Coins in Dreams

Dreaming about coins represent missed or overlooked opportunities that you have encountered. These could hold true value, and you desired them in your dreams. Gold coins represent power and wealth. Silver coins represent spiritual and emotional well being. Copper coin represent tasks and labor necessary to attain success.

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7 thoughts on “Coins in Dreams”

  1. Coins can also represent government or society, luck, treasure, fortune, chance, and ‘being at odds’ with something.

  2. i just dreamed i found one coin, it was gold like and i
    gave it to a friend to show it. It appeared very special, a unique new coin for a celebration event in the US.
    i have never dreamed about reality i do have missed many oportunities in life..right now im in a situation im afraid again to loose something very important in my life, my biggest opportinity ever…

  3. In my dream, I found two coins the first one is unknown dolar coin with no picture, nor name. The scond one is a 42 cent coin wich is not exist so it make wonder alot.

  4. in my dream, everywhere i go.. i found coins when i dig the land, even in the sea shore i can find coins.. but the coins are philippine coins.

  5. In my dream my husband and i was walking on the street and there is silver coins everywhere. I found only 1 gold coin, i bite it to be sure of gold. It is gold. It’s the only gold coin i found.