Ticks in Dream

Ticks are blood suckers, and they are the same in your dreams. Often draining large amounts of energy from the host. When you see ticks in your dream, there is a situation or event currently on your mind that keeps sucking up your time and energy. Find and address this issue immediately to save your career and relationships.

It could be vices such as drug use, alcohol abuse, or bad relationships that are slowly destroying your life. Put an end to it immediately.

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4 thoughts on “Ticks in Dream”

  1. I dreamt of tow ticks on my dog ear’s on tow different occasions my dog is very attached to me and I keep him very clean. I don’t no if it is only me being paranoid or it is something deeper. Thanks for any help.

  2. My husband had a dream his sister had many ticks fastened in her ears. We have financial problems and he worries too much about it.

  3. i deamed all night about large ticks on something that i had to handle. It was a lot of them of all sizes and color.

  4. I have been having frequent dreams about ticks, sometimes small and set into the tender parts of my hands ~ last night i dreamed that my husband relieved me of 5 or 6 fat ticks from my scalp. I was both disgusted (of course) and confused, because i hadn’t been able to feel them in my hair.

    These dreams are disturbing not only because ticks are a disgusting parasite, but because of their frequency as well.