Broken Wall in Dreams

To see yourself breaking down a wall in your dream is symbolic of overcoming your fears and letting others in. Vulnerability and fear of being taken advantage of may be some of the factors that played a role in helping you construct these mental and emotional walls in the first place. However, at this current state, you feel like you are ready to demolish these ways and take chances with life.

Dreaming that the wall is broken also can be interpreted as you overcoming all adversities to reach a goal. There is no longer anything to block you from achieving what you desire. Seeing a broken wall parallels the notion of freedom and not being in confinement anymore.

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One thought on “Broken Wall in Dreams”

  1. In my dream today I was in bed sleeping when u suddenly got up to see that a few blocks in the wall beside my bed had been removed, and I could see what was on the outside of my room through the opening in the wall. I began in the dream to ask my sister who shared the same room with me, “Who broke this wall? How did this happen?”
    Instead of fear of an intrusion I felt surprised and exhilarated that I could see through the wall.