Acorn in Dreams

Although acorns are small in nature, they are able to withstand the challenges of time and hardships. As the different seasons come and go, eventually they grow and mature into beautiful elements of Mother Nature. Therefore, seeing an acorn in your dream is a symbol of patience, persistence and strength. With humble beginnings, in time, you will obtain success and happiness, for small things are the ones with the greatest hidden ambition and potential. They result from fruition of long and strenuous labor, resulting in something grand. This is indicative of your hardworking nature and your willingness to endure adversity in order to succeed.

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One thought on “Acorn in Dreams”

  1. Previous to custody court day of 2 grand children I dreamt I was with them outside. Suddenly acorns began to fall on our heads. I was concerned. Then they began to fall in ‘bucket fulls’ on our heads. So we ran inside were Grandpa was. At that point it was sorta funny & the focus was on my grandson’s hair which was full of acorns & little twigs. (This custody battle has been going on for years.)
    The acorn interpretation was encouraging.