Beyonce Knowles in Dreams

Regarded as beautiful and talented, Beyonce Knowles is a singer who has it all. Dreaming about Beyonce Knowles symbolizes your desire for success and to become famous as she is. As an African American, she was able to endure racism, criticism, and sexism thrown her way by others. This greatly shows endurance, hard work, and dedication. Envisioning Beyonce in your dreams represents your ambition to prevail under harsh circumstances. This dream may also reflect on your desire to be a singer. You wish to be able to express your thoughts in your songs, sending your message across the globe.

Married to singer Jay-Z, Beyonce Knowles also has a stable and loving relationship. Beyonce Knowles appearing in your dreams may be indicative of your hopes for a stalwart relationship with someone you like or is infatuated with.

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13 thoughts on “Beyonce Knowles in Dreams”

  1. I was in the hunger games and we were all being led into a court yard with a bunch of tables. Everyone was looking at me and laughing making it seem like I wasn’t going to win. Once I sat down I looked over to my left and seen Beyonce. Her neck was all bloody but she was fine. She looked at me, raised her finger smiled big pointed at me and then turned around and walked away. Then I woke up.

  2. I dreamed that me Beyonce and 3 men(they seemed liked body guards) was at a concert. Me and Beyonce were laying across the seats instead of sitting in them and we were just chilling. The announcer turned and saw Beyonce and was rightfully surprised to see her so casually chilling. At one point she got up and sang then we all left and was walking around as though we were sight seeing. The end. I had such a great feeling throughout the whole dream as well as when I woke up. That feeling permeated my whole day. I’m not a big fan, love and admire her voice but that’s it.

  3. I had a dream that Beyonce and i were hanging out getting our nails done…then i started seeing stacks of money

  4. I had a dream about Beyonce and girl that think was her daughter I met Beyonce at a waterfall with her friends but somewhere later in the dream I met her daughter who looks exactly like her.Also for some reason in the dream drawing something on the wall and mirror and for some reason i was scared looking at them.

  5. We were all on stage sitting down. Then Beyoncé came to me and I stood up and we both faced the people that were sitting down on stage, and Beyoncé held me by my elbow and we started walking and singing lyrics to one of her songs, I had on heels and was the same height as her. Then, she sent us all off stage so they could get ready for the next performance with the water and I saw how they set up for that. Then I was with this man and some kids , and the man was looking for mattresses for his children, then I suggested he get the bunk beds and he did. Dream was over.

  6. I Had a Dream I was in a empty pool with Beyoncé and a bunch of others girls and they all had curly hair We were singing formation a few days later I watched the music video and it was the same as my Dream

  7. Had a dream me and Beyoncé were in court idk for what reason felt like she was sueing me or we where getting a divorce. She seemed really upset about the situation, I think hov and another lady was there. Couldn’t get a word in because all of them were talking over me

  8. Me and my friends were on the bus and they said a person name that had bullied me last year. So I told them ” Destiny changed y’all don’t know”. The bus stops and Beyoncé comes skipping to the back of the bus in a purple sparkly dress she wore at a concert. Beyoncé sits down but there’s a white man next to her I remember seeing a black shirt but never saw his face.i told my friends to be quiet because somebody was talking to Beyoncé in a microphone in her ear. Beyoncé just looked at me and smiled and began to sing.some how Beyoncé moved to the other seat and I got up to leave the bus and I hugged Beyoncé and I kissed her left cheek and then right cheek but something was scratching my face. It hurt I felt it in the dream and I said ” I love you Beyoncé” and, ” God loves you too”. I think she might of said “mhm” or ” I love you too”. I got off the bus and two black man were outside talking and I had a two piece on and my friend went up the hill and I walked home then I woke up.

  9. I had a deam she was sucking on my breast we were running together to get somewhere we went to get dressed to go out she took me to a salon where a lot of girls were there her stylist did my hair the stylist grad my brest squeeze and felt up my body next we got dressed seen her mom and hit the club spoke to people and i woke up.

  10. In my dream beyonce and i were sitting a large table having a drink… her sister was there and we talk about her wedding.. we were not drinking alcohol. It was a carribean cocktail. It felt like we were related in some kind of way

  11. I had a dream that me and Beyonce went for a walk I got to tell her how much she is my everyday inspiration and motivation and how she helped me in ways she can’t imagine. she then gave me advice and I then stayed with her for the whole day it was the best dream of my life xx

  12. I had a dream that I was on a family vacation with Jay-Z and Beyonce. I was going to sleep with them in their suite, but after we stopped in their personal kitchen, I realized that the kitchen suite was comfortable enough for me and would offer me some privacy, so I stayed there.