Tidal Wave in Dreams

Dreaming of a tidal wave is symbolic of an incoming force crashing and devastating you. Tidal waves are enormous waves that come crashing in after building up. When tied in with life, this may mean that you are ignoring or putting off troubles, but like a tidal wave, it will build up and continue to amount. Eventually, it just becomes a great giant wave that crashes into you. Tidal waves are a monstrous force, just like the troubles or problems that may plague your life. It is best not to let them grow to such an immense size, as when it comes crashing down the effects are much greater.

Envisioning a tidal wave parallels the notion of letting your negative emotions be bottled up inside for too long and finally exploding. If you feel like there are some issues constantly putting you down, it’s better to talk to others about it, then to hide it all in. On the other hand, a tidal wave wiping away everything could be symbolic of a new and fresh start for you. The slate is clean and just waiting for you to draw on it.

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5 thoughts on “Tidal Wave in Dreams”

  1. Last night I dreamed I was on a beach and saw a tidal wave coming towards the shore. I watched it as it grew taller and closer. I went in to a house and the wave hit, with only shaking and rumbling but did not tear down the house. I went back outside and there was another wave, massive, just over head. It was high and about to hit. I ran back in the house. This time there was a man that I did not recognize in the house with hammer and nails as if he was boarding up the place or making repairs. I remember saying, “there’s no time” and ran in to another room. Again, the wave hit, shaking the house, but did not cause major damage. I remember the feeling I had, I was dumbfounded that the waves of this magnitude did not destroy the house.

  2. I had a dream me and some other friends was on a beach and the water was way out like the beach was drying up but then the prettiest blue big wave came and we braced ourselves on a pole or what ever we could fine but the way went right on top of us. It didn’t hurt us. We was smiling and enjoying it. What could this mean. I have been under a lot of anxiety lately but I have recently started my walk with god and I know he is healing me.

  3. actually nevermind to the only spiritual life thing cause I actually like it when guys give bad interpretations it gives me a good laugh so anyone jus interperate

  4. ive had a couple dreams where i am at the beach (st.augustine that is) and my friend who shall remain nameless hear a rumbling sound. we look out to the ocean and there is this huge wave racing toward us immediatly we start speaking in tounges (wich is the form of language they use in heaven to worship god for those of u that dont know). and we ask god to save us and suddenly
    the wave stopped and nobody is moving. we then realized god stopped time. so we carried everyone of the beach. then the wave crashed but only past the beach walls. other times i have dreams that i think back to bible study in church an say to the wave “PEACE BE STILL!!!” and it all turns into sand and falls down and everybody cheers for me any ideas on wat it meas ( and im only taking answers that have to do with my spiritual life or something like thatbecause those are the interpretations that got my real life started)

    1. Love this. Im absolutely not an expert, but I would say if water is representation of emotions in dreams, it means you have power and control over your emotions through God. Cool dream 🙂