Heath Ledger in Dreams

Leaving behind a legacy of smash hit movies and unforgettable portrayals of characters such as the Joker in Dark Knight, Heath Ledger will always be remembered. Although Heath Ledger died tragically at a young age and is no longer alive in the physical world, his legacy and works of art will always be ingrained into people’s minds. Dreaming of Heath Ledger can symbolize that you wish to be remembered for your greatness and to live on in other’s hearts when facing death. You wish to succeed and leave a stable foundation for your loved ones.

Seeing Heath Ledger in your dream does not necessary be reflective that death is approaching you, but can be interpreted as when you leave the earth, you will leave behind a successful legacy and will be remembered by many. You will succeed in life and bring about a new light and definition of your career to others.

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2 thoughts on “Heath Ledger in Dreams”

  1. Heath Ledger and I were together in a rave party. We somehow already knew each other. I felt so familiar with him in my dream. He was smiling at me. Then he started approaching other women. So I was upset and left the party. We weren’t exactly in a relationship. After I left, he followed me. I went to some odd place seem like a school or a very big old building. I was sitting on the other side of locked shutter door. He was walking thru the hall and came at me smiling like he knew exactly what to do. I wondered how could he be smiling ’cause the door is locked but then suprisingly he had the keys. He opened the lock, came in, smiling, and put his hands on me and kissed me gently. That was the dream. I feel really awkward about this dream. I admire him a lot. It feel familiar with him in my dream and really good and gentle. What’s this awkward dream supposed to mean something?

  2. hi… I was dreaming about heath ledger too.
    On that dream I don’t know he is joker. All I remember when I woke up this morning was a scary face came closer to me. White make up, black eyes and red lips, medium black hair. I was scary but suddenly he washed his face, and became a man with brown to blonde hair, I can’t remember the face.
    I was still scary, because I felt that he was full of emotion and it could blow up if something was wrong. He ordered me to wear red mini dress that he liked. And he kissed me. I felt comfortable but I still felt he was full of anger but he loved me.
    Than I woke up from the dream. I still remember the scary face but I forgot the handsome face. I checked on google. I thought the scary face was vocalist KISS band. but none of them has make up like scary face on my dream. This dream still annoyed me till afternoon, when my friend asked me to watch Batman vs Superman. Than I remembered about joker. I checked on google, yes It was joker on my dream. Than I saw heath ledger with brown/blonde hair.
    I thought he came to my dream. I can’t believe it. I never thought about him.