Antique in Dreams

Dream of antiques mean you value tradition and crafts of the past. You tend to hold on to distant memories as if it happened yesterday which leads to you never being able to achieve your full potential. Learn to take in the important lessons of the past, but move on and become an early adopter to become who you can be.

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One thought on “Antique in Dreams”

  1. thank you for that interpretation of antiques in dreams…I have had so many dreams with antiques in them. and in the dreams, many of them, I go into a large old house, with many many rooms and I recognize many of the items, as if I had had them before. Sometimes a person of my family is there who has passed over too. the last one was just an antique sale that some people were having, wanting to get rid of them all and do something different with their lives, I walked through but also as I am letting go of things, mostly there was nothing I wanted. I did find a strange ‘dresser’ something that I have never heard of nor seen. it had a big rectangular mirror, and the most of it was of a bronze metal frame, rather then solid, except the very lower part was of oak that it sat on. That was one thing I ‘needed’ to have in the dream for some weird reason. Musing about it, of course, a mirror is something you ‘see yourself in’. The base being out of wood, but the frame being all of metal is mind teasing for me, so am musing about that part.