Tsunami in Dreams

Dreaming of a tsunami means that there are destructive forces developing around you that will eventually leave you devastated. You may be aware of the incidents or events leading up to the build up of the tsunami waves that will lead you to being displaced from careers, relationships, and business ventures regardless of how strong your foundations may have been.

The only solution is the lead nature take its course. Try your best to avoid being the center of attention, or else the tsunami can have a direct impact in your waking hours.

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4 thoughts on “Tsunami in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream about TSUNAMI and saw my Royal Palace destroyed but i was up in a helicopter and was not affected by it

    Please please help me
    Tell me the meaning of it

  2. The other night, I dreamed I was at school with my friends and I had murdered someone so I was freaking out and trying to hide evidence and act innocent. I suffer anxiety attacks in the waking world and I felt much the same in my dream. As my friends and I were assembled in the main part of school, people started running and when we turned towards the ocean (our school is a 2 minute walk from the beach) there was a tsunami. I grabbed my friends and we ran to the highest part of the school and I woke up just before the wave hit. The very next night, I dreamed of being on a school bus that broke down not far from school. I was sitting quietly and saw everyone whispering about me then they all ran to a nearby house screaming ‘Tsunami!’ I followed them and we went upstairs of the house and watched the wave destruct the town. I feel some of these things may be linked to real life as while I love the water I’m very scared of large waves and also I don’t fit in at school and my fear of being outcasted is shown. I’ve recently gone through some tough times but nothing too bad but in the days leading up to the dreams I felt increasingly depressed however now I’m feeling better. I’m quite scared for what might happen to me or my loved ones.

  3. I’m recently dreaming about tsunami’s quite often. In my dream I do however survive. Sometimes I do save someone that is with me in the tsunami. I am however separated, which will lead to a divorce(9yrs) married though. My dreams wake me up frequently during the night, as I force myself to wake up. I hope these dreams will stop. Not sure what I should do.

  4. This morning I dreamt of a tsunami. Leading up to the tsunami (in sleep state), my sister and I were at this house, not familiar to me. We were or she was getting ready to go away to a festival (in reality and also in dream). I recognise most of the people in my sleep also. I looked out the window and could see huge waves forming just between 2 huge hills – the water wasn’t murky, it was dark blue and clear. I called out to my sister to shut all the windows and doors. I felt scared but not overly scared as I knew that there would be nothing I could do. So, we closed the windows, blocked off some holes, hoping that the mad rush of the water wouldn’t fill the house too much. the first wave hit and then an even bigger one formed.
    We ended up surviving the tsunami with not much damage made to the house we were in. People were going around checking to see if anyone around was ok.
    The dream seemed weird but very realistic.