Termite in Dreams

Termites infest and associate with destructive power until their wooded habitat is completely consumed. Dreaming of termites indicate a temporary increase in power and wealth until the foundation crumbles sending your progress back to the starting point. Being aware of the chain of events of your termites dream, you can benefit from it by capitalizing on the high points before it settles back to the low point.

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14 thoughts on “Termite in Dreams”

  1. I dream about a fish and termites. Pregnant fish keep on producing eggs in seconds. Then those eggs hatched and those eggs left the they eat my hand until it made holesuddenly the container was melted and the eggs were vanished because it eas in a styro container and saw termites in a hole on the grounf under the container. lastly saw my neighbor.

  2. I dream that my friend who is my colleague in my work hand to me something like a book or I think that was a magazine. Now as I was opening it and as I was returning it to where it to its place, the other books/magazines have a termites.That book/magazine my friend handed me has also a termites. Those termites also bites my hands and I tried to remove them from my hands.

  3. I dream end that i was in house being eaten by termites and I was trying to remove them by hitting on there moulds.To me the meaning could be my new found knowledge of how my mind works and iam trying to dismantle it (my mind)so the dream.

  4. Hi sir/madam…i’m pache, me and my friend looking for a job…an hour we are exchanging messages about decisions if we are going to work in that place or not because it’s too far in our home…but that new compny that we are going to work, they provide free lodging and food…i want to work on that place eventhough its too far but my friend don’t have final decision so i’m waiting for it…so upon waiting her message…i slept about 2 1/2 hrs…and i dreamt that i saw a lot of termites inside on our old house eating one of the post…so i tried to remove clean and swept it on the floor but only the dirt i was sweeping for…and i cannot see even one termite while i’m sweeping…after that i saw my mom and here her voice…i can’t remmber what she said…my mom died january 2,2016 and her birthdate sept.20…when my mom died i didn’t go home because i don’t have any savings and a lot of problem to fix…

  5. I dreamt of termites covering the shower, as i went to get into the shower, I pulled back the curtain, & they were everywhere. This was at my best friend, from childhood, parents home. I immediately turned & ran to use the other shower in their house, in my dream.I believe this has some spiritual meaning. What are your thoughts?

  6. I dreamt that the house we were trying to sell, the floors were of wood. The floor which was near the wall or close to the skirting was completely destroyed by termites. They had eaten all the wood away of the floor near the walls of the house. A huge gap was seen in my dream. I could still see wooden flooring in the middle of the house. There was a gap of about 30cm between the wall of the inner house wall and the floor. I was in the lounge area of the house. What could this mean?

  7. I had a dreamed that termites were all over me and a child we were walking and something bite me and it became a bump on my arm and it was little termites all over us.

  8. I had a dream that a specific wall in a house I was in had tons of termites running around. I grab a vacuum and vacuumed them all up.

  9. Ok well, for a few nights now I’ve been having this termites dream. in the dream they are on the wall. in this blur and white home they made for themselves, but last night I had the same dream. this time I was spraying them out and trying to kill them. before I could do anything else I woke up. what does this mean?

  10. My family moved to a new house. Now I have been dreaming that there are termites in my room. First they bite my legs, then my arms before they bite my face as I wake up. I had the same dream a few times this week. Should I be afraid of termite bites?

  11. I dreamt that I was collecting white termite,which in my tribe are edible,in a mug and it became full.I poured the contents in a big jug and again it was overflowing with termites.

  12. I had a very intense dream where I was in the basement of my house with my current love interest and my immediate family. Me and my boyfriend were laying on this mattress and all of the sudden thousands of termites started coming out of no where, covering the entire floor, and crawling all over us. Initially we didn’t really respond to them, we were just scared- but soon they became/grew into crabs and literally attacked us! They continued to grab every part of our body, me and my boyfriend stood on furniture to try to get away, and my mom and brother stood on another table. Eventually we got to this point where we knew we had to kill them all, so we could leave without being attacked. It became a war! Like a serious war. At the end of the dream my brother started saying something about how the crabs have feelings too and he felt bad for having to kill them all because they are Gods creation.