Unlit Candle in Dreams

Candles are often perceived as romantic and mysterious objects used to bestow a mystic like atmosphere. This is only achieved when the candles are lit and giving off a fiery glow. Thus, if you envision an unlit candle in your dreams, this insinuates a feeling of puzzlement and frustration. You feel like you are being isolated and left out from knowing about salient matters in your life. You yearn for enlightenment and the ability to comprehend what went wrong.

An unlit candle in your dreams may allude to the notion that your potential to become great is still hidden. Only when you are ready, the candle will be lit and at that time, you will unmask the magnanimous potential in you.

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5 thoughts on “Unlit Candle in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed of three gold unlit candles was given to me, I was so happy, my Father was in my dream but he’s deceased, I hugged, kissed him but he did not give me the candles can someone tell me what this dream meant

  2. I dreamt that I was holding a bag of white unlit candlesticks and went to a store to buy more candles. Then when I was inside the store, I saw a lot of unlit candles in different shapes but their colors are mostly white, pink and red. I began looking for the same size of candlestick that I have one before I went to the store. And the bag of candlesticks that I had before, I lost it while I’m busy searching for another candle. I remembered I just put the bag of that white unlit candles on top of the files of candlesticks which I was busy checking at inside the store. Then I woke up. Honestly I felt bothered of that dreams of mine. Could you help me please to explain it to me? What does it mean? Thanks

  3. I dreamt I was in a living room area,where I was moving furniture around,I had a feeling that it was where I lived,in the dream I was told I have 6 sisters,I briefly saw the face of a young brown skined woman smiling,I dreamt there where 4-6 couches that I was rearangeing,and a table full of white candles which I put 3 steps lower in a corner,I moved the refrigiration,to sand against a wall,as I moved it I saw a small pool in the middle of what seemed th kitchen area,which is visible from the living room area,.at that moment,my mother and father appeared and told me to leave things as they are…I remeber looking over at the the table of candles.and the chouches,some of them where white some of the old and blueish,than I woke up..
    Anyone have an idea,what this could mean.

  4. I dreamt it was my birthday, but the candles on my cake wouldn’t light up. I leave the room a family member shoots to me that they are now lit. I walk back into the room and the candles immediately extinguish.

    What does this mean?

  5. I dreamt that a woman passed me a new candle as a gift but one which had been briefly lit so it was still very pure and white. It was out.

    The woman was sitting next to the man I am in love with. He seemed comfortable to be there watching her pass me the candle, not in any hurry and I recognised her as someone he has been involved with.

    What does this mean?