Ticks in Dream

Ticks are blood suckers, and they are the same in your dreams. Often draining large amounts of energy from the host. When you see ticks in your dream, there is a situation or event currently on your mind that keeps sucking up your time and energy. Find and address this issue immediately to save your career and relationships.

It could be vices such as drug use, alcohol abuse, or bad relationships that are slowly destroying your life. Put an end to it immediately.

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16 thoughts on “Ticks in Dream”

  1. I had a few ticks on my arm, I believe. They were clear/translucent. I removed them one by one, as I did so, there were long tentacle-jellyfish like-parts that attached to the body of the tick and embedded in my body. I had to be careful that the tentacles didn’t snap when I removed the tick, otherwise part of the tentacle would remain in my body. I was able to carefully remove all of the ticks successfully. One tick was filling up with my blood. I could see the red blood plumping its body.

    Same dream there was a poisonous snake crawling on me, never bit, had to hold still.

    I was outside of a burning house. Maybe these creature ms and I came from the house?

  2. I dreamt that My mom and I saw ticks in our home. And I was really itchy under my jacket, only to find ticks covering around my throat. One was trying next to my nose and my arm but I pulled those off and a wierd long blood tube still sticked to them, and one of those I successfully pulled off. I would try and tell my mother to help me but she just kept doing her chores and brushed me off saying it was no big deal and addressed the issue as nothing bad just scratching. But I felt attacked and that I needed to address it but I constantly tried to tell my mother to help me.

  3. I dreamt I walked across a room and in doing so I picked up a bunch of white ticks. My parents were there and said that they were ticks and I should pull them off and that they would help. They never did. Eventually I could feel the ticks moving up and around my legs and I’d get pain in my legs too from then. I looked down at one point to see a bloody scab from them. Every now and then a tick would slide off, turn into this foam to be reshaped back into a tick. I was upset my parents wouldn’t help me get them off.

  4. I dreamt that I had two ticks on my head, in my scalp. Had one of my friends take them out with their nails. It felt so weird. Took her awhile to get them out but she did.

  5. I dreamt I was at my brothers being chased by a wasp. It eventually caught up with me and land on my back. I was laying on the floor as it crawled further up my back, I could feel it scratching on my back. My brother eventually came over and got it off, but it turned out to be a tick.

  6. I dreamt that I was at my friend’s house and I was going to take a shower but I realize something in her hair and I pulled out a tick. When I looked at my hair, I saw mulitiple ticks. I wasn’t scared but every time I took some out, it felt like it doubled the ones in my hair.

  7. Dreamt that my husband was sitting at the kitchen table reading a paper & I was getting him something to eat or drink when I got close to his side I notice a full ready to pop tick in his ear covering the entire hole. I said oh love you got a tick in your ear & he asked me to get it out so I went to look for tweezers, He didn’t even notice it was in there as it wasn’t causing him problems.

  8. I dreamed of my dead dog, in this dream shes alive n well yet i was trying to remove big tocks from her ears, it was bloody and messy and after removing some, i realized that still there are many ticks on her ears, i felt disgusted and unsure what to do, what does it mean? And after that, i woke up…

  9. Dreamed I was pulling stick-tights and sort of fat ticks out of my hair – it didn’t feel like a nightmare, I wasn’t worried or scared. I removed each one. The other thing I remember from the dream was opening a fridge that had a big pile of unwrapped kit-kats stuffed on the top right shelf, I neatly wrapped some in a paper towel to take home.

  10. On my left forearm, on the top, there were two small, dark, ticks embedded in the same place. I had dug at them to remove them so the site was bloody and raw, yet they remained. I knew when I woke up I would have the ability to effectively treat this area.

    On my right arm were three tick bodies attached to the surface skin about an inch and a half from each other down the top of my forearm. The tick bodies were light colored and flat; they were empty, translucent.

  11. I dreamt of tow ticks on my dog ear’s on tow different occasions my dog is very attached to me and I keep him very clean. I don’t no if it is only me being paranoid or it is something deeper. Thanks for any help.

  12. My husband had a dream his sister had many ticks fastened in her ears. We have financial problems and he worries too much about it.

  13. i deamed all night about large ticks on something that i had to handle. It was a lot of them of all sizes and color.

  14. I have been having frequent dreams about ticks, sometimes small and set into the tender parts of my hands ~ last night i dreamed that my husband relieved me of 5 or 6 fat ticks from my scalp. I was both disgusted (of course) and confused, because i hadn’t been able to feel them in my hair.

    These dreams are disturbing not only because ticks are a disgusting parasite, but because of their frequency as well.