Pyramid in Dreams

Pyramids have been considered a great spectacle of the world. The ancient Egyptians took many years to build just one, yet they have multiple pyramids in existence. Dreaming of such pyramids can signify that there is a potential to do great things in life, to build wonders and huge projects that stand out like the pyramids do. And as the years go by, the pyramids continue to stand proud and tall, braving various harsh conditions. Thus, dreaming about pyramids suggests that you have a strong and solid foundation. This can be directly translated into longevity, firm will, and the power to dazzle others.

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One thought on “Pyramid in Dreams”

  1. So last night i dreamed of two elementals an earth spirit and a water spirit they were able to manipulate that style of nature that they were but they were like young spirits but i witnessed them both make their way to Mt Tongariro, NZ. when i watched the first one go there which was the water element it looked more like a mountain with a light blue glow at the base inside it after the water spirit entered the mountain it basically evolved and was a wiser spirit which i could judge by it seemed to have greater control over water and looked older, then after this I then watched the earth spirit make the same journey but this time as it was approaching the mountain it didn’t really look like a mountain at all infact it was a nubian pyramid and this time was more like a crystal and the blue light in the center of the base was much more apparent and then the same story followed the spirit entered the pyramid then evolved and left a wiser spirit after all this i watched myself meditating at the base of the pyramid for a short time then i woke up.