Toilet in Dreams

Dreaming of a toilet means a release of all your raw rage and emotions that have been pent up for a long time. The person on the receiving end is not going to enjoy the barrage of profanities and cussing that accompanies the release.

The toilet also represent a place of self healing where your body excretes the processed end products, and poisons from your body.

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5 thoughts on “Toilet in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed sleeping on toilet
    And I wake I realise I was sleeping with some one and he was a boy
    I fight with the boy before coming out from the toilet

  2. Super weird dream I was in some type of earth-like simulator thing kind of like minecraft and I did a mode where all the water would flow from every lake and everything everywhere down the hills to the center part of the earth it doesn’t make any sense but it did it the dream. Then after that I was standing above a toilet like it was in a toilet the whole time and I was trying to flush it all down and it worked but after that I had to wait for every single organism plant animal whatever to come out into the bowl one at a time and grow to a large size inside it and after a while it would shrink back and flush down the toilet. This was very annoying. I also plugged the toilet up a few times. This is only the end of the dream. There was a video camera in the bathroom too I think my grandpa put it there.

  3. Toilet and Church Dream:
    I am a preacher and dreamt that I visited a town and there was no restroom around so I went to the church building and eazed myself in the middle of the aisle. There were no worshippers there except two friends with me. In the dream I later felt sorry and
    Decided to go back and removed the toilet but I didn’t do that because I was in a hurry. Any meaning.