Galaxy in Dreams

Dreaming of the galaxy is reflective of your creative and uprising energy to express yourself. You feel free and unhindered by any boundaries to convey all innovative ideas and thoughts you may have. The galaxy is in your hands and you want to mold and shape it the way you want. Seeing the galaxy in dreams may suggest that instead of being narrow minded, you are taking a more open minded approach to matters at hand.

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7 thoughts on “Galaxy in Dreams”

  1. I had seen that a clusters of Galaxies and stars which are working with their own ways but I can seeing it so clear no matter of time ..I haven’t more words to explain but it quite like that..

  2. We were having a normal day me and my friends when suddenly something started to appear in the sky. It was pinkish in the was soo beautiful..then tiny white stuff started to Appear and a huge pink and white puffy thing started to form..everyone from the earth were so shocked looking at that ..i remember being in awe..the galaxy finally formed in it’s full form..i don’t really remember the details except it was pink and very beautiful..we were all looking at it when suddenly I felt like i was being sucked into it and then i suddenly was in this place i was sleeping i could see me sleeping and in the dream i knew that it was on a parallel universe..and it was like revealed to me that when we sleep we are awake on a parallel i was beginning to be awake in the other universe and when I woke up there, i woke up from the was soo weird..and I was soooo tired and tensed after I woke up

  3. I had a dream I was at theater with my family. On stage was Adam Sandler who was speaking into the Mic telling jokes. He then picked some people to come on stage,I was one of the few chosen. We were given swords, then people dressed in Gorrilla or ape suits attacked us. There were curtains the ones used for theater which the ape suit people used to trap us by spinning the curtain in circles. I looked down and saw a circle and began to jump on it. Eventually it broke and there was a deep hole to escape. I tropes my sword in the hole and the other people jumped in the hole to escape. I was captured by the apes, so they took me to some wood barred jail . A line of other capture d people were there but at the top was a whipping boy who would whip the captured one by one. There were other cells with whipping boys but I was at the one with the longest line. As I waited I looked up into the sky and saw a galaxy whick glowed red in the center and spines clockwise with red little dots spining aroung it. I said,”Look a galaxy,this is a one time thing look everyone!” Then it disappeared. Then I was somehow never whipped but transported to my house. As I looked out my front door I could see the theater was abondon and strong winds blew. As I closed the door to hide from the wind inside my house(I am scared of the wind in real life) the door began to flex,but never broke open. Th next time I look out a window I see it is flooding out side and the water is at my door ,then I will wake up.

  4. I had dream that little child whom i know was crying and draw to the balcony and i saw thae round shape galaxy moving clock wise became shiny and disappear and dont knw why but i push that child when i saw him he became devil and laughing at me but i am not affraid

  5. I dreamed I was walking with my daughter.Suddenly the sky turned dark as if a bad storm was coming, I look up in the sky and there were sharks flying in circles like the movie Sharknado LOL.I told her look up at the galaxy in amazement because it was far but incredibly vivid and clear.

  6. I had a dream I was in space and something was drawing out something to me in the galaxy there were millions of stars, I can’t remember what was being drawn out to me, but in my dream I understood it. It is very hard to explain, but I hope someone could. Thank you.

  7. I had a nightmare kind of last night
    In it it was my family sneak-living in our house because we’ve lost everything. It was a different, more grungy kind of world. All I had was a Polaroid and we were outside in my backyard for some reason and I started taking pictures of the sky.. That was when their was a pink patch quickly coming by so I snapped a pic as quickly as possible. Before hand their were smaller pink patches. They looked like small little pink patches of galaxies. Right after taking the last picture of the last pink galaxy I started noticing the sky flashing like it was taking pictures of me/ everything maybe. Then in like a blue outline there showed a camera sort of outline spread across the sky, not like a camera but like a digital cameras screen, it looked like a camera screen (before hand I told everyone to look how amazing the sky looked, when the pink galaxies were there). The world was moving fast. I could see the stars moving and the galaxies to the left but the camera didn’t really move. At first my parents noticed then everyone else realized, starting with me than to my little sister. At first I said something or thought ” oh look google earth is taking pictures” but then I realized I was wrong and everyone got really terrified. I’ve never seen my family so scared. We all tried to hide under a small portion of siding that barely hid us except my little sister had been on the other side of the deck and wouldn’t have made it to come to us so my parents said to stay there. Than I woke up.