Barack Obama in Dreams

When Barack Obama appears in your dream, it is a reminder of hope and change. Even with the challenges you face everyday, you see him as a shining example of what is possible. Through hard work and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

Dreaming about Obama also signifies your strong belief in working in harmony with supporters and antagonists alike.

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33 thoughts on “Barack Obama in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of president Barack Obama’s. I was walking and he was outside and we started a conversation I don’t remember what about but i do remember him telling me you should be a teacher. I can help you. I can make a few phone calls and I remember telling him but I don’t have the education to be a teacher. Then he tell tells me really think about it I can help you and make a few phone calls.

  2. I found myself in a open baseball or a spot stadium , I see president BArack OBama sitting a roll of front of me. He turned around facing me and someone next to him was interviewing him , he was eating at the time and someone kept feeding him food . Can someone please tell me the meaning of this dream?

  3. I waa on air force 1 and i could see Obama, i took a few pics. I rem waling towards the window and i could see we were close to landing. So i sat down. The plane landed but it wasnt a normal run way, we had to taxi around a few.fences. when we all left the plane a offical in uniform greeted us. We all lined up.and heard the american anthem i put my head down as im not american and my parents r muslim. But i was so proud i was becoming a secret service agent. Then obama came around congratulating everyone. We hugged and he took a selfie for me as he said he has.longer arms but commented my screen needed cleaning.

  4. This is the second time I dreamed of Barack Obama. He was mine..Michelle I thought of much later, but she was gone. Lucky me!


  6. I was casually walking in the food market down each section to pick up what I wanted & “Barack Obama”, popped right in front of me. And I was so in shock because I live in Toronto, but my background is Kenyan & so to catch Obama attention I’m like Jambo! And he started talking swhalil with me. Honestly, he’s such a humble and sweet person just the way he is on T.V and real life🙌🏿💕✨😆

  7. I had a dream I was walking home and President Barack Obama was walking with me. He was walking me home, we were on the side walk, there was a tree in the sidewalk I walked around the tree to go back to walk asides the president, an old lady stopped us to ask The President why he sold the rights of some National Songs To Mexico. After talking to that lady president Obama kept walking me home, it was getting dark it was around 7 pm and it was getting cold so president gave me his blazer, I remember feeling his blazer being very big on me it felt like a coat, finally I got home and went inside, I was so excited to had president walking me home I told my boyfriend right away and showed him the president’s blazer.

  8. I dreamt I was talking with Obama in an office. I invited me to walk with him. I walked with him to some pretty gardens, we talk about politics and he was so glad talking while he walked. I asked him: What would think was your greatest achievement for the American people and what was your biggest mistake? He did not answer but looked at me and smile, then he kept talking about some other things. Then we get to a huge deluxe bus, filled with people from the white house, with their badges sitting on the inside. Mr. Obama invited me to join in. I entered he asked for a seat for me, then he sat beside me. Now he did answer my previous question, but then on the dream, we suddenly appeared in a place where he was about to talk publicly, I was confused, he looked at me and told me to wait. I did, there were people from the white house all over and everybody looked so happy.

  9. I have this dream mostly when making important decisions or I have ideas I feel may fail at work I believe.i have had this Dream several times the next one more vivid than the last. We are meeting up to discuss very important topics and ideas and putting them into motion. Michelle and I are very old friends and we just sit and talk about crazy girl always having a good time with these two.

    1. I grew up with my grandparents away from either of my parents. That is whete I was at the field of the local primary school when I met Obama and his wife Michelle in a dream. I shook hands with both like everyone present. They were mostly men in attendance. Then post for photos with Barack and Michelle together with two other people in the group photo. I then stood side by side with Barack. I felt as tall as him at some point. But he still looked just a little taller than me. I then hugged him and said to him, “i have read each and every of your books”. I thanked him for something I can’t remember. Then pulled back to break the hug. He was very nice to me. He felf a little bony when I felt his body through the hug. I woke up.

      Last week it was Trump in my dream. All i recall is that we walked side by side.

  10. I had a dream that I was walking by what seemed to be an elementary school and saw Obama. I then approached him and began talking. I told him how I may not agree with his politics but I believe he is a good person just as I view Tom Brady in football. We then stopped to take a photo and he grabbed me and we clinched up like wrestlers do for a picture then it was over.

  11. I had a dream that i was at some sort of club house on top of a tree there was several other people there and obama was there with a suitcase this was a special tree /clubhouse people would bring special belongings of theirs and leave it at the tree in exchange for a wish i placed a small doll on the tree and didn’t quite wish for anything everyone was in a panic mode because the clock was striking police officers said that it was time to get off the tree the way off the tree was through some rope/vine things i had to hold on to these very strong vines which i was afraid that was going to tear none of us took turns everyone just jumped on the tree and started making their way down i noticed that the tree branches started to move on their own which startled me because i didnt realize it was that type of tree so then i started thinking i want to get off over there in that area and the tree took me it read my mind after i got off the tree everyone was gone there was a hospital/ hotel like building in front of the tree about 5-6 stories high i proceeded to go inside the building i checked into a room and climbed up the stair onto the fifth floor i looked out my window to see the tree a lady was in my room doing what cleaning at least thats what i assumed she flipped out and started coming towards me screaming im going to kill you i ran down the stirs she followed but couldnt catch up i hid in another persons room on the second floor another women was in their she knew the other lady that was following me i asked her what was wrong with her and she started screaming hysterically and chasing me i entered another strangers room on the first floor i thought to my self hopefully those crazy bit**** are gone by now i peaked out the door it was empty i decided to open a window and get out of their instead as i proceeded to open the curtain and blinds i saw them the women who were chasing me they were climbing the tree they were diffrent looking now they were wearing white gowns and no shoes climbing the tree but very slowly as if they almost had no strength to do so as i watched them from my window a police officer two nurses and janitors came in the room i pretended to be a janitor and started cleaning windows with small alcohol patches they started talking amongs themselves and said that the women were climbing the tree because they wanted to marry it and that newsreporters were coming to place them on the news then i woke up thanks for reading my dream 🤗

  12. I had a dream with Obama and his wife in my dream and his wife , I told people I clean Obama home and people did not believe me and his wife came out and told everyone Terrie cleans for us, She keeps us in order..

  13. On the night of 3/4/17,i remember meeting Obama as i was in the company of a US based lady,also an aspirant in the forthcoming elections.We were meeting the three of us in my boss’s office,only the three of us.He was so friendly and appeared to be not in a hurry.I remember asking him alot of questions and he always gave prompt responses.

  14. This is the second time I have dreamt of president Obama. I have no idea why or why him. Both times I dreamt I was excited to meet him and I was happy telling him about my son who wants to be a secret service agent.

  15. I dreamt of Obama last nite 19 January 2017. He was with my family at my home. Even Benjamin Netanyahu was in it. My mother was preparing food for them. He was very friendly. We then later toured a local park. Very strange dream. Obama was my friend. And I don’t remember reading anything about him earlier in the day. Anyone else got a similar dream? Is it a process of subliminal programming of the mind? Why Obama and Netanyahu?

  16. I dreamed that my brother and I were on a road trip, and during the trip we went on a biking excursion. During that excursion we passed by historical Hobbit looking huts that were fascinatingly beautiful. After we passed by that landscape we saw an orphanage for children with terminal cancer. President Barack Obama was outside at the entrance of the orphanage playing with some of the children. So my brother and I stop to say hello to him. He was very friendly and very pleased to meet us. Afterword First Lady Michelle Obama joined us outside and greeted us with great kindness. President Obama and the first lady then invited us in side they also invited us to take a picture with them. Since we were in biking clothing the first lady instructed us to change. Somehow our car was on the premises along with our luggage, so we rushed outside to get more appropriate clothing for picture with the president and first lady. Unfortunately however, my clothing was wrinkled so I decided to do the best that I could and cover up the wrinkles with a jacket. So I wore a black jacket, a very wrinkled burgundy blouse, and a black pair of pants. Prior to completing getting dressed first lady saw me partially undressed and instructed me to hurry up and finish dressing. Once I was fully dressed and re-entering into the building to take the picture, President Obama noticed the wrinkles on my shirt. So I said I did the best that I could because all of my clothes were wrinkled in the suitcase. He replied by saying you can’t go to heaven with wrinkles. This put me in mind of the scripture that says that God is returning for church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. I woke up before we took the picture.

  17. I had a dreamcan I was in my apartment sitting on the side of my bed and there was someone painting my kitchen and all of seitan President Obama it’s in my apartment standing feet from me looking directly at me as I was him with the surprise on my face like what are you doing here but it was us pleasant surpriseand I woke up that dream dazzle me and all I can say is what was that all about.

  18. Hello.
    I had a dream last night, saw myself with President Barack Obama playing together like father and son also like a real best friends. He was so patient with me, laughs, jokes, walk side by side on the street….security vehicles and police personel were all over the place along with helicopter hovering in the air watching over us… I woke up wondering what this could be…

  19. I just woke up from a very realistic dream where I met Obama. For some reason we were both at the same house together, maybe a friend’s house. For the first part of the dream we just hung out and chatted, he was a pretty friendly guy, we didn’t even discuss politics. Mundane stuff, I think. I remember I kept calling him Mr. President, but felt like I could/should have been calling him Barack. Eventually a few other random people showed up and started talking to him too, he didn’t seem to mind and gave us all equal time. But they started to talk to him about politics I think, and now he had to be leaving. They all started asking him questions, and I thought to myself ‘I should have asked him earlier when I had the chance,’ if I had only one question to ask him what would it be? When I was finally able to get a word in edgewise, someone behind me childishly said, “It’s MY turn next.” Now when I went to ask Obama my question, it was through like a wall-mounted radio transmitter, he wasn’t around anymore. I remember phrasing my question very badly, it was something like, “I know you’re a supporter of the War on Terror, but these are now the longest wars in our history, don’t you think we need to end the cycle and stop bombing the middle east every time there’s a new problem? Especially with all the blowback we’re getting now?” His response over the radio was garbled and hard to hear, and was like a boilerplate political response that went out of its way to avoid answering my question. I actually woke myself up in the middle of it with all the different emotions I was feeling, like… if it only weren’t for all those people, who were they? Why didn’t I ask him sooner? Why would he act like that, I thought we were like friends?

    I felt very betrayed and ignored, maybe a reflection of how I feel about his presidency.

  20. Last night I saw a dream where there was a plane crash, because of the heavy rain the plane fell into the sea. My two cousins were in it who came swimming to the shore I was not in it and, nobody was dead. Then came President Obama’s parody and then he to see the victims, the president was accusing the other for the plane’s wheel defect.

    Please interpret the meaning of this dream.

  21. I dreamed Barak Obama was at the law office of a deceased friend of mine. The office was full of very interesting art pieces, etc. Barak Obama ordered a ton of cinnamon rolls. Like fifty boxes and was giving them to everyone as a reward for patiently waiting to see him. The cinnamon rolls were really good, fresh, and still warm.

  22. 10/4/16
    I dreamt of barrack Obama and his family last night it’s the first that happened to me usually my previous dreams are all similar but last clearly I dreamt of them.

  23. I’m from the Philippines. I dreamed that president Obama visited me in the house and congratulated me on something it was not very clear in my dreams. The visit was a dropped by because it is his last day as a president and he will go home as an ordinary man. Also there was a moment that he asked me to pay him $2k for the one word I plagarized on him. But instead I pay him $2k, I gave him $100 only. Then he took my address and promised to come back to the Philippines. But also he watched a dance showdown between Filipino dancers and american dancers and he was amazed in Filipino talents. He took his flight going back to US and his first stop over is in Taipei. That’s all.

  24. Mr. Obama and on other person and I we had fun last night. First Lady call him and he tall to her on the phone. We went out and driving with old car talking about consulting and business.
    I want to be successful and all known.

  25. my mame is sileshi tigu. i saw president obama stood infront of me .he was selecting & recoginizing some women . he mentioned their name in my dream.

  26. I was eating my local favourite dish with president Obama and after I shook hands with him and said thank you. Leaving the room(nice room with high class personel all busily engulfed in doing something ), I saw a friend of mine sitting close to the door. He made an attempt to make a reckless statement and I told him to be weary of the comments he is about make since there was cctv cameras all over. ….

  27. Hi all I had a dream of president Obama where we where both sitting and having a laughing conversation while in the same premises was my wife sitted and fixing her nails whiles the first lady was sitted reading her news paper president Obama and I had a long chat and was always laughter and smile till I waked up, currently am living in Ghana whiles my wife is in Virginia we have a petition going on which is really had for us with the process and I just had this dream two days ago.

  28. I was walking out of a unknown place where I started walk towards the white house with the sun shining bright when a giant cloud covered the sun than I saw obama walk down a hill with one of his shoes next to and we both walked back towards the unknown building.. Than i woke up

  29. Not more than two hours ago I had this dream presidents Obama came to my house and it was a mobile home and he shared stuff in detail about his father his family his childhood and I found myself comforting him about those things and I told him its going to be alright Mr president you will be OK and then I embraced him and said again you will be fine and he told me say al let’s go fishing some time and I said sure Mr president and before left I went out first basemen and officials all around and I had a sky blue carpet i pulled a wrinkle out of and then said all clear now to come out Mr president then he began to come out of my house at the end of the dream