Poison Gas in Dreams

Dreaming of poison gas means your surroundings are hurting you. It could be a place of work or a place of residence that continues to choke the life out of you. At first, you dread each day and then you might snap because of the overwhelming fumes. These poisonous fumes may only appear in your dreams, but it is symbolic of you enduring a slow death if you don’t change.

Consider it a sign to change your job if you are currently stuck. Or consider it a sign to get out of your comfort zone to chase the goals you have.

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7 thoughts on “Poison Gas in Dreams”

  1. I was dreaming that on the news there was this gas coming to our apartments, and since I’m a girl, I told my family, “Let’s use bras” (Just me, my mom, and my sister) so apparently they got the bras but I couldn’t find a single bra in my drawer, so the dream ended (and then) we went to my moms friends house and I met German Shepherds named Max, I forgot the other ones name (Molly?), so then I go outside with the dogs and see Bulldogs on steps (Oldest to youngest) and THEN the gas comes back, everyone in that house dies except me and the two German Shepherds, (Next dream) We are in the water (Me and the dogs) playing and then we get into this car with my uncle, my dad, and my uncles freind. Then we all get to this place and FREAKING JENSEN ACKLES SHOWS UP and I act perfectly normal. Then JAROD (JARED?) SHOWS UP!!! Then I think about hugging Misha Collins AND HES RIGHT BEHIND ME! Then we find out gas had killed everyone in a kingdom except the king and the king ends up murdering his daughter.

  2. I was part of a group that was on the streets of a city for some reason. We saw a large green twister nearing and decided to take shelter in a nearby building. Suddenly I saw everyone around me start choking and falling to the floor, and I realized the twister had hit and was killing us with its toxic gas. I used my shirt to breathe and try to protect myself from the fumes but then woke up.

  3. I dreamed a lightbulb broke and then poisonous gases were let out that I was afraid was gonna cause a fire so I had to get water and fling it in the air so the smoke cleared up .