Losing Jewelry in Dreams

Dreaming of losing jewelry means something of value is not going to be with you any longer. It could be an expensive necklace, bracelet, engagement ring, or earrings, and you will be devastated that your favorite piece of jewelry can’t be found. Your first concern is the monetary of the item, but the truth is that your cherished memories will be compromised. We remember faces and events by the jewelry we keep close to our hearts.

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One thought on “Losing Jewelry in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream in which i was helping the guy I have feelings for find the earrings he lost. (He doesnt wear earrings in real life) I was able to find them and they ended up being a pair of earrings i actually own. However, the earrings don’t mean anything to me. In the dream they meant a lot to him and it was really important to him to find them. A few nights later i had another dream about him and the same earrings. We were together and he told me to look in his jacket pocket and I pulled out the earrings. I got really excited and said “oh my god these are the earrings!!” He smiled really big, winked at me and then gave me a big hug. I find it weird that i remembered another dream in a dream. Any ideas on what the earrings might represent? I have no clue!