Number Eight in Dreams

Seeing the number eight in your dream, symbolizes power, wealth, and achievement. In eastern culture, the number eight is believed to be a good and lucky number as it represents fortune and opulence. Thus, seeing this number appear in your dreams may indicate you are on the road to prosperity and affluence. You should trust your intuition, for it will guide you along the path to accomplishment.

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3 thoughts on “Number Eight in Dreams”

  1. In my dream someone I have strong feelings for was shopping for produce, lol! He was wearing a large figure 8 earring that shone with diamonds. I was standing a few feet away from him and watched as he picked up a couple pieces of produce and put them in a bag.

  2. A small candle was lit and a small worm crawled out of it. It crawled into my left ear and out my right ear a little larger. I was never startled, an Asian man was with me and it felt like some sort of healing. When the dream was ending there was a # 8. ???