Meteor in Dreams

To experience seeing a falling meteor in your dreams, it indicates success and great opportunities, for the sighting of a meteor is rare and unique. The falling stars are highlighting your way towards achieving your goals. Just like shooting stars, meteors represent hope and wishful thinking. Seeing a shooting star or meteor in your dream with your lover, symbolizes a strong and romantic relationship.

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16 thoughts on “Meteor in Dreams”

  1. Just woke up from a dream around 1:20am at night.meteors were hitting the earth like rain. I and the people around hid in the houses around and continued to watch the phenomenon. We weren’t scared.somehow it was like waiting for the rain to stop and that was because the meteors kind of hurt in contact with skin but it was beautiful.

  2. I woke up from this vivid dream, feeling really perturbed.
    It started with me being shaken awake by my older sister, it was somewhere at night or midnight in my condo. She was being frantic over something, I couldn’t totally comprehend as I “just woke up,” but manage to pickup “building,” “meteor hit,” “crashing.” //you’d think this was some sick 9/11 dream but, no.
    I got up, and saw the top part of the building next to us indeed collapsed. Fear ran through me as my husband(?), S.O was in that building, but he wasn’t on the floor which collapsed(I had a feeling he was alright, still). That’s not all, I felt our building was shaky too, my sister’s next word just flowed in my ear “we got hit.” It wasn’t a direct impact which would lead to us immediately crashing. I’m not sure how it hit us, but it seemed like our building was “in the way” of its intended target(next building). Still minor, but enough to slow the crashing process.
    I was already thinking of a way to get out safely, elevators would be a no cause the electricity was obviously out, and the stairs would be tiring (it seemed like I was well enough far pregnant), not to mention we lived pretty high up, it would be too late and far to reach “safety”.
    I was accepting that we wouldn’t make it alive, I told my older sister “I love you,” which she angry replied “don’t say that! you don’t know it,” but we cried and hugged. I turned to my younger sister and told her I love her, as well as my mum. We searched for the most minor place of impact for when we crash, it was chaotic at this point as we could obviously feel like we were falling. We laid down around the same spot, I could feel the floor crack against my back. We slipped downwards but held onto something, I could see the ceiling crack too. The sequence of the crash fuddles me, I can’t really explain but we were really, *really* lucky even through the ceiling falling, we made it out through cracked window frames.
    Once out, I’d still felt “we’re not safe,” I got my sisters and mum to the roads, which had rubles and came across this car half covered by debris. There was this pregnant women and children in them alive, the driver was unknown. I needed to help her family get to safety fast, my sister and mum got her children, but one who was in a tough spot. My youngest sister volunteered to stay for a bit til I come back. The rest of us ran(cause of confusion as I ran like I wasn’t pregnant whilst carrying an extra burden) to somewhere distant, but safely away. I was having anxiety attacks being far away from my younger sister.
    I ran my way back to the place after I left the mum and her kids, but even as I ran as fast as I could, I know I didn’t have time.
    Turning at the corner of a block, I saw another meteor in the sky, hitting straight ahead at the building across my condo which was first hit. The place I left my sister was within proximate of the building. I stopped running as I saw the meteor hit the building, I know it was a lost cause, and wailed right there as it felt like my world just ended. I was wailing for my possibly dead husband, but mostly for younger my sister and the woman’s child.
    The dream ended in flashes of the aftermath of the incident, articles, file report etc., one with words like “loss,” “disoriented,” “no knowledge of day and time,” which I had a feeling was referring to me while there was a vision of me looking lost (still with bump).
    My S.O was looking for me, but I shut myself off of the world, and then I woke up.

  3. I dreamed I had a fish tank medium size, which I do, but the fish in it were too big and starting staying in the bottom and started to look dead. In the dream I was cleaning a second fish tank so that I can remove them and help them now die. All of a sudden in the dream I appear on some bleaches sitting down, at the bottom like in front was what seemed like a lake and boyfriend was in it. He gave me his pants with wallet to hold for him but the wallet fell and I was reaching down for it to put it back in his pants a meteor flew from above as I looked over my right shoulder, the meteor crashed but we all felt calm yet trying to hurry and were just looking at the red light and loud crash. As we all walked out of the water to go apparently home. Can someone please help explain if possible.


  4. I was dreaming i was wadding in knee derp water it was peaceful and others where wadding as well, it was a peaceful place . My ex was there with me and him and j were still together. It was still joyful place as he was on shore watching . I then seen toads in the water one was normal swam away but one was a few fert away just still on the bottom of the knee deep water . It was diffrent colors ,bright pinks yellow white and blue. I thoughtg a unicorn toad . I then seen a tall man in sheriff uniform and he was standing by me talking but not . I was thinking he was kind and nice and trusting he was a sheriff he can be trusted . Then i remembered my ex but the sherrif and i wadding in the peaceful water , i do not know how but he wasnt in the water , turned our backs to my ex and i was then in a relationship with the sherrif. I remembered thinking is this wise to just leave him so suddenly and i thought yes, and felt peaceful and thought he a sherrif he is good . Theni looked up and seen ait was a clear sky and all the stars were shining bright and then the sherrif and i and the others people, i do not know they were just enjoying wadding in the pool/ pond as well , all loomed up and watched a beautiful meter shower and the sherrif was pointing me to see some and i to him .

    I do not know if it matters but i love water . Ocean , lake swimming pool . When i feel stressed i go to water normally my pool and just float but i prefer ocean . I am also remarried he was not in the dream . I am happily married and love my husband.

  5. Okay so in my dream I was driving my car and my children were in the back..all of a sudden a huge (the biggest I’ve ever seen) meteor crashed into the ground very near to us. I got the children to safety but the crash cause hot lava to spue up from the ground like a gizer?? What does that mean…it can’t be a good sign it seemed like the world was ending…and the meteor looked more like a huge rock it was more squared and greys and purples??

  6. Night 1. I’m in a car driving into my looks like my local town. All of a sudden I see a meteor that is flying through the sky. I try to get everybody’s attention but they say it’s something else. Then it comes into contact with the earth’s Athmosphere and turns into a fire ball. It looks like it’s going to hit the ground. My friends want to turn around but I want to go towards it. We go towards it and there is a huge flash of light that feels like it should distroy everything around it but when the light clears nothing is distroyed. We go to find the meteorite, racing through town trying to get there 1St. We find it and it’s still glowing but floating in the air not stuck in the ground.

    The next night. Very clear night. Looking at the stars with my mother in the middle of the countryside. She tells me that a planet ceres in the sky. I disagree and say it couldn’t be as we can’t see it with our eyes. Then the planets are all massive and it looks like you can see loads of them as they all line up. One looks like Mars and I’m told it is Mars. Then as soon as I try to figure who the other ones are they all go out of alignment and become harder to see. This moves on and I then see a distant but tiny galaxy. Again I’m amazed how clear it is for me to see it. Then I see a the international space station and it’s very clear. When I’m focusing on that I see a meteor that I’m definitely excited about. It flying through the sky and comes crashing through the sky but makes a much softer landing to the previous one. It landed so close to me that I try to pinpoint the exact place it hit. It’s glowing so it not hard to see. I turn for some reason up the hill but I’m 100% going over to find the meteorite. But then I feel this bloody fly on my lower back. I slap it away but when I check my lower back it’s there again, and again again and again. I then wake up. 2 nights in a row a flying meteor but 1st time I’ve ever had an annoying fly.

  7. I dream about the Sky, this is sky looks like sending Meteor in the universe . People are screaming and trying to catch this. But in a moment this Meteor become a small plate with SUN or other Universe to it. I felt so HAPPY and people are screaming “SHE is the RIGHT ONE”. GOD VICTORY..

    People are trying to catch this “like in the Spaghetti meatballs in the sky”.
    But I am the only one being given and I catch it on my two hands.

    Then I walk up and I said to GOD. I will take care of my gift..

    What is this mean? Please anyone help me?

    A little after midnight on Aug.12th i was having a dream that my sons and I were watching the night sky lighting up with what I was calling shooting stars…there were many going off throughout the sky and the stars were smothered all over…i felt so close to the sky that they seemed nearly reachable. The shooting starts looked more like white fire works being spread out to one side…I told my kids to count how many they shooting star they saw and ‘UFO’s get 2 points”.
    I woke up to my dog jumping off my bed and for some strange reason, I took my dog outside for a walk at 12:30am (which was completely abnormal to my routine)…I saw a young couple approaching and the woman asked me if I had seen any meteor showers ( I thought for a moment that I was still dreaming)…she then explained the meteor shower events taking place and I went numb….I answered her ” I haven’t seen any but I was seeing lots of them in my dream”…the couple seemed confused by my comment and they continued walking …I had NO IDEA there was a huge meteor shower happening and I want to know why I might have been dreaming that while it was going on??

  9. I dreamt I sat up in bed looked out a floor to ceiling window to watch a billiant and colorful meteor shower it was beautiful and amazing. I cant stop thinking about it.

  10. Sam,
    April,30th,2016 5.30 AM, Miami, Florida. USA

    I had a dream that I was in Helicopter with my best friend that happened to be the authority on a large natural area. We were inspecting bizarre markings on the ground as thou something large had landed on the ground that stretched for many miles.
    I told my friend to land the Helicopter so that we could continue inspecting on foot. As we did so and walked to the end of the markings, it ended by a huge rock barrier. There we saw a young and attractive college girl that was studying for exams.
    While I was inspecting the grounds, I pushed away part of the earth with my foot and immediately noticed part of a very large may be about 10 tons of weight, perfectly round Meteoroid that had fallen from the sky very recently/ I showed this to my friend and the girl. I was static with the find but they did not share my enthusiasm. I told my friend that if he minds that I take this. He said no but how are you going to move it, I said don’t worry I am going to hire a tractor and lift to take it to my place. I told him to go back and I would stay there with the girl to find a solution. He did so but seemed bewildered from my joy. I started to look for more Meteoroids around the big one and low and behold I found another almost perfectly round one about the size of a Great Fruit. It was Metallic and very heavy. I cleaned it and stuffed it in my pocket. Soon after I found two or three more about the size of Golf Balls. I put those also in my pocket but did not tell the Girl or my friend about them. I could not find any more. My friend left and I stayed behind with the girl. I asked her if she could take me with her car to my Apartment (In real life, I live in a house in US and in a Apartment only when I am overseas but this was neither of my residences and instead was very fancy and neat.) . The girl was a bit shy, but she did so and even came up with me to my Apartment. I had a feeling that she wanted to discover about being intimidate with me. I however although liked her as well, was very much occupied about how I am going to move the bid round Meteoroid back to my Apartment and that’s when I woke up around 5.30 AM. Since this deem was so detailed and powerful I started to search on the Internet about it but really could not find any interpretation. That’s why I decided to put it here. I believe in God very firmly and since my childhood I have seen many important events in my dreams just before the actually happen.
    Can anyone out there, truly help me with the meaning of this dream???? I would love to hear from you.
    God Bless,

  11. I don’t usally member my dreams but this one I did,
    I was in my sons school, and there was a meteor shows ash bits and rocks failing from the sky, it was only me and my son and his teacher there, running around screaming in the school. I rember feeling a little scared, and that’s it!

  12. When I was younger, I dreamt of thousands of meteors striking the Earth. As this was happening, I was in one of many spaceships that were leaving the Earth. The spaceships were shaped more like giant pods.

  13. I had a dream where I was with my boyfriend. We were sitting in a parking lot by my car watching the stars. He and I were having a great conversation about the stars when he noticed something strange. He said “well this is going to be over soon because look at that..” as he pointed at a growing orange object in the sky. Seconds later I remember it gradually mover closer and closer as it comes and crashes into us. I am not sure if it killed us or not because the dream ended then.. but I remember feeling the meteor’s impact… What does this symbolize?