Waterfall in Dreams

Dreaming about a waterfall may be reflective of the current state you are in. It symbolizes that your mind is full of great imagination and vitality. Eventually, this would lead to an outburst of creative energy.

However, if you envision yourself on a boat in your dream going over the waterfall, it means that you feel like you lack control. It may also mean that there are too many things in your life which are overwhelming you and consuming all your time and effort. A waterfall in your dream may be representative of the fact that you are letting go of something. No matter how hard you try to hold onto water in your hands, it will always slip through your grasp. Therefore, a waterfall in dream is symbolic of letting go.

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11 thoughts on “Waterfall in Dreams”

  1. I was in a boat and on a water fall moving very fast with rocky bottom but the boat didn’t crash because the water was always subsiding the rocks. Suddenly, the water fall entered a very big and quite river which looks like a new world with strange people.

  2. I saw in my dream that i am on a plane or helicopter, and i am riding over the niagara falls and i am admiring the waterfall from a very less distance. The pilot is also getting the plane very close to the falls and then up again in a funny and enjoyable way. What does that mean?

  3. so in my dream i get up walk to my car and drive to a waterfall jamming to pantera and when i finally reach the falls i get out of my car with no hesitation and i jump head first from a 300 ft waterfal and its so vivid i actually feel the impact and then i am standing there looking down at my dead body but its not morbid bloody or disfigured im just dead staring at myself then i wake up… what does this mean i have dreamt it everynight for 3 weeks now. i feel like there is more to the dream but i always wake up at same point everytime…

  4. The dream started in a large area of water, not sure if a river or lake. I think there were about 4 others with me and we we treading water in murky water and supporting ourselves on debris, logs, branches etc. We then stared to form a circle and began to swirl as we gained momentum, trying to get to more substantial ground. However, we then started to gain forward momentum as the flow increased. The next I recall seeing only myself going over the edge of a waterfall skimming along the edge/rocks as I splashed into the first pool of water. Upon reaching the surface I then started again with the flow of water to the next waterfall. Going over the edge and seeing that the height of the drop was substantial did put fear in me. However, I continued to fall and then went into the deep water, surfacing a short time later. It was at this point I awoke..

  5. My friend had a dream about me and him walking to a beautiful waterfall and I was dressed like a princess and we held hands and we seems to go up the waterfall to this mansion at the top.

    1. In my dream, i saw a clear and rich waterfall. I was overjoyed to see it. As i walk to its direction i suddenly found myself standing under big drops of waterfalls.

  6. I was going through a dark cave/tunnel, it was beautiful. I was being pushed through it by just swaying through the water. As I got further I began to see a light and I thought it was pretty but it got brighter as I went on. Soon I figured out that if I’m swaying through water and there’s a bright light at the end of this cave there has to be a drop off but before I knew I was trying my best to hold on but I fell down stories down of a water fall. I felt a huge pit in my stomach like it was real and I hit the water and came up with the most amazing feeling ever.

  7. I dreamt I was in a very large pond. There where 3 waterfalls that where wide, rushing smoothly but with great strength into the pond. I was very close to one and could feel the force of the water. It pushed me to the other waterfalls and so on.

  8. I dreamt I was in a inflatable boat with a close friend and a waterfall was coming up. We were both scared out of our minds, then I saw a tree trunk and grabbed ahold of it, I grabbed my friends hand she held on for as long as she could but went over anyway. I looked down and she was ok. So I mustered enough courage and took the plunge, I was ok too. In fact it was a little bit too much fun.

  9. I dreamt I was on a boat with my brother and he accidentally while in reverse in calm water did not see the waterfall he was backing near. My other brother was on another boat yelling out to him but we went over. I remember thinking there’s nothing I can do and I saw how high up we were and knew I would not survive the fall.