Becoming a Hero in Dreams

Dreaming that you are a hero is symbolic of your innate strength and outstanding willingness to help others in times of adversities. You possess great courage and would fearlessly go about living life. To you, challenges are not seen as something that hinders you from success. Instead, it is overcoming them is where you find a sense of accomplishment.

To see yourself as a hero in your dream alludes of hidden great potential in you that is waiting to be unmasked. You probably don’t know it yet so this may be a reason you are envisioning yourself as a hero in your dream. In the end, you will realize that there is something special about you when this potential is revealed.

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27 thoughts on “Becoming a Hero in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I was at school and everything was good and people get into my classroom and take us as hostage. I trick them to thinking I’m on their side and shoot one and wait until more come. Once I killed like 5 I went outside and led my class to the SWAT Team

  2. I had a dream where i was walking in a shopping centre and all of a sudden like a tone of guys came out of nowhere shooting guns and planting bombs everywhere, and i could suddenly move quite fast they couldn’t hit me i started beating the crap out of them all and i could manipulate matter at will drawing it out of everything, it looked like dust and forming it into anything i needed, it felt like they kept coming from everywhere, eventually they were all on the ground unconsious, i had knife wounds, cuts and what seemed like bullets had scraped across me, i was in plain clothes and a flowy red scarf and as normal dreams happen some stupid stuff happened and i woke up !

  3. The dream I had was at first it was a four part dream were first I was in the military fighting in tanks along side my comrades
    then it turned into like some kind of super soldier program and i suspected someone was a spy
    Then i was back to fighting in a tank
    (yes I know this sounds stupid or like I was on drugs but I assure you I wasn’t)
    Anyway then it turned out that the town (not sure which one or where was being taken over) but was being taken over by “bad guys” held us hostage in different buildings I got everyone into a gun store where the main bad guy was and he turned around and I knocked him over by hitting hum over the head with a gun then we wrestled he tryed to shoot me twice in the right side and I pulled the gun out of his hand and held him there till police arrived.

  4. I always have the same type of dream, different story but same idea. Some recurrent ones are when I’m the first one to notice a tsunami coming, storms, raging fire, enemy troops approaching etc. and I have to warn everyone else to run for safety. In other dreams I am part of a hostage situation where I find intelligent ways for us to escape, mostly ending up fighting the bad guys off and defending/ protecting other people to help them get away to safety. I’ve fought off attacking animals like lions and alligators, usually dying after that and then I wake up, but the fight was surprisingly ballsy of me, I always wonder where that came from when I think back on it. The dreams surprise me because in real life I don’t see myself as a daring, strong and brave person like that, so reading this interpretation was a revelation. Maybe I am capable of more than I can imagine, like a superhero who starts to discover she has hidden powers 🙂

  5. I had a dream where we were in the Grand Canyon. It was star wars themed, I was part of the rebels alliance and we were battling darth vadar and some troopers. In the end it was me vs darth vadar one on one. I managed to put him on the floor using force, but he used force to remove my lightsaber from my hands and into his. He then said that “no one can defeat him” to which this pissed me off, so I ran at him and rugby tackled him off a cliff and then we both died kind of like in the ending of harry Potter except we did actaully both die. I woke up.

  6. I had a dream where me and two other people had to blow up two bases of operations to stop them from doing something. But people on our team were still in thier , so we had to get them out then blow it up. We got to blow up the first base and we were about to blow up the second place but I woke up. Also small detail I was wearing a green cloak . If someone can tell me what it means I would be very thankful!!!

  7. Hello. I dreamt that I was the ‘hero’ chasing a couple of bad guys to stop them derailing a train, by chase I mean follow them (by wading/swimming) along a murky river. They didn’t have guns or knives but were throwing baseball’s at me which I threw back. Then they were stood next to a (white?) van with a sliding door. At the point that I caught up with them, retrieving one of their baseball’s from beneath their feet to clobber them with I woke up.

  8. In my dream, I was attending a concert and I got lost wandering about the backstage area. Through a series of mishaps I cannot recall accurately (because 1. it was a dream and 2. it was a couple of days ago) I wound up infiltrating a biker gang and discovering that the extremely intelligent and charismatic leader was running all the gang activity as a ruse to throw people off his trail. His real goal was to launch a terrorist attack on the U.S.A using a submarine with nuclear capabilities that he was having secretly assembled underground. I never managed to stop him as the dream ended shortly after that revelation, but in any case the impression I got of my role was less “the guy who saves the day” and more “the guy who informs the people who can save the day”.

  9. In my dream some old guy was going after a girl and when she fell and looked at me from across the field I told my friend to give me a rock and I ran off to help her but almost at the end of my dream the guys friend said I need to earn a hundred dollars in quarters or me and the girl I helped are done. I’m confused with the last part of my dream.

    1. Also the guys friend told us to earn the money after we had just murdered the guy with the large rock I brought. But it took the while for the guy to die. No matter how hard we hit him in the head.

  10. I was in a building and there was kind of a firing squad and I was with a lot of other people. When they started firing I stood in front of a mother and her kid facing them, the bullets bounced off of my back and saved the mother and child.

  11. I dreamt of dying, drowning, falling from the sky, seeing my siblings die, I dream and dreamt a great many things, love, friendships, tragedies, fears, and of being said hero, like a space marine from the Warhammer game series, a man fully decked in armor, a hammer to crush evil, powers like a God of elemental nature, like people with guns, criminals, our own government, our leaders who failed us, people who went after people close to me, I crushed them in my dreams, vaporized, electricuted, shattered full, out of anger and sadness, I don’t know what kinda a person I am in my dream, but I dream of a better earth, if only I had the chance.

  12. A man came in to where I work at the Home Depot and shot my coworker I jumped up over the desk and tackle the man. I hit him hard and he hit the ground harder I then alerted my other coworkers that he had a gun and I needed help they showed up and between me and another co-worker we got the gun out of this man’s hand. Everybody started patting me on the back and telling me I was a hero I felt like I was about to pass out, right afterwards I did kind of feel good about myself like I’d finally done something of Merit in my life

  13. I dreamt about saving our Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. Riots broke out and his body guards were overwhelmed by violent protesters. I took the initiative to protect the P.M Trudeau despite the danger. I was able to help the P.M. get to safety after many hours of dodging assailants who wished to do him harm.

  14. I was in an upper rm of a police dept, , i was a policw officer and one of the police officers came frantically through the door and said “hes shooting out there!” I started to go help, but about that time a young man came through the door pointing a pistol at my fellow cop co-worker, and i instinctively knew who this young man was from a previous encounter with him where i ha d helped him in some way. I called out his name and he went from being hysterically angry to fixing his eyes on me with the gun pointing at me, and you could see him remembering that he knew me, and he slowly lowered the gun down, as i began to tell him that it was gonna be ok. the young man had tears in his eyes as i went first, and then my cop co-worker and other cops slowly approached the young man and cautiously secured the weapon then gently took the man down to the floor to subdue him. the next thing i remembered was holding the man while the man cried in obvious internal pain. this was not this guy that i thought i knew’s character(i felt). i cried with the man. if you can call me it would be better, the e-mail is my daughter’s and shen will probably not recognize what the message is.

  15. I was in a city that was flooded very badly, water reached up to skyscrapers. I was fighting people in black gear, they were looking for air drops and for some reason they thought I wanted to take it from them, I was scared so I would jump to nearby buildings and swing from poles but a few still followed me. I landed on a platform with 4 other people in the black gear, they asked “Do you know anything about the meta?” I was going to answer but as my mouth opened the buildings shook and the calm water became hectic, we all hung on to the rails that were nearby, after everything stopped shaking I told them I meant no harm and that I was only looking for someone, one person shook their head and signaled the others to move to a building across from the one we were currently standing on. I climbed buildings until I came upon a familiar place, whats strange about this is I’ve never seen this place before but in my dream it felt like I’ve been there many times before this one. it was a strange place to get across I had to balance and walk on a beam then enter a shack of some sort, when I entered there was an old man there who I called “Sheo” he gave me entry to the back door of the shack and then I was met with another person, he called me “kiddo” I think he was supposed to resemble my father or uncle. He told me that the others are worried and asked if I found Leo and Amy? I have never met anyone by the name of Leo but Amy I knew, it was at this point in the dream that I started feeling uneasy, scared, I jumped to the water below us and went back into the city to find Amy and possibly Leo. It felt like hours had passed, I remember myself crying and yelling Amy at the top of my lungs but I was soon silenced at the sight of the people in black that I had met before, they had two people in chains, one I’ve never seen before and one that I knew all too well just she had deer ears for some reason ( I call her a deer as a joke at home and work) she made eye contact with me and she had a look of worry in her eyes. I thought to myself “Am I really gonna do this?” “They have guns and I have a sword and dagger” I closed my eyes and whispered “I’ll bring you home” I jumped into the water and after a while I finally poked my head out to catch some much needed air, the platform that the were on was being held up by old wooden poles, I hesitated at the idea of chopping the wood because Amy cannot swim and I was afraid of her drowning but I really had no other choice so I went under and delivered ten blows to the wooden poles, one gave out and the men that held my friends captive started to panic, one dropped his pistol, I took the opportunity to snatch it, what happened next is fuzzy I remember bits and pieces, but I did bring them home. I’ve never had a dream like this before and it’s quite interesting to me.

  16. The Dream was dark and serious. I was fighting against advance tech. Not just fighting but fighting in unremarkable high speed kicks and punches, The world was at stake. This war did so much damage. I ran very quick into a house, I don’t know why… but i stared at the mirror, I had a suit similar to “The Flash” but it was armored with an outline of glowing blue energy. As i stared i had lighting around my whole body and then i took off my mask. From there i saw my face. I was about 26.

  17. I was walking with friends outside, it was foggy and not much can be seen. We were just chatting untill something attacked us from the sky. Everyone was freaking out so I tried to lead them to safety. We ended up walking down this looking hallway. It was a strange place that looked really like being inside a high tech facility of some sort. Lots of hanging catwalks, flashing diodes, consoles and lights ranging from red blue and orange. This whole place was full of electronics of all kinds. Suddenly there was this guy trying to attack us using some sort of shielding device that he picks from his pocket every so often. Looks like a tiny square shaped object whereas inside of it was this pure red and Orange energy substance that when touched it expands across the entire body creating this shield and also gives the ability to fly. I found out that I had one that was the same except it was just a blue colour. He flew quickly towards us and I quickly dashed towards his target to defend. I prevented him from harming her but he turned around and flew off. I flew after him keeping a steady speed. He deployed these orange shield barriers which kept messing with my flight path. I used this other shield thing but only concentrated its power on my hands. I extended my reach in front of my body having both my index and middle finger pointing outwards. It glowed a bright teal colour and I busted through all his deployed shields that he keeps setting up. He swooped around once again to attack my friends and I quickly caught up with him and shoved him in another direction. Up ahead was a bright light which was an exit and as we left the big machine I discovered it was an underground base of some sort. I grabbed his legs and throwing him harshly to the ground. We ended up fighting and he kept trying to grab me but I ended up defeating him using martial arts techniques.

  18. My mother passed away, and the news was particularly difficult because I lost my husband 7 months prior to a sudden heart attack. Two nights after I received the news, I dreamed that aliens that represent ed themselves in human for were attacking the city. I was aggressively attacking them as the only hero and if I concurred them, then they would become ghosts and could no longer harm anyone. So basically I was running g through buildings and turning them all into ghosts. Nobody else appeared to have the ability so I work long hours to eliminate them. The secret service invited me to a meeting and during that time, some of the new recruits (whom I did not know) shook my hand and thanked me…lol.

    After that dream, I was in another dream where I had a large cut on my hand and as a result, they tested me for heart disease and found put that I was at high risk. In my dream, I was assessing all of my lifestyle habits with great concern and dread. When I did finally wake up, myou sheets were drenched from all of the activities from my dreams. Wow.

  19. I had a dream, I was me becoming a hero. I didn’t have many friends, people were interested in me but never got to know me except my family. I could fight with swords in great style, soft in my flow but direct in execution. Using acrobatics if nessessary. My energy flowed through my weapons as an extension, with my mystic dark purple glow. My fighting skills great and used for good and balance. Though, I continued to have difficulty accepting I was part demon or something. I continously ran from it, but the more I came to acceptance, the more I could protect the ones I cared about. BTW at some point I was fighting Giants. Maybe it’s from watching anime lol

  20. I have reoccuring dreams every seven years. in one i’m the most powerful firefighter at a house fire. Its coming down, and I tell everyone to leave the building. one of my men and a child are trapped at the back of the house. so i go in and save them both by taking them out the back.

    in another, my younger brother and I are Spartans from Halo, and my friends are ODST’s (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) and they are pinned down by enemies, so we come in and save them.

    In these dreams I’m always the hero. Why am I the strongest and most able to save everyone? Why am I representing a hero?

  21. I had dreamt that I was a secret undercover hero volunteering at a local daycare. I’ve never been to a daycare, but I knew where I was because if the children. I befriended a 10 to 12 year old and he expressed his love of the masked her is, of which I and a friend who volunteered with me happened to be. The next day one of us made a mistake and the child recognized us. As he stood, he began to run to us, calling our names. In his stride, he tangled and then it cut to him dying. The dead child was wet and cold, like he’d been dead for a while when we had just approached him. When he had just fallen. For some reason, the child had no parents so in the dream we were urged to bury him beside the house. In a fairly shallow grave, we laid the boy down. When my partner went to caress his cheek and wish the boy goodbye, his eyelashes fell off. He jerked his hand back, disgusted. Then.. I woke up in a cold room laid on my back with an intense calve pain. I felt horrible about the dream child, but now I may understand. I take charge of every aspect of my life. I’m 18. Just starting college. Although I missed my opportunity at a real childhood, I may be making a mistake by throwing it away so soon. It nay already feel dead, but I can’t just bury my happiness. I think the dream was telling me to remember myself and not to throw away what I mean and who I am, no matter how childish I may seem.

  22. I was at a YouTube convention for a Teens React Video (I’m 15) a gunman comes out of nowhere holds me and 4 others hostage picks the girl that he is going to kill. She is the girl next to me I beg him to kill me instead. He raises the gun to the girls head I tackle the guy off the stage and choke him out for 30 seconds and after a few seconds if him being unconscious the cops come and people congratulate me and pat me on the back

  23. I am not a military member but this is my dream (and there are many like it)

    I am a platoon leader somewhere south, there where palm tree’s and fruit carts. for some reason I am thinking Cuba (i have never been there) anyway, I am the platoon leader, leader of a unit of 25 or more (kinda seems like they where resistance fighters because they varied in age) we had a mole with the group, I figured out the mole with a single statement she said. When she said it her face did not fully sync with the gravity of the situation. She asked for permission to go on her rounds, I agreed, I did not want to cause a panic or be seen as the mole if i attacked her, so out the door she left. I watched her from a window, she tilted her hat to an on coming trail of black suv’s. My accusations confirmed I announce to my unit to load up and get ready. I awoke before the fight happened.

  24. 1. a family left a grandmother on a wheelchair someone near the road,
    i found a handcuff, apparently the family had been abusing and neglecting her, i screamed at them demanding an explanation.

    2. i was on a bus, bus was hijacked, i saved the day.
    (working w someone from the policeforce from a walkie talkie.)

    dreams i just had..