Ark in Dreams

Dreaming of an ark means you should make preparations to protect what is valuable to you. In your waking hours, there will be a point in time when the playing field is leveled and you will be glad that you have saved all you can for a rainy day.

Also, the ark is representative of you being to avoid the worst of possible situations.

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One thought on “Ark in Dreams”

  1. Hi my name is Angelica. I had a dream of seeing Noah’s ark on top of a buiding with a cross on top of the ark. I was a loud boom and thunder and a big flash and the ark appeared. I heard a voice saying for those who see this sign i have sent..there is a message for you.. I was walking with my significant other and we both seen the ark and we walked through the flood to find a way to the building where the ark was sitting. It was raining and it was starting to flood. Also there was a lady in my dream that said God has been trying to speak to me. He wants me to accept him and open up to him. As she touched me in my dream my body started to tremble and like electricity going thru my body. Mind you i didnt like the girl in the beginning of my dream. And she would speak to me and say hi but i wouldn’t respond..i just look at her and she would just say maybe next next time with a smile. I need help figuring this dream out. It is really bothering me. It felt so real i was crying in my sleep..