Meteor in Dreams

To experience seeing a falling meteor in your dreams, it indicates success and great opportunities, for the sighting of a meteor is rare and unique. The falling stars are highlighting your way towards achieving your goals. Just like shooting stars, meteors represent hope and wishful thinking. Seeing a shooting star or meteor in your dream with your lover, symbolizes a strong and romantic relationship.

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3 thoughts on “Meteor in Dreams”

  1. I don’t usally member my dreams but this one I did,
    I was in my sons school, and there was a meteor shows ash bits and rocks failing from the sky, it was only me and my son and his teacher there, running around screaming in the school. I rember feeling a little scared, and that’s it!

  2. When I was younger, I dreamt of thousands of meteors striking the Earth. As this was happening, I was in one of many spaceships that were leaving the Earth. The spaceships were shaped more like giant pods.

  3. I had a dream where I was with my boyfriend. We were sitting in a parking lot by my car watching the stars. He and I were having a great conversation about the stars when he noticed something strange. He said “well this is going to be over soon because look at that..” as he pointed at a growing orange object in the sky. Seconds later I remember it gradually mover closer and closer as it comes and crashes into us. I am not sure if it killed us or not because the dream ended then.. but I remember feeling the meteor’s impact… What does this symbolize?