Ankh in Dreams

Dreaming of an ankh means power and eternal wisdom. These two gifts are bestowed by the sacred ankh symbol to anyone who embraces it. Eternal wisdom will guide you in acquiring large amounts of wealth and powerful relations. The power granted will guide you in executing plans with full confidence and without fail.

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6 thoughts on “Ankh in Dreams”

  1. I do not remember much, this is because I saw it in my dream while I was in elementary. I am now in high school. All I remember is seeing the Ankh. I think that I was holding it, and I also think that I saw the Anubis in this dream. To this day, I still sometimes see a grey wolf in my dreams, that looks like a gray, more grotesque version of the Anubis. It always ends up attacking me. Does anyone have an answer for either of these, and if they are somehow connected?

  2. I was walking in ruins, I don’t even know if I was myself or if I was looking through someone else’s eyes…whoever I was, I was wearing a lime green dress and had black and brown sandals on. I had my hands in front of me just walking through this huge wasteland and around my wrists were jade green thick bracelets and hanging from them were two very large Ankhs…I felt like I was almost floating through this place and I kept my hands just almost arms length out.

    And I don’t know if this even matters but my boyfriends cat laid on my back the whole night and at my feet as well… He normally stays outdoors so anyways just wanted to add that.
    Thank you

  3. In my dream I was at a clinic waiting for my boyfriend to finish work stuff. (He’s in the medical field.)– Any who, while I was in the waiting room a woman and I started chatting. She asked me, “Who are you waiting for?” I replied and nodded my head towards my partner across the room, “I’m with him.” She smiled and said, “Oh wow he’s very handsome.” (: I smiled at her giggling like a little girl and replied “thank you!” then my boyfriend walked up and said “Okay sweetie ready to go.” I got up out of the chair and looked back at the older woman to say “Nice talking with you!” but as I started to walk away I noticed something on the floor. It was the pendant of my Ankh necklace that I always wear. I picked it up and realized my ankh was still on the chain on my neck. This Ankh pendant in my hand looked just like mine but it wasn’t. I looked back at the woman and reached out to her with the pendant as to hand it to her and asked, “Is this yours?” Her face grew so serious. She cupped my hand in her hands. Looking me straight in the eyes with the most piercing serious gaze and said “This is your good luck charm. NEVER take this off.”

    Do you think there’s a deeper meaning to this? I talked with my family about it…they said it’s a sign.

    o.O help @___@

  4. My dad’s parents died before I was born.I often wondered what they would be like though and my dad was never around to tell me much about them…I knew that my grandfather was in the navy though. I’ve had dreams of other dead relatives where I’ve felt like they we’re visiting me but never my dad’s parents. Anyways I just had a dream last night that I was swimming in a pond with my mom…and I was happy and then a Man came up and said he was my grandfather but (it didn’t look like him…not even the same race) I don’t know whether he had been reincarnated or whether it was somebody passing a message like a medium…so anyways I decided to write him a letter bc I was happy to be contacting him bc I had never met him…so I’m writing him a letter and the whole tine my mom is standing there telling me all these mean hateful things to write and I was just like why? I don’t wanna right that? I don’t even know him to be angry why would you say that? Anyways somehow he ended up showing me a little metal button/pendant of an anchor and in the center of the anchor was the ankh like the two symbols were one…I looked in my dream book at all the main parts of the dream and have came up with my own interpretation of what it means…

  5. I was swimming in the ocean and was joined by friends and family. one brought my daughter out to me. My daughter just about one (1) doesn’t swim yet and we were all pretty for out near some rock barriers. The ocean water began to come from different angles and I remember from growing up at the beach and going through El Nino~ that that wasn’t good. So, I explained to everybody, “let’s get out of the water, it’s beginning to get strong current”. They insisted it was fine. Then the waves came large. My mother was swimming next to me. I was holding my daughter when a huge wave came and I could only see the top of it as it hit the ocean in front of me, which meant that we were all under the wave as it was about to crash on top of us. So I took a deap breath crasped my baby’s body and head, put my mouth over her nose and dunked under the water. It shook us good and everything spun under the water as I put my air into my daughter’s nose. For some reason, I was able to help her breath by me breathing in and out into her nose. I began to kick and swim to the surface, but I didn’t know which way it was. I let my body go limp as she began to wiggle. I saw the light and floated to it with a small kick. As we came out of the water, I found several people had come to help and I passed off my baby. Somebody mentioned my mother hadn’t come out yet. So I went back under and she was at the floor of the ocean, out. Somebody grabbed her and brought her out. My mother wasn’t my mother, but an Ankh ( large one). NObody would perform CPR on my mother (the Ankh), they said it was to late. I argued with them and said, “it’s not to late, something could still be done!” At that time the outside became and inside of a dark room of some sort and to me in my dream the Ankh was my mothers lifeless body and she just laid there…gone. Then I woke up.

  6. In my dream I was being chased by the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades, and for some reason he was throwing ankhs at me. He chased me throgh some ,sort of old town. When I was able to lose him I ended up in an outdoor mall of some sort. Then I saw my ex boyfriend with two girls, a tall brunette and a short blond girl. They then took me to their “secret hiding place”, which was an old mansion, and we got there through a secret underground sewage/tunnel thing. When we got there my ex took me into one of the many rooms, where there was an old fashion tv playing a black and white movie. We talked for a while, then kissed for a long time. That when I woke up.