Luggage in Dreams

Luggage in dreams shows a change that you are going through. When you normally use luggage, you are traveling some where and your luggage is holding things that belong to you. These various items include clothes, objects, and various materials that hold the value of who you are. In your dream you are leaving to go somewhere which means you’re at a point in your life where you’re going through a change but you still want to keep old aspects of yourself which is represented by the luggage. You’re pulling bits and pieces of your life with you as you move on into the new, this can be a change as in marriage, moving, new friends, new style, new life, or just an overall change in how you live.

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5 thoughts on “Luggage in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I had lost my luggage and was waiting for it to continue my journey. ..when it finally arrived I found that items of clothing like all best clothes and shoes were stolen…I was deflated and discouraged as I felt I seem to always lose my best stuff….

  2. The bus driver said there would be two bus stops. I picked my luggage from the bus and stopped from the first bus stop though the second bus stop was nearer to my destination.

  3. I dreamt and two work friends of mine where dragging their luggage,while we watched them in a car park with my boss.

  4. Luggage dream
    My husband is transported from prison in an suv. 4 men take him out the car. When I look from the balcony of our home, I see him. They have him stuffed in two suitcases and are trying to get him up the balcony to me….