Poison Gas in Dreams

Dreaming of poison gas means your surroundings are hurting you. It could be a place of work or a place of residence that continues to choke the life out of you. At first, you dread each day and then you might snap because of the overwhelming fumes. These poisonous fumes may only appear in your dreams, but it is symbolic of you enduring a slow death if you don’t change.

Consider it a sign to change your job if you are currently stuck. Or consider it a sign to get out of your comfort zone to chase the goals you have.

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15 thoughts on “Poison Gas in Dreams”

  1. I just had a dream today like never before. I have always had nightmares my whole life and still do, but this was terrifying even by my standards. In the dream, I drove into a parking lot and my vehicle became consumed by a thick, heavy cloud of gas. It all happened so fast, but I could feel the poison in my chest (it felt like sand filling up my chest and weighing me down) and I began gasping for air. I took one last breath and felt myself dying. I have never had a dream so vivid and seen myself die before (it usually ends rather vaguely). I do not know what to make of it and never want to feel like that again. I woke up absolutely panicked and had to use my inhaler.

  2. My dream had poisonous gas that was pink. You could see it rolling on the floor and it got stronget as you went lower in the house. This gas hurt my chest and throat badly. It bothered me so much that I tried to cover my nose and breathe through my shirt. Then I went to the attic as high as I could and searched for an escape from it.

  3. In my dream I was told by a television news broadcast to get into a storm shelter because poisonous gas in the air. I was in an extreme panic.

  4. I had a dream where these people broke into my house and was killing everyone with these guns that put out a gas that was red coming out of the gun then turning to black as it was entering the mouth of the person. It was like a snake of gas. After everyone died it kind of restarted. I would have to figure out how to get some people out. I did. We were running and we found a black SUV. We jumped it and we drove away. We eventually found this abandoned building. There was a blue truck outside and we saw a couple of people talking. Sounds stupid but I got out and confronted them. They said they had the same problem. Both groups were chatting and I noticed a guy with blonde hair sitting in the truck doing something. I walked up to him and I noticed it was someone from a long time ago that I held dear. His name was Ben. In my dream i didn’t react but after i woke up i was confused. Anyway he had managed to get one of the guns and he was trying to replicate it. He found out how it worked and made a small smoke bomb. Time had passed and it was night again. We were inside eating and we heard footsteps on the pavement. Those fuckers were back. Ill save the details but some unimportant people died but my friend and Ben died because the car wreaked after the remaining drove away. I was in the car behind them. It went black and I shot up awake. Everyone was there and eating and I heard footsteps on the gravel. I thought to myself “I cant save everyone but I can save Ben.” Everything went the same but when everything was done I got in the blue truck with Ben. He survived but if I said the rest of the dream I think we would be here forever. Later like maybe three months later It was me,Ben, and twins that we found on the side of the road injured. We did some heavy research and found out the things were aliens. The US gov’t pissed them off by not sticking to the trade agreement. To make it up the US had put out a secret message that somehow was undetected by the aliens. It said that there was a ship (space) off the coast of California. All went well and we got on. It was three days into the trip when it turnes out one of the twins was an alien and he killed a lot of people. The last thing she did was force me to watch as she killed Ben. My phone woke me up and I was relieved but angry. I refuse to think that this dream meas nothing. I almost woke up crying ok.

  5. I keep having a reoccurring dream about being in a town that has poisenous gas. You can see a white gas coming out of the soil and and I can taste sulphor. The people are not very friendly to outsiders it’s like they are afraid I’m going to find out some secret. I try to escape and there is no way out.

  6. I had a dream last night that I was in new York at a mall with some friends (people I don’t know in real life) and the mall wasn’t packed so we were walking around and one of the people said that he was going to go shoplifting so a girl and I went into a baby store with another guy we were stealing things as well but all of a sudden she couldn’t breathe and we were choking so we took breaths only when need be (you couldn’t see the gas) and we were running and running and my family got me and we sped off in a old grey truck and we tried to kill this guy but we couldn’t and then I woke up.

  7. I had a dream were I was at a place that I’m not familiar with, I had my two daughters with me. I was looking out of the building’s window and saw yellow smoke, it started to burn my throat. Then I saw that the smoke came from alien beings walking in the streets. I got oxygen tanks for me and my daughters we were using them, and then I saw my cats were struggling to breath, and falling down. Then I started to worry about my parents, if they were ok, but then I saw that the gas was getting worse, it was like acid in the air burning everything. I then decided I can’t worry about anything or anybody else except myself and my daughters. I saw a trapdoor and opened it, and jumped in with my daughters.

  8. I was dreaming that on the news there was this gas coming to our apartments, and since I’m a girl, I told my family, “Let’s use bras” (Just me, my mom, and my sister) so apparently they got the bras but I couldn’t find a single bra in my drawer, so the dream ended (and then) we went to my moms friends house and I met German Shepherds named Max, I forgot the other ones name (Molly?), so then I go outside with the dogs and see Bulldogs on steps (Oldest to youngest) and THEN the gas comes back, everyone in that house dies except me and the two German Shepherds, (Next dream) We are in the water (Me and the dogs) playing and then we get into this car with my uncle, my dad, and my uncles freind. Then we all get to this place and FREAKING JENSEN ACKLES SHOWS UP and I act perfectly normal. Then JAROD (JARED?) SHOWS UP!!! Then I think about hugging Misha Collins AND HES RIGHT BEHIND ME! Then we find out gas had killed everyone in a kingdom except the king and the king ends up murdering his daughter.

  9. I was part of a group that was on the streets of a city for some reason. We saw a large green twister nearing and decided to take shelter in a nearby building. Suddenly I saw everyone around me start choking and falling to the floor, and I realized the twister had hit and was killing us with its toxic gas. I used my shirt to breathe and try to protect myself from the fumes but then woke up.

  10. I dreamed a lightbulb broke and then poisonous gases were let out that I was afraid was gonna cause a fire so I had to get water and fling it in the air so the smoke cleared up .