Supernatural Powers in Dreams

Dreaming of supernatural powers is a reflection of your desire to be more. Even though you may be a normal human being, there is always a strive to be greater than everyone else. No one wants to be ordinary; no one wants to be plain. It is with that supernatural power (flying, mind-reading, etc.) that helps you soar above everyone else, for you are the one to have something so mystical and completely yours that everyone else can only wish for.

Having supernatural powers in your dreams, you want the ability to manipulate things to work out for you. As a result, you will special advantages above the average person and will be able to achieve so much more.

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70 thoughts on “Supernatural Powers in Dreams”

  1. Hello ive been having dreams every now a than where im flying with some people we are flying from some bad people and when they got close i started to shoot blue energy out of my hands at them but it would only knock them back than i hear someone say you are not strong enough yet so than i would do a scream while pulling more energy up from the ground than i was surrounded in the blue light and so i shot the bad people with it and one of them fell to the ground but they got back up so i did the scream again but with all my being and pulled the energy up again and i went high in the sky and came flying back down to the ground and i did a very powerful energy slam on the ground cracking the grond and shooting blue light in all directions killing the bad being that where after us than shortly after that i wake up and i would remember the whole dream. I would love to know what this means. Ive been meditating for the past few months almost daily and im able to astral project whenever i feel like it when i go to sleep if thats any help.