Archaeology in Dreams

Dreaming of archaeology means you are looking into the past for hints to help you understand and perhaps overcome your personal challenges in life. This can also become a burden for you because it entraps you into wasting time on the past, while the present is passing you by. Try not to be left behind, and continue to forge forward with positive outlooks.

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One thought on “Archaeology in Dreams”

  1. Hi.
    I dreamt of entering a buddhist temple that seems vaguely familiar, as if I’ve been there before. And there were an old woman and 2 teenage boys asking for donations at the door. I walked towards the old woman and gave her a coin and one of the boys came towards me so I dropped him a coin too.
    Then I entered the temple and didn’t know what to do. Somehow I felt as if I had to bow to the buddha with my hands together in the center of my chest, but a girl came in and she made the gesture of a cross. So I followed suit and walked towards the right side of the temple and took a seat on a thin bench that was a little uncomfortable. The setting was like the setting of a church mass but more informal and the seats were arranged haphazardly around carpets. And I remember thinking that this is like a catholic mass, and that all religions believe in mostly the same things. So I guess, this was okay.
    This part I only remember vaguely, but there was someone or a couple of people who went on an archeology excavation. And they brought back this piece of pottery. And then I remember a lot of cockroaches and bugs and slugs just randomly crawling out from who knows where, and they looked so ancient. I was killing all of them that appeared and thought in the dream that these bugs came from that pottery piece from the excavation. Then there suddenly seemed to be lesser bugs around after I rolled a jug on a slug that came out of a shell like thing that made it somehow look like a snail but yet like a cockroach.
    Then I remember being in this open hut-like place and making a drink.
    And that’s about all I remember.
    Somehow I think it means something, but I don’t know what. Would really appreciate it if someone would help me with it. And sorry everything is like everywhere.