Pearl in Dreams

A pearl is considered a stone that glows with the aura of a pure human soul. Dreaming of pearls could be a symbolization of an era of irritation and pain that results in something wonderful, for they are formed when grains of sand become trapped within mollusks and shelled fish. After being irritated and unable to filter it out, they will begin to form a comforting barrier around that grain of sand. It becomes bigger and bigger until finally taken out. Thus, dreaming of one could mean that there is a pearl of reward waiting for you after all your troubles.

Dreaming of a pearl represents purity, chastity, and honesty. They are also considered emblems of high status. A pearl in your dream may indicate you are a stately person with great dignity. On the other hand, pearls may symbolize sorrow and tears.

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44 thoughts on “Pearl in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was given a titanium (darker than silver) engagement ring with a pearl on top by someone. It had a high setting and the pearl was on top. I was feeling “weird” about it and I didn’t want to show my husband… in the natural I have been married to my husband for 25 years.

  2. I had a dream I was walking on the beach with my boyfriends mother and we saw a hole full of beautiful pearls and multi toned clams that were pink and blue and just beautiful. I bent down to pick them up and there were other people around admirin which didn’t seem to bother me. What could this mean?

  3. Hello, so i dreamt i was gathering pearls from this monster like creature in a coral reef, the pearls were everywhere inside of it. the colour of the pearls where normal pink and then the others of many different colours, like blue, green ect.

    i recently went through something horrible and had a mental break down. my best friend was with me to help. He’s also my crush.

  4. My best friends brother, Johnny, occasionally visits me in my dreams (he passed away in his early 30s). Two nights ago he visited me again. Usually he so there to acknowledge the birth of a grand niece or nephew and doesn’t speak, but this time he came to me and asked me if
    I remember Keith (which my subconscious apparently does). He told me that I gave Keith a gift and he would never forget me because of it. Then he showed me a box that had a pearl amongst other things. I smiled, then went on to a jewelry store and asked to look at a pink pearl. I couldn’t find the one I wanted Johnny and his companon ( a man I didn’t know, but possibly the aforementioned Keith) followed me in. The sales lady looked worriedabout them being there but I told her Johnny was my friend and he wasn’t there to steal from her.

  5. Hi the other night I was woken up by someone saying my name in my ear while in a daze I don’t know if it was a dream or a vision but before I fully came round someone was handing me 4 pearls in a Box and the box was lined with silk. However the pearls were not white they were rose gold the box was also a soft pink colour. The silk was white. It was a women that handed me it a young woman and I could only see one hand and it was the right hand she did not saying anything u gave me them. I knew it was a women by her hands. This dream has been on my mind for a few days now

  6. I had a dream just last night that a lady I have seen before in my dreams cleaned my pearl earrings. When she gave them back to me the white was faded and there was gold underneath.

    1. My mom gave me a pearl necklace and I didn’t think it was real. I was gonna get into the water so I told these ladies to hold on to it for me. One of them knew the value and offered to buy the necklace. Although I knew I needed the money I started to reflect on its value. My mom gave it to me… and then of course how much it cost. And so I told her the necklace wasn’t for sale. Although if I had really hard trouble I would consider it and let her know.

  7. I dreamnt of lot of heart shape pearls with diamonds engraved on it, the luster is so bright white. They are in a box along with grains of diamonds.

  8. I dreamed of having my leisure time in a resort. In my room, it has an access to a river where some other visitors enjoy swimming. But as i swim in the river having not-so-clear water, whenever i snorkel, i found big pearls and saw a lot of gold and gems. I only took three big pearls. Surprising it is, i am the only one who see those precious things while other people don’t.

  9. I dreamed with three of my friends, all of them were on vacation together and found some paearls
    I was admiring their bracelets, custom made exactly the same with tree different type of pearls.
    While I was admiring their pearls, i was holding a new born baby , this baby was the reason for preventing me to be with them on vacation. I;ve stayed at home taking care of this baby.

  10. i dream that me and my husband were playing in the sea. then we took long breath and went under the sea. we were searching. i got out of breath but saw pearls of lemon size on sea bed. i grabbed one, then i saw another one i took every pearl which i found and each pearl was of lemon size. i come up of water and showed to my husband. we were having fun.

    does this dream means something. please share with me.
    thank you

  11. I had a dream last night that me and a guy, i cant remember who, was searching for something. We walked in the back yard of a house and pulled something up, believe a gutter rail, alot of beautiful white pearls, all different sizes, fell from the rail. I grabbed hand fulls and put them in my pocket. The guy did also, but i had the most. I didn’t say anthing, but i knew i was going to my family so we can be finally financially stable. The dream ended.
    What does it mean??

  12. I dream that I found five whites pearl
    In a sand along the beach . I pick up the pearls and the colours starts to change to purple . I then took all the pears with me and climb up to to the town in which the road is a long stip climb because the town is on the top . But anyway I didn’t seems any trouble in climbing the top.

  13. I had a dream that I was walking into a room and on the floor, was 2 clam/oyster things. One was large and one was small. The big one was slightly open, so I picked it up and tried to shake out a pearl because I didn’t want to kill it. A large purplish-pink pearl fell out and I picked it up to show my friend. Then I woke up.

  14. Dreamt of a silver and gold ring with a very high point- the tip opened to reveal a tiny pink pearl …at first the pearl
    Was flawless but as I began speaking to the owner of the ring that was unaware of the fact that the top opened to reveal a pearl the side of the pearl cracked open to reveal a darker pink core

  15. I dreamt that I was with a friend near the lake then two old woman came, hand me the purse with the beautiful pearls then continue their way. The old woman who gave me the purse of pearl told me nothing she just gave it to me then went on.
    Anyone who can help me?

  16. I had a dream that my manager gave me white pearls after which I began to fly. In the dream I had alot of obstacles that I had to overcome but I was protecting the pearls with everything in me

  17. I had a dream last night. I was working on the side of a road & a car pulled up next to me. When I looked at the man getting out of the driver seat, it was my deceased husband. He gave me a little box and inside was a ring with pink pearls. I looked at him and said ” I love you Babe “

  18. I recently has a vision of a pearl affixed atop a sceptor being lifted up before me. I am trying so desperately to believe that it means that something awesome is awaiting me once all these troubles are over, but I tell you, sometimes I think the sorrow and trouble part is what the dream meant for me! I have hope! I know things will get better 😊

    Your thoughts?

  19. I had a dream last night (during the super blood moon eclipse Sept.27th) that I was having a very bad pain coming from high in my sinuses. After much digging I removed a large pearl from my nose. A bit of blood and mucus were on it. Not a lot. I had a huge sense of relief afterward. Any interpretations on what this dream may be trying to communicate? Thanks

  20. I had found a fresh new pair of white lace panties adorned with pearls and I put them on, they fit perfectly. A tall handsome man that I had spotted earlier came to talk to me while I was breastfeeding my daughter (I’m currently pregnant but single). It turned out we knew each other but had not been intimately involved. He showed me his fancy belt buckle that had many letter embossed on it and he told me to focus on them. After staring for a minute the letters formed the words (my name) + (his name) forever. He asked me how I felt about that and I told him he already knew, we had a mutual love for one another. I was wearing the lace pearl panties the whole time. Then he asked me to come with him somewhere so I began to get dressed.

  21. I dreamed my deceased mother gave me a lavender pearl ring but a man I love was in the dream as well. He told me to keep it when I showed it to him. I don’t know what it means.

  22. My dream started out in a bathroom or small room. I was standing there and from the corner of my eye a saw a few cockroaches…when I looked again there were hundreds of them running up the wall and around me. In my dream I was calm, not scared, not weirded out or anything and I just watched them for a bit, then turned and grabbed bug spray. When I sprayed them, all the roaches turned into shiny pearls, stacked nice and neatly against the wall (almost like if you had mentos candy and you lined them up on the wall above each other).

  23. It started when a bunch of people took my pearls, they would laugh at me because they kept telling me that they weren’t mine and that I should just give them up, but I grew really angry and I began to fight for them. I had collect 7 of them, the last one was in its shell still, I remember I didn’t want to remove the pearl from the shell so I put it with the rest. I had said to myself that there is at least 3 more to collect, so I went and sought them out but then I woke up.

  24. A friend at church had a dream about pearls. She said in her dream I gave her a beautiful pair of pearl earrings, and she told me she couldn’t wear earrings because they irrated her. I assured her these earrings were different and she could wear them.

  25. I had a dream that I was in a small area of water. It was the shallow part of an ocean (only part of the water I could see) I was finding all these pearls and I felt very happy about it. I found pink pearls, purplish pearls and some white pearls. I was quickly picking them and I felt lucky to of found so many.

  26. I had a strange dream last night that I would like to learn more about. I’ve recently been under a lot of stress- finishing up my first year of teaching and looking for a new job. I have been interviewing almost every day this week for jobs after a full day of work teaching and I am excited about the many opportunities on the horizon.

    Last night I had a very interesting dream. I would love some advise/opinion on what it could mean…

    I remember a very distinct and strong pain/pressure in my vaginal area… as if something were pushing on it with a strong force… although there was nobody there physically touching me. A few friends were present and I remember expressing the strangely intenses pressure on my private region to them. WHen the pain stopped it felt as though I had been rapped or violated in some way but not by a person. When investigating I noticed a substance coming out from me… so I took a closer look and it was small white beads, like pearls.. many pearls coming out from my vagina. So strange. I remember collecting them in a jar- thinking I would be able to find answers to the pain and this strange excretion from an expert. This is where the dream ended. Any thoughts?

  27. I had a dream that my husband were giving me some pearls which were white and some were green ,what do that mean.

  28. I dreamt that we were getting engaged however my fiancé didn’t have a lot of money to afford a big diamond so he bought a ring with a huge purple Pearl. All our friends and family kept asking if that was supposed to be an engagement ring and I had to sheepishly explain why I had a pearl and not a diamond like everyone else. In the dream I was embarrassed that I had to explain and didn’t have a diamond, but new it would hurt my fiancé if I told him that wasn’t what he was supposed to get, so I never told him

  29. My dream is combing my hair and pearl come to the comb so many that all the string of the comb full of little white pearl come from my hair

  30. Hi I dreamt of finding 1 black pearl and 2 creamy pearls in there shells. What does this mean. I was in shallow sea. The dream was nice i was happy within the dream.

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), Usually the longer the dream, the better it can be interpreted in my experience. However, if you are willing to accept it, For progressing in the world (“shallow sea”) you will receive a big reward (“1 black pearl”), eventually followed by two good rewards but not as great as the big reward (“2 creamy pearls). Dreams can be interpreted many ways therefore, one must not become rigid in telling them

  31. I had a dream last night where I went to Olive Garden with my family and at the end of the meal we were given cards for some contest. It seems that if you match two holographic gems you get that prize. The was concealed by the cardboard on the card so you had to remove a little piece to see the image. The image looked like glittering diamonds but when you move it to one angle both were purple. Turns out I won a pearl necklace worth 11k. I went up to the bartender to see where I go to get my prize and she takes me into the back down this hallway (sorta felt like a factory of some sort). We go through some gates and she sits me in a chair. The next thing I know she’s strapping me to the chair and giving me anesthesia. I fall asleep in the dream and my chest is opened up and she surgically implants a pearl right where my heart is. I wake up and a little confused, she shines some sort of blacklight/xray on my chest and the pearl glows. I tell her this isn’t what I was suppose to win, I was suppose to get a necklace of pearls so that I can give it to my mother. She looks at the card and points at the part that says something having to do with not always winning and I’m like “yeah, its like winning the lotto not everyone is going to win but this time I did. I matched the two pictures.” The lady was emotionless the entire time and after she kept refusing I became angry and threatened to sue. She looked at the little piece of folded paper inside a tiny box with the single pearl and I was right about the necklace. I can’t remember the rest.

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), If you are willing to accept it, the pearl indicates richness of person, however you are seeking the material richness. The reason why it was implanted in your chest shows that you should show compassion and rich qualities rather than pursue the worldly richness. Indeed, the chest has to do with the fourth chakra (spiritual center in the body) and that is the center of compassion.

  32. I had a dream I was digging in dirt to find pearls that my mother had left for me. Someone in my dream was telling me that they were very valuable. I found a handful of pearls and went to wash them off. (My mother passed away 7 mths ago)

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), If you are willing to accept it, this is good fruit that your mother left behind when she departed. All thanks to God.