Supernatural Powers in Dreams

Dreaming of supernatural powers is a reflection of your desire to be more. Even though you may be a normal human being, there is always a strive to be greater than everyone else. No one wants to be ordinary; no one wants to be plain. It is with that supernatural power (flying, mind-reading, etc.) that helps you soar above everyone else, for you are the one to have something so mystical and completely yours that everyone else can only wish for.

Having supernatural powers in your dreams, you want the ability to manipulate things to work out for you. As a result, you will special advantages above the average person and will be able to achieve so much more.

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural Powers in Dreams”

  1. Hi,

    I was dreaming that I could move objects into my hands instead of going and gettong them. Like I would feel some sort of heat and then teh object will be drawn in my hand. And not only separate things like a cup or something. But a piece of asphalt, for example. Basically I wasuplifing the whole thing to myself, not just the pieces of asphalt. And i was talking to someone and they didn`t seem to notice. So it was more like I was living in my owm reality while still managing to keep up with another one. I know it sounds strange but it felst so real. Like this happened ina dream randomly and i was like “Oh look what i can do” and i was trying it again while casually talking to some girl.

  2. Hi, I experienced having a power of moving anything by the gesture of my hands in air so that any object can be moved easily. What’s the meaning of this?

  3. I had a dream l was with a girl and I don’t remember much but it seems we were at dinner with my gfs parents. (I dont even have a gf.) but anyways, her supposed mother I’m guessing I go up to hug her and she tries this hypnotizing thing with her eyes where they turned a dark blue but looked as if there were lightning strikes inside them. Her power or whatever did not work on me and she was super surprised for some reason. But then I woke up… Tell me what it means!!!