spider was poisonous so one of them said that to know thay need to just test it so she ate it i knew they shoun’t,it was reckless, but i coun’t say anything i just was invisible and didnt do any thing all i did was think it(even though this whole scene was in my head already) then i remembered that i didn’t know the place and woke up

    1. Aliyah,

      Your body is your personal space. While the small black spider in your dream is not necessarily dangerous, each bite may represent that your personal space is being crossed and it becomes more of an annoyance.

      In the waking hours, pay attention to who may be spending too much time minding your personal business when they shouldn’t be.

  6. I had a dream that I was n an empty house and a few people I’ve known since childhood was passing through the house spoke to me and kept walking yo the back with no problem. Then i a friend who I have not seen n years came thru and we spoke fir a while then when I look to pass thru I was stopped and shocked to see a huge spider web with this HUGE black spider n the doorway! In my dream I was Like omg I almost didn’t see it the web. It was big n square shaped and the spider was huge my friend went around it to proceed to the back of the house but I didn’t. I don’t remember if I knocked it down or not but I never went to the back of the house. Ibalso saw 2 smaller spiders around the bed n the dream then I woke up! What does this mean? I have several personal issues going on in real life for one I have been feeling held hostage by school cuz I’ve been trying to graduate fir the longest, I have a fear that something else may comeup that I won’t be able to pay for cuz I’m not working had to quit my full-time job to finish school, and also I keep thinking about my first love it’s like torture cuz I dobt want to and try forgetting about him I’ve moved hundreds of miles away n still find myself thinking of him. Does the dream have anything to do with all this I’m dealing with? What does it mean?

    1. Nicki,

      The big spider in your dream is symbolic that something blocking your path. While your friend was able to navigate around it, you didn’t bother and avoided it altogether. There seems to be a lot of uncertainties surrounding your day to day life, as your decision making is a little too spread out.

      It would be a good idea to focus on one thing at a time, and this big spider will go away from your dreams.

  7. Why do I have nightmares about spiders and what does it mean if you see a certain male member of your family in your dreams all your life.

    1. Spiders coming towards you means black magic. The person that you see from your family could mean two things, either that person is under the influence of black magic, or that person is doing black magic. Remember people that do black magic are phony, and fake!