Wallet in Dreams

Dreaming of a wallet symbolizes your self identity. It can also represent financial security. To dream that your wallet has been stolen indicates that someone may be trying to take advantage of you and that you should watch out for anyone you may feel suspicious over. To dream that you lost your wallet suggests that you need to be more cautious and careful about your spending and finances. This may be the time to take your responsibilities a little more seriously especially with your money. If you find a wallet then it signifies financial stability. To see an empty wallet in your dream represents financial worries and disasters. So you should be aware of your financial life at all times to avoid any mishaps later on.

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7 thoughts on “Wallet in Dreams”

  1. Im my dreams i see a wallets at the road, then i pick it up and i open it, there is another wallet inside the wallet and there’s a coins, and the color of the wallets are Orange… That’s all in my dream.

  2. In my dream Im at my friends house using the bathroom. Where his toilet is there’s a hole with a towel in it. I remove the towel worndering why his hasnt fixed it. I us it and put the towel back.

    Forward, I was at my office talking to a sales rep about going to visit a customer.

    Next thing i was at the business (some kind of metal business) and was trying to find a business card in my wallet. A lady that I was suppose to give the card really liked the my wallet. I showed her how it folded and my old wallet was on the table too. I was showing her how it was different. It was longer like a checkbook. She asked me to bring them outside so she could see them in the sun, so I did. Once I started showing her the old one again she opened it up and pulled it open. There were leather pieces (like bolts) holding it together. Once she pulled them forcably but didn’t break them apart you could see inside. She said “look it is worn with rips but still in good shape.” It then turned into a jacket. She said the jacket is so nice and started to put it on. I felt uncomfortable. Once half on she left it on and it looked like a polyester puffy coat.

    I remember the lady making me feel very uncomfortable, however later in the dream I was talking to her on the phone for business while in a restaurant. She was really nice at first, but then started acting not interested in talking on the phone like she was mad. I hung up and looked in my wallet again. I don’t remember what for.

    Next I remember being in the restaurant waiting on the sales rep from my company. I got up to go to the bathroom. The doors were confusing but I figured out which was the mens. As I’m standing at the urinal, with my wife on the phone, I see a tub like plant pot. It had a small tree in it and was filled with water. The water drained and the soil looked really dry and the tree was alive but looked ill.

    I left the restroom and went to the table. My coworker was there. He said I have to talk to this lady. He left the table. Shortly after a kid 4-6 comes running by yelling. My coworker says “Hey work your magic.” I could not see the coworker. Concerned I follow the kid into the batroom. I look at stalls but only see grownup feet. I find the boy pooping in a urinal. I tell him to stop that’s not the right place to poop. He continues and gets upset. He starts to leave the bathroom but has poop all over his back. In a fatherly way I try to tell him to stop and let me help you get it off. He starts screaming for his mom and I let him go out. I remember thinking in the dream if he wants to go out with poop on him so be it and how my son 3 can be hard headed at times.

    Next I’m back at the table with my coworker. We had been there a while and no one had came to the table. A lady passed by and we stopped her. She said I’ll get your waitress. She got a lady stand across from us and was fussing at her. Both came back to the table and the original lady sat with us like she was with us. The lady taking our order was extra nice, but when she left she went to put our order in. I was standing (not standing like I was there but invisible) and she was very mad.

    Next thing I’m at the table. I look into my wallet again.

    Then I woke up. I usually don’t remember dreams with such details but it seemed real and I can remember it.

  3. In my dream, there were many people whom I am close to…we were at my grandmother’s house. I was searching for my purse and couldn’t find it. Finally, I found my wallet. It only had my identification in it…all my credit cards and money were stolen. What does this mean?

  4. I had a dream that I had found my dads wallet in house that we used to live in i hadn’t known it was lost I just found it and when I opened it I didn’t really look inside to see if there was money but there was a Macy’s card.

    1. I dreamed I was at a restaurant and left my purse on a chair left to go to the bathroom when I came back a man had my wallet opened on top of my purse looking thur it, he said he was looking for id and thought I had left the purse behind, I thought he was lying closed my wallet I checked my wallet to make sure everything was there closed it and left with my purse