Abnormal in Dreams

Dreaming of abnormal events and objects indicate a segment of your life where you are starting to pay attention towards and turning it around. Whether these situations are good or bad, the correct course of action is to follow your dreams of abnormality and keep it under consistent monitoring for change thus allowing you to adapt accordingly. The abnormal stages will eventually return to regularity after a small set of time.

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2 thoughts on “Abnormal in Dreams”

  1. for the past week i dreamnt i was on a beach with all my friends and the water went out all the way and didnt come back. everyone was walking on the ocean floor and i knew something was wrong and i tried to get everyone to leave with me. nobody listened and i ran away. i ran over a big hill through the town and to this lake area. the water in the lake was shallow and there was one tree near the lake. i climbed into the tree and seen a huge wave overtake the beach the hill and the town. the water reached the tree and surrounded the tree and i knew everyone was dead.

  2. Please, please help me. For a month or so, I continually dremt of a house where a kind old woman sat on the front porch, cats and kittens skittering and playing, many of them at the house and in the yard. They’d rub against my legs and purr or jump at my in play. But, for the past couple of days, I’d go to the house in my dreams. Now, the aura of it is dark and grey. Different cats now occupy it- Ones with mange and other diseases. When I approached the door, a new woman would answer saying, “Go away… This place is evil.”

    And when I look into the door, there is a rotting cat full of maggots hanged by a rope around its neck. It fills me with fear and I wake up in tears, my love of cats makes this abnormal dream quite sickening.