Pillow in Dreams

A pillow can be a significant marker of weariness. The burdens of the everyday life can be a heavy load to bear on your shoulders. A pillow has always been a sign of rest, of sleep and relaxation. At night, one lays their head down upon the pillow to rest from the day’s activities. As a result, the dreaming of a pillow can show a notion of weariness in a person due to a dragging and tugging lifestyle that looks to have no end. The pillow is the end of the day, where one can lay down and rest to forget everything that they long for to end. Thus, you should take it easy on your life and try to get some rest.

Seeing a pillow in your dream can also be interpreted as you being in a comfortable and relaxed state. A pillow is something that is personal so it can be symbolic of security and comfort. It can also be viewed as a sign of laziness.

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2 thoughts on “Pillow in Dreams”

  1. Hello,
    I dreamed that we were packing our luggage back from a vacation, and found that mom sent with my husband tens of pillows, all type of pillows old and new, just in case we needed them. I was so upset cause there was no need to bring them with plus we didn’t use them though hotel pillows were uncomfortable.

  2. So my grandmother had a dream of me putting a blue bright shiny pillow on her bed. She says we were arguing and she did not want the pillow on her bed but I was insistent on it being there. She woke up