Saturn in Dreams

The planet, Saturn is often associated with lessons of destruction, rebirth, and growth. Seeing Saturn in your dreams, symbolizes a trial of endurance and hard work. At the zenith point, your trial of adversity will pay off, resulting in satisfaction and achievement of your goals. Saturn is also an indicator of indifference, knowledge, constraints, and persistence. Although there may be limitations and obstacles along the path, eventually, one will reach enlightenment through lessons and discipline. As a result, a greater knowledge of life is bestowed upon you.

To see Saturn in your dreams, indicates your clandestine nature and inability to open up to others. To make the most out of life, one should learn to trust and share the positive and negative things you may have encountered.

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2 thoughts on “Saturn in Dreams”

  1. I saw the planet Saturn in my dream and no one else in my dream saw it and then fire came out of the sky burning everything and there was some kind of dust everywhere and my children past out so I called on Allah, my children woke up and the dust disappeared and the fires went out. The color of Saturn in my dream was gray and my boss and a Co -worker was in the dream too, at the beginning of the dream, we were working and I stopped by to check on my children, that’s how the dream started.

  2. I dreamt of saturn last night witH the moon next to it?
    Everybody was full of joy by the sea waters but the water wAs wild? And suddenly I see a whale splashing out the water and when I looked for it then it was a seal again?
    Afterwards some1 threw a lil shark out the water swimming with the childrEn.
    I mostly focused on saturn in my dReams while I’m continuesly shouting out “JAH RASTAFARI”
    Why did that happen in my dream?
    And also saturn was full of water and land and plants(full of life)
    This dream was so lucid I can remembEr everything the way I was talking about saturn and I loved saturn in my dreams I nevEr stopped looking at it. It was right behind table mountain with more planets I guess , I couldn’t see it right though but I told my friend that it was mercury?
    What does my dream mean?