Britney Spears in Dreams

Dreaming about Britney Spears is about having a strong belief in making a full comeback to regain all of glories past. It takes renewed ambition and guts to work very hard towards wealth and fame all over again. Friends and family will once again accept you for who you are, providing you with the necessary support to make you great.

It also means that you are a strong supporter of Britney Spears and love her music.

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears in Dreams”

  1. Hey Dream Interpreters,

    I had an interesting dream abt Brittany. So, i have to say that i have not thought of her in a loooong time, and I’m really not that much of a fan if hers. I am 34 years old if that helps.

    But here’s the dream. I was, at a place where i knew Brittany was. I heard her talking with some people and when i cld tell,the,conversation was over by her walking away, i startted running from her. I was afraid to have her see me for some reason. i found a place to sit down on thee floor and she found m and sat next to me. I looked at her & she looked at me.

    I told her “i’m scared”

    She then came over, gave me a hug and said “what are u scared abt?”

    Then she said to me,
    “now i would think someone might think, oh she’s a very nice girl”, then she took some eye liner & started making designs on my face. She also gave me stickers to put on me, and one of those stickers was a sticker of a high school. I didn’t see what the designs looked like, but i noticed there was neon pink and almost neon green eye liner on my legs. So i figured those where the colors that were used.

    She then disappeared and i myself walking over close to where she was before, but she was talking to other people again.

    I then noticed a girl from my high school, her name is Amy, too that i was not very close to in high school ans wanted to talk to Brittany, too but she cldn’t. I told her “she came and talked to me!”

    Amy told me abt herself that she is a binge eater and something else abt somebody that i cldn’t quite make out, but she was pointing to her breast.

    Amy then left me and started talking to someone else she knew from high school that she was VERY close to, named Loren.

    The dream ended when we all looked back over to the circle of ppl that Brittany was talking to.

    1. Oh wait, u forgot this part. When i got home, my sister saw the high school sticker, toom it off & said “you are not in high school,anymore.” The other stickers that i put in disappeared.