Supernatural Powers in Dreams

Dreaming of supernatural powers is a reflection of your desire to be more. Even though you may be a normal human being, there is always a strive to be greater than everyone else. No one wants to be ordinary; no one wants to be plain. It is with that supernatural power (flying, mind-reading, etc.) that helps you soar above everyone else, for you are the one to have something so mystical and completely yours that everyone else can only wish for.

Having supernatural powers in your dreams, you want the ability to manipulate things to work out for you. As a result, you will special advantages above the average person and will be able to achieve so much more.

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67 thoughts on “Supernatural Powers in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that i was being chased by someone and then i suddenly turned and pulled all the heavy metal object towards him and when he ran away i stood in between the street stretching my arms to break the iron chains beside me but all of a sudden all the metals objects from neighbouring disappeared.

  2. I dreamt I could make everything burn from within. I cause major destruction, then my powers left.

    It was weird because just before I had dreamt of a plane crash near me and I had helped save people.
    Very conflicting.

    1. You should go to Church and ask the whole church to fast with you… That is a spiritual attack. Thank dear God that I helped you. This really needs strong faith and belief, so I hope u will humble yourself and do this things fast as you see this message.

      Thanks a lot Kriti

  3. i dreamt that my spirit dived into my self, i dived so deep it was scary and risky but what i found when i came back was i had suppernatural powers. The other dreams was iabout vomited up so much goo there was a crab in the mds of the goo, it tried getting away to the water but i killed it and there was a dead chicken inside of the crab but it hit the chicken to make sure it was dead

    1. You should go to Church and ask the whole church to fast with you… That is a spiritual attack. Thank dear God that I helped you. This really needs strong faith and belief, so I hope u will humble yourself and do this things fast as you see this message.

      Thanks a lot Chrstine.

  4. I was on an island, it was summer and everything was fine. I saw kids swimming, including my own son. I saw an evil witch approaching from the sea and started to yell to the kids to get out of water but I was too late. The witch captured the kids to this castle, I knew I could set them free but there was some older women who had set up a powerfield that I could not pass through.
    I felt absolute rage for not being able to help and use my powers. I almost twisted the head of one of the women blocking my way.

    Soon the scenery changed, back to a big hal in the castle. We heard that we would have new people joining our group, that they held some secrets and I was very curious. To find out the secrets I hopped into a old, rusty car and drove out. Outside I saw some of my friends playing in the water and I was able to make them fly with me over the sea.

  5. I am I got flying dream like super human…I was walking on road suddenly somebody told me to u can run and jumb but believe yourself…then I try that omg I can’t imaging that I was flying like super man…then finally I landed in some of the house roof top that time one girl saw me and she is also in roof top she asked me to come to her home and she said what are you?I reply to her I am trying to bee myself….

  6. I get these dreams every now an then of being about to blow thick storm clouds away an those around me are glad and happy that I did ..

  7. I dreamt that I was back at my childhood home using my mind I lit the ground on fire and it formed a circle and symbol I can’t recall. The clouds began to grow dark and I elevated off the ground. I could hear people yelling my name. But at that point it’s like I did not care I elevated further into the clouds and the fire continued to burn

  8. In my dream, I was in what seemed to be a modern, abandoned building with I don’t know how many floors but in my dream, I was with my mom with a couple of other people in a public women’s bathroom. After I arrived and started looking around, I see this boy around my age – 15 – enter the restroom and we both start staring at each other. Then we start throwing nasty comments at each other, one being to both himself and his mother about how I can run him over with the coach – the coach that I was driving for a minute or two whilst the driver left for some reason (the driver was my mom) previously before we headed for a bathroom break in this building – I then used my telepathy to manipulate her into screaming and crying about how her son was ran over with a coach whilst her son tried to calm her down by saying that he was here but she couldn’t see him because I was controlling her. I don’t know what happened to the mom after that because my mom, the boy, a few mutants from ‘X-Men : First Class’ and I left the bathroom to an escalator that appeared on our left (I don’t know why but, I screamed like ‘Banshee’ from XMFC, I think it was to check out the surroundings and see if the building actually was abandoned). Afterwards, my mom noticed that the boy’s thumb was red and bleeding but somehow knew that he was a ‘mutant’ and then the boy shot energy out of his hands to the wall on the left of the escalator -that we were on- and then my mom did the same thing and shot out energy to the right wall of the escalator from the palms of her hand so the beam was more narrow. Then I somehow attained ‘Havok’s’ power and I shot out energy from my chest (like in XMFC) and from my arms (like in XMA) and then proceeded to do the hula hoop thing from XMFC and shot out plasma rings from my waist into the wall in front of the top of the escalator and when I looked back, I saw ‘Mystique’, my mom, the boy, ‘Magneto’, ‘Havok’ and ‘Banshee’. I stayed back so that everyone could walk to the elevator that we saw once we reached the second floor, ‘Magneto’ was the first one there. I noticed that the boy was looking at me behind the safety of the glass balcony he was in and told me that I lied about having telepathy so I put my two fingers on my temple and asked him to “say that again” – I did that 5 times – I then stopped and asked him if I was Telepathic and he said “no” again and then I asked him how many times did I tell him to repeat himself and he responded with “5”. Afterwards, I asked him if he did it willingly or if he was forced to and he said,”Forced” and then I asked him if I was talking with my mouth through the entire conversation and he replied with,”No” with a look of realization dawned upon his face. I started to laugh at his reaction. My mom then told him that I was special because I have four mutations – Telepathy, Energy blasts ( which now reminds me that after I shot out energy, I gathered all of the remaining fire up and it vanished because I can also take in energy as well), Telekinesis and Teleportation. He looked between the both of us with wild amazement and I then lifted my mom up from the ground with my mind and then after I set her down, I teleported to the far right side of the room, he was beyond amazed and his face said it all. ‘Magneto’ then pressed the button on the elevator and once the doors opened, we all got in and then I got awoken from my dream by mom.

  9. My power in my dream was the ability to control vibrations. Potentially this could be scaled up to the entire Universe, although I could only destroy a skyscraper in my dreams.

    1. I think you are probably watching to much of movies more specifically talking of super natural ones. Remember that your dreams or nightmares are linked to your day time life experience…that is what you watch, listen to, think of and many others. Obviously if your are obsessed of being able to control the vibrations, you will dream of that… This is like if you watch some sort of stories and you don’t even skip any episode, obviously you will dream of other preshown episode and you will be amazed when you see it on the TV in real life time.
      Remember that dreams are only there to distract or help us reach our goals. But I can also say that some dreams are not normal and happens when we’re being used by Satan to do certain things and when we wake up we feel happy and deceive ourselves by saying, “I dreamt my self having the power of controlling the vibrations. ” which sou4very weird to other ears of other people.

      Things will and ever be best if you keep your nasty nightmares with you and not share with others.

  10. I do some things in my dream ,that I myself doesn’t have a clue of . Like flying , fire comming out of my hands etc.

    1. These things happens because you have been watching too much movies and obviously since you watched Super man, u became very obsessed in flying, so u will remember that the cerebrum will give you the best dreams that your thoughts evoked a lot of stimulation to that particular obsession carried out during day time. Since u also watched Fantastic 4 and liked it and even thought that one day you will be able to release fire with your hands, ofcourse that also will be part of your dream.

      I imply that you stay away from watching movies and focus to the real world. Y should know that dreams of yours are not only dreamt by you… Many others too are in a situation like that.

      So stay focused. Thanks a lot Salawu.

  11. In my dream my name was love and I could control the wind and stop the powers of others so many helped me fight a man(name forgotten)tgeyvactually couldn’t fight him so they tried to distract him inoreder to give me time to run from the man who wanted to take my powers but no one could defeat him and every time he defeated someone he grew stronger taking all their powers at last I was defeated so I had to stay in a hostel as a normal person leaving everything behind but then I find and old note in the room from the old room owner saying it was “miss” and he had asked me to search for him because we were old friends and we when we put our lowers together no one could ever defeat us and legend knew we could defeat and we were just the best old friends,the letter said everything was for a purpose and so I ended up being in that hostel in that same room because miss played ,I was out to search for him when I just woke up.

  12. I actually had a dream about being able to control a void of sorts, it had what looked like red rimmed black portals in it, and i gained access the that void by pressing two handle-like stone things together, so I’m not quite sure what that means.

  13. I dreamed of having Ice powers, being able to make my neighborhood cold in the hot temperature. Having the ability to make the ground cold with an instant touch. All this is triggered by five coins quarter for some odd reason. I can not use any abilities without having all of them, a weakness perhaps.

  14. In my dream, i can manipulate everything by just waving my hand as if what my mind thinks what it wants to do. For example as i remember, i wave my hand upward and the objects that in front of me literally lifted as if on cue. Next is, we were on a fight on the road (just like in ‘Fast and Furious’ movies) and i wave my hand ’cause someone was going to shoot me. After that, i woke up. But it feels that i’m on top of the people and i feel so powerful.

  15. Five of my friends dreamt that i always be in their dreams and i have super powers (run as fast as the speed of light) and i will be wondering, why they dream about me.

  16. Sometimes when I have dream that I’m fighting some force. Usually I have special power, to fly or become invisible. Sometimes I choose to fly and other time I choose to be invisible.

    1. You should go to Church and ask the whole church to fast with you… That is a spiritual attack. Thank dear God that I helped you. This really needs strong faith and belief, so I hope u will humble yourself and do this things fast as you see this message.

  17. I’ve had recurring dreams my whole life involving themes of 2 special powers:
    1) breathing underwater. Sometimes I’m completely human, sometimes I’m a mystical human/seahorse/mermaid creature, sometimes of seemingly noble social importance. I never require an apparatus, or have non-human lungs. I just CAN breathe underwater, inexplicably. Sometimes with exceeding force or ability.
    2) flying. Sometimes this occurs with absolutely ordinary circumstances. Walking through a suburb, feeling whimsical, and just deciding to fly out of nowhere. Other times, it’s extremely fantastical, in a non-Earth setting. Extreme terrains, fantastically shaped mountains, ravines, etc. Sometimes I’m a constantly morphing desert person/creature. It is not acknowledged that I am willingly “shapeshifting,” so to speak, I just know and accept that my being changes, and I change my survival strategies and movements based on how each body I have interacts with the ever-changing environment. No matter what, though, It’s always ME, and I’m always in control of energies around me. I always fly by basically channeling energies. I manifest more energy below my body, by sort of meditating or harnessing internal powers, and I can do so gently, or with great force. It feels very spiritual, but like something I’m used to. Like ‘m just tapping into another plane of existence where it’s easier to manifest internal energies.
    I always enjoy these dreams. Sometimes they’re more frought with peril, chases, saving others, action, and adventure. Other times, they’re peaceful and solitary and reflective.
    It’s never under exactly the same circumstance. I almost feel like I’ve been tripping really hard on hallucenogenics when I wake up. I’m sweaty, and it takes me a minute to sort of come out of the other reality, and I almost mourn the loss of it when I wake up. Like I want to go back. But it’s usually oddly refreshing. I usually feel empowered.

    1. You should go to Church and ask the whole church to fast with you… That is a spiritual attack. Thank dear God that I helped you. This really needs strong faith and belief, so I hope u will humble yourself and do this things fast as you see this message.

  18. i dreamt that i was flyin and i was protecting a baby from people who wanted to take him.him also he had the same supernatural powers like me.

  19. last night i had a dream where everybody hated me in the school and even the police arrived to arrest me and things wasn’t looking so good, then after a while for fun I threw a ball at the cross towards the wall and I could actually control the ball moment without touching it. people beside me got shocked and I went home to show my parents what I had.
    What does this dream mean ?
    ( sorry for my English )

  20. Last night I had a dream that I could magically open things just saying the word open. I was opening drawers cupboards ect….

  21. Last night I had a dream that I could release energy from my hands and Crack glass… and it’s not the first time I had a dream that was like this… it’s kind crazy but I feel like I can do it in this life… it’s crazy! But I don’t wanna break anything… but I feel like I could! Like wtf!

  22. So in my dream I had discovered super powers to kill zombie like big creatures I put
    A mask a white mask and kill them and then I discovered a girl I had the power of chi blast coming out of my hand

  23. in my dream i was in a car driving away from someone who could easily kill me, i had a wand so i rolled down the window & just like the movie Harry Potter, i said expelliarmous (don’t know how to spell it). Then the person who was following me, fell off his broom & we got to safety.

  24. So I had a dream where I had a variety of powers, including time travel. However I didn’t see it in chronological order- to myself and to the timeline- I saw it in different orders but managed to piece them all together by the time I woke up. I had the ability to time travel, initially it was uncontrollable. Whilst i wasn’t in control I also developed teleportation abilities. At some point I mastered my time travel abilities by slowing down time or even stopping it. In another time I learnt how to communicate with animals and shapeshift into anything I want. In fact it turned out that they were friends of mine in their past but my future. The shapeshifting started off as a merman, due to a near death drowning experience, but I decided to tweak the design to further adapt to the toxic waters but also to make myself more powerful and terrifying. In another time I developed the ability to remove memories by touch. This was particularly annoying as I needed information from people at the time. In a battle I developed telekinetic abilities.
    My dreams often have supernatural abilities (non mystical supernatural abilities) and they’re pretty awesome, but this dream by far is the best I’ve had.

    1. That’s insane! I’ve one thing on the thing but man… I’ve practiced thai chi and and I’ve discovered some crazy things! I healed one of my friends that was so sick it was unbearable! I tranfered my energy into her and she gets up like “oh my gosh I feel souch better” it was crazy! Thers a lot to say but what happens in my dreams, when I bring it to my reality it’s so dam real I can’t believe it.. and so can’t other people when I read their facial expressions when I talk to them! It seems crazy but this is my reality…

  25. My dream was me practicing like a force or something. It was like i was manipulating the air to my favor with my hands..but slightly. A force was coming from my hand from the first time that i could direct

  26. Dream that I am born with powers I don’t know when I am starting to grow up . Now , I have voices in my head and they keep saying “, You are the legendary woman who have the powers of the nature and the Planet earth . You must go to Tony Stark for the answers you have for the questions”. Please go to Tony stark if he is real .

    1. I don’t no what to say, I mean sometimes we are deceived in our dreams and other times what we dream is just what’s about to come to reality.

      In your case I can say that ofcourse the dream is real and is telling you the truth, things like that happens most of the time when your God is revealing your power of prophecy. Once you start hearing voices in your head,it means the time is near for you to posses your powers,but whatsoever you don’t have to trust anyone because it can be risky and you may lose your gift as well.

      Voices in the head represent strong power more specifically talking of the cerebral capacity. Sooner you will able to control things, stand on air, fly, disappear, walk on water, hear the vibrations of the earth, feel the movement of the earth, travel in space, know other people’s thoughts, create what you want, and just become a god.

      These all depends on the growth of the percentage of your cerebral capacity… Once it can reach 100% you will become God.

      Thanks, samantha erickson for sharing what you are experiencing.

  27. Good evening respected ,
    Hi, I am from India….
    actually from the last three years I m experiencing again and again the same supernatural power in my dream….
    I used to see in my dream that when I m in problems or I feel something not good I start running or start escaping from that spot and a time comes when I run speedily for few seconds and starts flying and saves myself….
    mostly I used to fly in my dream but not too much high, just about 50-60 feet…..
    I don’t know what’s this everything……
    one more thing I used to experience is that sometimes when I m in a dream, I wake up in the dream itself and realize that it was a dream then I again go to bed and sleep and again and again I enter two or three dreams one by one in dream while sleeping……
    and I have experienced it more than 12 times yet..
    plzzzx tell me is it really possible to dream while dreaming ?

    1. Good evening,Sharma!

      Yes it is possible dreaming in a dream. Sometimes you find yourself In a dream and having a dream also, This happens to people who have a particular nightmare disorder. It is not normal and is beyond a human dreaming capacity. Once you start dreaming two times dream in one dream you should no that something Is wrong and have to consult a psychiatrist either psychologist or pastor to be helped.

      But sometimes that happens when there is a change in the movement of neurons in the cerebrum and a massive impact change in the percentage of growth of your cerebral capacity.
      and if this is the case there will be ofcourse a change in the dreams pattern, you will dream super natural dreams… sometimes you may dream 2*dream or 3* in one dream depending on your cerebral capacity.
      The flying in the dream represent a gift of superability that can be turned into reality in a short time.

      Thanks hey ,Marshal.

  28. I have this dream last night that I was struck by a lightning and both of my hands were consumed by this immense power and felt my arms raging with strength and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I stretch my arms out pointing on the ground. And it started to crack open the earth
    following a electric charge like current with earthquake. Kind of like Thor trembling earth with great power.

    1. Charlie, you dreamt of that because you was obsessed on becoming a God since you watched that Thor movie.

      I’m sorry to say but is just a nightmare and nothing else, I guess you should stop watching scientific fiction movies because they can trigger your way of dreaming in a badly mannet

      Anyway thanks a lot, Charlie.

  29. I dream fliying and fighting and having victory over my attackers.

    It actually occurs atleast every month what could be the course of this?

    1. Is just a spiritual attack nightmare …evil spirits are trying to posses you and everytime when they want too, your dear God saves you by giving you power of flying.

      Thanks a lot dear Sipho

  30. I dreamt I had entered a place of great strength and power and encountered a presence with such authority who told me, “How dare you enter my presence without my permission”! I fled knowing I was in the wrong to even be there, I woke and was so terrified, never forgot that voice of authority….

    1. That’s just too bad, you know. You were in Heaven and your spirit was denied. For whatever reasons pray hard and do things that are of dear God.
      Always remember that there is always a second chance in everything you do.

      Anyhow thanks a lot Yvonne.

  31. i dreamt of when i was i the kitchen and i saw may cockroaches in my cupboard in i was concentrating and wish that they all burn up.suddenely i started feeling intense burning sensation on my forehead and i saw the cockroaches being consumed leaving out a smoke and i used my mind to manipulate a lot of situations to work in my favour..

    1. That’s too fun I can say, Paschal. That is just a ordinary dream and nothing else. You should stop playing with me because I’m not in your games.

      Thanks for wasting my time.

  32. I can’t remember all of it but I had powers I couldn’t fully control them though. I was barely flying and at times hovering in the air, lol I was trying to help a guy find a place he can plug in his phone. I came across this complex it had gates around it I told him to wait out side and I went in thinking I would find a guard it seemed no one was there then a guard came out of no where and said I can’t be in there and told me I had to leave. as I was leaving there was loud boom and people started rushing in, they had on prison uniforms and I’m shocked now knowing this is a prison I walked into. more guards come and the prisoners start to slaughter them this woman then comes in and commands them, it seems she is the leader. she asked me who was I, I said I just want to leave but she wouldn’t let me. at this point I felt I had to kill her to get the others to back down and make it out alive so I tried to make her head explode like in the movie scanners. as I was doing it I felt this intense pressure build up in me but was transferring it to her, it was like I was lifting something heavy and the strain you feel from all the muscles and blood rushing. I can see the veins in her face grow she then said something to me and I stopped and left.

  33. I was in an elevator with about 6 or 7 people and this man(mid twentys early thirtys) was yelling at this girl (probably from the age 17-22)She was frightened and he was grabing her by the shoulders and yelling in her face. When the elevator doors opened i grabbed her hand and said “lets go”. He ran after us so, I turned around said some random words and fastly pushed my right hand in his direction and he dropped to the floor (which was not exactly what i wanted to happen, i was just just trying to stop him from coming after us) then once i seen him move i said some more random words and the again fastly pushed my right hand in his direction and started to flick my hand back and forth like in water and then he started cunvulsing on the floor and then me and the girl ran away.

  34. Most of my dream I cant remember. But one part was that I could like defy gravity. That or stick to things like spiderman. No one knew about unroll I went into my kitchen. My mom and my step dad kept asking me to do it. I kept saying no. I eventually gave out and did it. I just stuck to the refridgerator. And then I like skipped to my mom, sister, and I on a boat. We were just going around. But on every birdsnest was two people hanging. The person who hanged them was sitting down. Next to each side was a bucket. It was filled with a liquid. My mom was sad to see the people hanging. So she dumped very little out of it. The guy got mad and started yelling at us. We walked away. A little more happened but I woke up. I never had a
    dream like this. When I woke up I started to see what superpowers I your dreams mean. For right now, I guess every dream that is different

  35. I had adream afriend had supernatural powers which she dint use…as she was about to turn into that thing she asked me to kill her…i told her i couldnt so the right people came in to do it…looked like thats what happened usually and she would wake up some time while ok…as she was about to be shot i woke confused it me watching too many movies?my ex,my boys father was also there as afriend to me mostly and her…his ex bestfriend was there too as the ex to that knew friend ijust made with powers but the time she was to be killed he wasnt there he was at church

    1. Me and this girl we had adeep connection,i could feel it…i just known her that day and i knew she had certain powers that could kill me but i wasnt afraid of her i stayed with her in her room all the way…she said she doesnt go out she couldnt,and i joked with her that i thought they have these protecting rings on their fingers i saw it in movies she just laughed,i felt like i had to be with her ,save her or protect her and i dont know from what coz she was the animal,one minute she was white and at some point she was black..she had abreakdown started telling me how she looses everone she cares for..she said they all go and i told her that how life is people come and go,people we care for leave thats life…ijust wanted to comfort her i knew what i said wasnt true…she cried and i felt bad,my ex was sitting right next to her and i was kneeling with her hands in mine as she talked ..they sat on abed..she said she wished for anormal life..going out and all….i thing tge breakdown was now about to turn her in that animal she turned thats when she told me to kill her i told her i couldnt……thats when she laid on the bed and my ex called people to comr in they locked the door…all seemed afraid and she waited for people to kill her without force my ex was holding a torch and some guy was holding agun and i was at a corner watching with another girl i dont know where she came from but we were holding each other tight and yet i had tgis confidence in me i even wanted to watch every step of that gunshot…would have beeen the first time for me to watch someone being killed even in real life

  36. My dreams are extremely vivid, and I almost always have the power to do whatever I can imagine. A couple of years ago I was dreaming that I was in an empty apartment. There was no furniture and the lighting looked as though the sun had just gone down, but there were no lights on in the house. As I sat on the floor I could see what appeared to be an 8 or 9 year old child, but he was completely see through, and no colors like he was made of water. I wasnt afraid at all. I said to him “Your dead arent you?”. He said “yes”. I said “What are you doing here?”, and he said “I need to tell you something.”. I said “OK”. He said “Dont listen to him.”. I said “Who?”, and he said” There is a someone who calls himself “The Professor”, and he used to be a man, but now he is a liar. He waits until you die, and then he makes promises that are not true. You see, the dead are weak when we die, but we stay between a place where you can watch the living, but we cant touch or change anything. The Professor tells us that if we go back and relive the moment of our death one time, we can take a part of our last lifes energy, and use it to make us strong enough to affect the living world. But he’s a liar. If you do it once, he stays close and takes it for himself. Then, he locks you in to it so you just keep living your death over, and over ,and over and cant stop. When you die…..dont listen to him”. Then the kid gets up and walks me to the front door. When he opens it I can see a woman on a porch screaming with two kids. Shes on the ground and blood is everywhere. She looks at me and says with tears coming down her face ” It was a drive by shooting”. The woman was locked into the scene, and was forced to relive it. The boy turned to me and said “This isnt what I brought you here for.”, As we left the porch it looked like a war zone. There were deaths occurring EVERYWHERE. Planes were falling out of the sky. People were getting shot, and ran over. It was like Armageddon. The kid said “Come.”, and he walked me over to this absolutely BEAUTIFUL woman. He said “I want you to meet someone. Just talk to her, and watch what happens.”. So I say “hello”, and her voice is beautiful when she says “hello” in reply. As we stand there and talk, I notice her trembling a bit. Then the trembling gets a little harder. I look down at her feet and blood starts pooling there. I’m getting very freaked out, but she keeps talking like nothing is going on at all. All of a sudden her body trembles violently and blood is pouring out of every pore of her body, and her demeanor is like what you would expect if she was being electrocuted to death, and blood and pieces of her body are erupting and falling off onto the floor, but still she’s trying to talk normally. Suddenly, it stops, and she looks exactly like she did before. The kid is still standing next to me watching my expression. Then he says “See, she was just forced to live her death over again, and it will never stop.”. Surprisingly, she looks at me strangely and says “I like you. Its not common for someone living to take the vision of my death so comfortably. I hope you come back.”. Honestly, I tried my best to remain calm and not show my discomfort, but I tell you I WAS SCARED. The dream went on for a while more with me looking at this world filled with moments of death going on everywhere, but it disturbed me greatly. Why was this dream so vivid, and had a distinct message of warning?

  37. I had a dream that I had awoken some dormant powers within me that gave me the ability to see things that couldn’t be seen be the naked eye, like strange creatures and people and also I could exorcise ghosts. I also could feel , when I closed my eyes, some greater powers hiding . In the dream my hold hood home had been infested with all these weird ghosts and creatures and I was exorcising the bad ones with my powers and then someone had kidnapped my girlfriend and was hurting her and called to taunt me and this blue man kinda like mr.manhattan but had the head of a horse and was wearing a suit (apparently he was extremely smart) told me that the person was someone that lived close to me , so I went outside onto the street and then the guy drove by and the horse guy said to chase after him so I did and he stopped his car and I caught up and questioned him and turns out he was the kidnapper and I fell back and lost my mind and the sky turned black and I went into a rage and beat the guy to within an inch of his life and someone came to stop me and I calmed down and walked back home
    In the dream, I saw ghosts
    I could control the wind and weather to some extent
    I could feel the energy of people and things around me
    I could see animals and people that had passed on (including a beloved uncle )
    I could exorcise bad ghosts
    I could project myself out of my body
    And I could fly to some extent when I projected myself out of my body

  38. I had a dream where I could control things with my hand move objects and also it was raining real bad in the dream and it seemed like I did some earth bending and the sky’s cleared up it was very detailed I thought I wasn’t dreaming it was amazing I was just full of happiness and helping others

  39. I had dream recentlyabout having the power of earth where I could control earth and plants but more on the plants side and I have my friends having similar powers like ice and fire.I would really like to know what this means.

  40. I have been having flying dreams for over two years now, every night when I go to sleep I always dream of flying it has become normal to me. When I first started having flying dreams I couldn’t control my flight properly it was like I was swimming in the air but now I’m flying with ease and I can actually fly to any place I want. I also happen to have supernatural powers such telekinesis, telepathy, walking on water etc… it depends on the nature of the dream In most dreams I’m being chased by people who want to prosecute or execute me, they come with guns but I always manage to get away by flying away or using my powers. I did study a couple of dream interpretations and now I understand that they are generally a wake up call to my conscious mind about vital aspirations perhaps existing in the limbo of subconsciousness but I just don’t know what or what to do in order for me to figure it out… please help!

    1. I tell you, everything you described is EXACTLY what its like for me, but three weeks ago something strange happened. In my lucid and realistic dream I was told that there are persons like myself with these abilities that have attained a serious spiritual uniqueness, and that we can actually do amazing things even in a wakeful state as well, but we are locked and prevented because of a dangerous entity. This entity is known as “The Hunter”, and supposedly theres only a few people like us left. The Hunter supposedly feeds off the astral energy and destroys the host in the consumption. The thing is, the Hunter cant actually determine who these people are or even see them unless they are exposing themselves by using their powers. This monster looking creature came in two forms in my dreams ive had. One time in my lucid dream i started off hiding in my bedroom closet that had a slight view of my bedroom window. The thing blasted the glass out and crawled in extremely fast. It looked exactly like a humongous black scorpion, but where the eyes are on the scorpion body was a human neck that stretched about 6 feet, and at the end of the neck was the cruelest, most evil looking demonic head. The thing was the size of horse, and it was going crazy sniffing and running around the room. Knowing I needed to protect myself I tried to put up a glass like barrier with powered words, and the moment I did it stopped running, but its body was then out of sight. All of a sudden I see this head and neck slowly round the front of the closet door which was open, but its body was out of sight. Its eyes grew wide and it breathed in deeply like it smelled the sent of power, but it couldnt see me. Slowly the head came in and was about 1 or 2 feet away from the front of my face. It was looking for me, but it couldnt see me, and i was right there. I couldnt take it anymore, the second I started whispering words of power to attack it the expression turn instantly from searching, to absolute RAGE, and it suddenly attacked me with a ferocity and fury I could never have expected.

  41. I had a dream I could control the weather. Like lightning and tornadoes. I wanted to use these powers to “kill” in my dream a person I know because he killed my mom (in my dream). I also dreamt about me taking some girls (I don’t know them) away from a guy that wanted to rape them. In this case I didn’t have super powers anymore. I woke up very confused and would like to know the origin of this dream. I loved the dream because I felt superior to other people. I could control the weather and handle electricity on my hands and make balls of electricity or turn on and off the lights with a snap of my fingers. The best part was I started playing “power rangers” because I also controlled allusions on the setting where we were at (unknown). I made this setting where everyone was a power ranger where everyone could be whatever color ranger they wanted and they had the same powers as in the show. Then I vanished it with a clap of hands and everything was back to normal. It was fun for the people that I was with and for me of course because they were laughing and having a good time because of me. Again, I’ve never had such dream and would really like to know where it comes from. I know it is within my emotions and real life. Thank you.

  42. I had a dream last night that an unknown spirit entered my body. I had no control over it. It actually woke me up and it felt extremely real. A priest was also in the dream and was there to help get the spirit to stop entering my body. (Btw…I am a drug free person so having a dream like this is freaking me out!!)

    1. Go to church and seek the presence of God, that just a demon trying to tie you up so that you suffer in your life while other people are enjoying and living freely.

      Myself too I remember a time where i saw the face of my former classmate trying to have sex with me through spirit, my body felt warm, and my penis felt warm also and was on the way to release semen but I raised my left hand towards her and she got away… Infact that was not a dream, it was just a reality. But I fell asleep again and the time I woke up I saw her sleeping with me on my bed… And u was like,” what the f*ck?” I was like at joburg and she was at Limpopo but how come she was at joburg without physically going there… Later on I realized that my left hand side has power and is the reason she fell on my bed naked.

      I woke her up and asked her questions and she said she was like trying to have sex with me through witchcraft and said that I was so powerful, that she failed to disappear to her place.

      So in two days time I had to give her money to go to Limpopo.

      I suggest you to just tell ur pastor what really is going on with you, Or they will finish you soon.

      Thanks hey

  43. I am typically able to control the four elements in about half of my dreams. In these, I can control water very, very easily, as if every drop is an extension of myself. I hardly need think, and it does what I want. Next most commonly used element is fire. I sometimes manipulate existing flame, make it grow, shrink, or move, but more often I conjure it with some time and effort. Same thing with wind, I can conjure a tornado with some time and effort, but if I conjure or control fire in 75% of these dreams (with water conjuration and manipulation being in every single one, though sometimes in the form of ice or snow), tornado conjuration happens in roughly half of them. And forget earth manipulation, I can conjure some grains of dirt, but it’s not even enough to snuff out a fire. I blow on my cupped hands, and dirt (or snow) appears.

    In the most recent dream, I remember one scene. A large area, a building and a forest, was afire. I had some control over fire, so I wasn’t afraid of it, but not enough to use that to do anything about that inferno. So, I used the nearby ocean, drew a bunch of water up into the air, and dumped it all onto the flames, over and over again, effortlessly.

  44. I had a dream that I acquire a room which has a corner which can take me to any part of the world as per my wish. I shared that experience with my brother and a celeb actor who visited me once. I felt at par with him.

  45. Hi,

    I was dreaming that I could move objects into my hands instead of going and gettong them. Like I would feel some sort of heat and then teh object will be drawn in my hand. And not only separate things like a cup or something. But a piece of asphalt, for example. Basically I wasuplifing the whole thing to myself, not just the pieces of asphalt. And i was talking to someone and they didn`t seem to notice. So it was more like I was living in my owm reality while still managing to keep up with another one. I know it sounds strange but it felst so real. Like this happened ina dream randomly and i was like “Oh look what i can do” and i was trying it again while casually talking to some girl.

  46. Hi, I experienced having a power of moving anything by the gesture of my hands in air so that any object can be moved easily. What’s the meaning of this?

  47. I had a dream l was with a girl and I don’t remember much but it seems we were at dinner with my gfs parents. (I dont even have a gf.) but anyways, her supposed mother I’m guessing I go up to hug her and she tries this hypnotizing thing with her eyes where they turned a dark blue but looked as if there were lightning strikes inside them. Her power or whatever did not work on me and she was super surprised for some reason. But then I woke up… Tell me what it means!!!

    1. hello
      according to me
      someone is trying to get control over you emotionally or trying to hypnotize you in real life…
      be alert and try to make your six senses active…
      wish you good luck and God bless you..