Helicopter in Dreams

Dreaming of a helicopter may be a sign of immense success in your life. As an instrument of flight, a helicopter carries passengers into the air. However, the design of a helicopter allows it to take off and go straight up as opposed to needing a runway like other airplanes. As with your life, dreaming of a helicopter may be symbolic in that your life will take straight off, soaring higher than ever before. There is no need for the run way, to gradually go forward and needing space before taking off; instead you ascend upwards at a great speed.

Envisioning yourself in a helicopter denotes a sense of greater freedom and independence. You are taken away from your constraints and problems. Soaring into the sky, the helicopter may be representative of new-found enlightenment and cognizance.

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21 thoughts on “Helicopter in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt my husband and I were on a platform that is raised high in the sky. We have a beautiful panoramic night view of the city from the open platform. My mind says that helicopter is going to crash. The said helicopter does a little up and down movement in the air but it doesn’t crash. My husband said,”oh, it’s going to do that”. Kind of implying it looks like it will crash but won’t. Then two other helicopter swoops in and was about to help the first helicopter in the case it crashes. All the while I am thinking ‘this view is so beautiful, I should enjoy it’. Then our daughter(in real life we don’t have kids) jumps off the platform. I was devestates and apologized to my husband profusely in case he is feeling as sad as I was, but he doesn’t seem to be bother my it. I was relief that is doesn’t feel so much pain by the accidental death of our daughter.

  2. I had a dream lasagne night of a shiny silver new helicopter that was in front of me and I thought t was going to crash, but it never. I had to walk up the highway,or pavement, to see the helicopter. When I got to the top, it did not crash. Boy! Was it a humongous helicopter and very new. My family was behind me and I turned around and we were all laughing.

  3. I saw I was on the rooftop of my old home and saw a helicopter which was taking someone fleeing from the police. Then I sawcit getting stuck with the string of a kite in the sky and catching fire. It did not fall but fire was huge.

  4. Had a dream a couple of weeks ago that speaks volumes to this. I was on the ground at a protest and someone shouted “SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION” then suddenly we were whipped up into the air flying over the ocean. Endless expanse of ocean. “The blue was so vibrant” I said to myself. Then SPLASH! “Hey that’s that guy shouting on the square” wearing a red shirt with what looked like a hammer and sickle adorned on the front……… “too late now, we must do what is needed to save the west” the general said. I felt an overwhelming ease as we flew back east and landed. There were cheers I could hear in the distance “Mi general!!!”……. weird dream right!?!?!

  5. I dreamt that I was throwing Communists from my helicopter to save my beloved country. Crowds chanted “Pinochet did nothing wrong.” Eagles screamed and it ended with an American flag in front of a huge pile of Dead Communists.

  6. I am dreamt I was in my kitchen when I looked out of the window and I could see an aeroplane and it looked like it was going to crash into my garden I then went outside of my front garden and I could see a big black helicopter crashing into the front of my house but I was worried about the state of my house was going to be afterwards

  7. had a dream that i was standing on the ground near the fire station in the town i used to live. the fire station is surrounded by open fields all the way around. and above me was a large circle of hovering black helicopters.

    1. I had a dream almost opposite from yours. In my dream I was back visiting my very first home with my husband. We walked out the door and saw a helicopter soaring and it crashed down and I was sure the pilot was dead but when he was pulled from the wreckage, he was still alive. Someone told me this could mean living in a failed marriage or a marriage that was meant for failure needs to be nursed back to health. I think your dream my mean that your husband is still with you in spirit.

  8. I had a dream that me and my mom were on a helicopter and we were in an argument about something. At that time, I was focusing on three things: the pilot controlling the helicopter, the argument between me and my mom, and trying to fastened into my seat. All of a sudden, the helicopter gets out of control and I fell out of the helicopter and landed on the ground.

  9. i had a dream that i was driving a helicopter, real fast in the air and clouds. then i would go back down to the land then, start to drive it again and again. soaring up high.. what does that mean?

  10. I had a dream i was in a store & a helicopter crashed through the ceiling & was about to just land on everybody & i remember diving out of the way so I wouldnt get crushed & i woke up.

  11. I dreamt of driving down a two lane highway and in the right lane, a helicopter hovered for a second and then landed. The passenger of the helicopter got out and picked up what looked to be some brown object and held it up to look at it. Whoever was driving the car I was in had to go into the grass to drive around it.

  12. I had a dream last night that I was at my mother’s old house which was my childhood home. I kept hearing a helicopter and it sounded like it was going to crash.
    My brother was there and we looked out the front door to see the helicopter in trouble. The problem was a hair dryer or something. I don’t get that but whatever. Anyhow the helicopter did not crash although it was near the ground and struggling. It suddenly took off again and was ok. I could seee other helicopters in the sky. I realized the regetta was on the river that day and the helicopters were part of the event.

  13. My dream was a bad storm and the storm was tearing everything up but the helicopter flew through the storm and brought people blankets to stay warm but I was skeptical and ran but then walked up and waved to them then I woke up

  14. For several nights I have had recurring helicopter dreams, at the same time, I have been struggling with the idea of returning to school despite the fact I have a young family. The first few dreams I was in the helicopter working and helping trauma patients, the last dream was a helicopter circling above me in a house with skylights beside the ocean on a cliff and I was hiding from the helicopter afraid whoever was in it would see me through the skylights. I originally thought the trauma patients in the helicopter was directly associated with my actual profession and it wasnt far off from reality, but after reading several dream analysis sites, I’m confused and torn between the ideas of my career choice is beyond my means…. Or my career choice is what I am striving for and will succeed… Ugh, I feel over my head with pre-requisites, but I also feel that now is the time I will conquer school and this is my shot.

  15. My dream was kinda like a nightmare but not really. It all started out that I was with my friends. And we were heading to their house and as soon as we enter my friensds house a helicopter shows up out of nowhere in the sky. At first we didn’t think anything of it. Then it started shooting towars us. (bullets) we started freaking out and hid inside. And the helicopter woudnt stop. If we hid in the closet it would aim to the closet. Their were a few big windows. With no shade and it keeped finding out what part of the house we hid. Then it started talking with a microphone. Saying. Just give up. I’ll find u. Well theirs likealot of details to thia dream so I’m just gonna skip to the ending. The helicopter. Passe in front of the living room windo. We were avle to see who was driving the helicopter it was my ex. I was like wtf?!. And then he said Ruby I have a hamburger for um so I come out confuaed. He gets out of the helicopter. And I ask him where’s my hamburger (as a joke) and he hugs me and I’m like wtf!?! Jose!. And he sais sorry and I wake up.

  16. I dreamt that I was in this helicopter and I was flying it. The helicopter extually belonged to me but I had totally forgotten about it and haven’t used it in a long time but it was freeing to use it again. The other thing that worry me was that the helicopter would run out of feul before we could reach our destination. What does it mean?

  17. In my dream, there was a helicopter in a field below me and someone was flying it over to the field i was in (which was higher up) as if they were trying to sell it. it landed near me on the porch of a house. I am a DJ and there were other things going on around typical of a night out in the club or at least some of the antics I (we) were up to were similar to that of a night out in the “scene.” it was interesting to say the least. I never got in it though so I never actually flew, but I was very close to it. that is all I can remember.