Moon in Dreams

Dreaming of the moon means you are expecting mysterious changes in your life. These hidden events will slowly reveal themselves in similar patterns as the phases of the moon. Bit by bit until changes in your life takes full course similar to a full moon.

If you dream of standing atop of the moon, you are mentally ready to conquer obstacles in your life. From the moon’s vantage point, you have a complete control over earthly expectations and career goals.

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4 thoughts on “Moon in Dreams”

  1. I had a very realistic dream that I was on the moon and found old buildings and tunnels with dome like rooms. The weird thing is they seemed like old abandoned buildings that were warn out. There was no one there but structures that were abandoned years ago from a civilization in the past. During and after my dream I felt like this is true knowledge that we as human or some other civilization lived there before and that is why we haven’t been back to the moon.

  2. I had a dream that I was lucid flying around in a city where I have seen a full moon in the sky on a late afternoon day . I then flew up to the moon and landed on the moon where I’ve seen a city with large skyscrapers

  3. I saw my 2 year old daughter standing in the balcony under the moon the bright moonlight is coming on her it was really beautiful mashAllah.

    Can someone pls tell me wht does this mean jazakAllah