Amish in Dreams

Dreaming of Amish means living simple without the desires of technology and outlandish material wealth. It involves the following of strict rules passed on from generations that stress the importance of family, health, and humility. With the knowledge that everything in life is taken care of and guided by the community, one can live a full life with the simplest of material wants and needs.

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One thought on “Amish in Dreams”

  1. Not sure about that, but in my dream I lived behind Amish that I bout land from them John and Anna Yoder (was their name) and put a small modest cabin. We became good friends and part of their family so to speak. While talking to Anna she had told me I worked just as hard as the mister did. which gave me such pride. My home was beautiful my yard was lovely and neat. And to have a compliment like that just gave me such pride.