Michael Jackson in Dreams

Dreaming of Michael Jackson means sharing a special artistic gift with music lovers of young and old. You strive for success the same way that MJ committed himself to attaining the king of pop music title. Your work ethics and creativity are unparalleled to your peers where you continue to seek new mentors every few months.

You are always thrilled about doing all you can to enjoy life while giving back to everyone who has supported you in return.

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45 thoughts on “Michael Jackson in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was lying in bed and Michael Jackson was seated beside the bed. We sat in silence for a few seconds before he turned to me and screamed “ITS ALWAYS YOU!” As this was happening his face was flying out at me. I think the ghost of Michael is out to get me.

  2. When I dream of Michael it really touches something in me because I actually knew him. I felt a bit shy about writing of my dreams but decided to post it anyway.
    I dream of Michael quite often, even when I’m not thinking of him, meaning falling asleep with other things on my mind. Last night in my dream several of us were visiting him in his home, we were all between the ages of 20 and 25, ( I am in my late 50’s in real life.) we were all just having fun, there was laughter, we danced and played games. We all became tired and decided to take a nap. Michael and I slept in the same bed and when we woke up Michael said that he had to leave to go on tour and that he would be gone for 3 months. As he was talking I put on one shoe and began looking for the other one, I was looking all around and just couldn’t find it. Michael stopped me and gently put his hands on my backside and drew me close to him. He kissed me once on the lips, then my neck. He then suddenly let go.( This shocked me because in my other dreams of him he always kissed me on the cheek before he left.) He then took the sheet and bedspread, folded them and told me to take them home, his scent was all over them. He left and the maids began to clean the mess we had all made, I continued to look for that other shoe and woke up without ever finding it.
    The dream was so vivid I could actually smell the scent on the sheet and bedspread. In other dreams Michael and I were very young, between 12 and 13, and in some he would just come to see me and bring his fingers through my hair, sometimes braiding it then he would smile and leave.
    I am stumped on this one because out of all of these years it would be the first dream where Michael would go further than a kiss on the cheek, also the fact that it bothered me that I couldn’t find that other shoe.

  3. I dreamed that i was in building.. i was with friends but i can’t remember who, we walked and walked .. then my friends and i heard someone singing.. i walked to the sound of a beautiful voice.. then i came into this big room full of chairs and a stage, there was a man sitting on the stage, he kept on singing, suddenly i knew what song it was.. (speechless) by Michael, i walked over to the man and saw it was Michael.. he asked me to join him and sit next to him.. i did ..he took my hand.. and kept singing.. when the song ended.. i woke up.. i’ll never forget this dream.. it was so beautiful… ❤

  4. I dreamed that i was in building.. i was with friends but i can’t remember who, we walked and walked .. then my friends and i heard someone singing.. i walked to the sound of a beautiful voice.. then i came into this big room full of chairs and a stage, there was a man sitting on the stage, he kept on singing, suddenly i knew what song it was.. (speechless) by Michael, i walked over to the man and saw it was Michael.. he asked me to join him and sit next to him.. i did ..he took my hand.. and kept singing.. when the song ended.. i woke up.. i’ll never forget this dream.. it was so beautiful… ❤

  5. I met MJ in my dream with a few other randomly generated people. He was wearing a black fur coat and I shook his hand. He looked like he was happy to see me but in general looked spaced out. What does that mean?

  6. My dream made me pretty anxious… So the dream basically started with me, my uncle and a bunch of other people I didn’t know laying down in a room (don’t remember how I ended up in there)… I was scared and no one knew what we were doing there. We started trying to figure out what was going on and suddenly Michael came into the room and all he did was circle a specific part on a map with a pen, and then he left. We were all confused and out of nowhere we realized that Michael wanted to own (??) that territory he marked on the map and wad using us to tell the Government that if he didn’t get what he wanted he’d kill us… After a long nerve-wrecking while I woke up and now I can’t figure out what all of this meant. Any suggestions?

  7. Well I had a strange dream that I was 12 and Michael was round about the age he was when his game started to rise so he was about 10-11. I can’t remember the start of the dream, where I met Michael but I can remember the rest.for some reason I was In a garden centre or a plant store and I was looking around and I saw Michael and either Jermaine Tito or jacky, and I saw them, but I ignored them because I felt embarrassed because I felt I had a crush on Michael for some reason, then I heard which brother he was with say
    “Oh look isn’t that that girl”
    Michael said-“what girl?oh that girl blythe”(my name is blythe)
    And he shouted my name and I turned around and shook his hand, then I walked off, but later that evening his family were all in my living room and my mom called me down and there they all were squeezed onto one couch, and I sat on my moms lap? I didn’t ever once look at Michael the time, because I had a crush on him. One of his performances was on the tv, then my eyes started watering, my mum kept saying “don’t cry” but I was trying hard not to cry and I don’t know why

  8. This dream was very weird. I was a police in this dream, and i was walking through an underground metro station. There were people, who were freaking out and very scared, and just walking around in circles. I asked one woman if she was okay, and she said she was fine and nothing was wrong. But she had a frightened look on her face, and she was just walking in circles. Then i continued walking, and i found a group of people. And in the middle of the group, Michael Jackson was sitting on a bench. Then i started to freak out. I saw his face, and i could not believe i was meeting him. But Michael looked serious and kinda sad. The group of people told me, that they needed to take Michael somewhere, and then we all started walking through a hallway. Me and Michael started singing his song, and i can’t remember what song it was. But it was beautiful. And then, in the end of the hallway Michael turned around and looked at me. He said that something major was going to happen, and i should follow the news very carefully. And then he said, “It’s my time to come back.” Then i woke up.

  9. 🖤I had a dream that I kissed Micheal . And he kissed me back and I can feel his soft, warm lips touch mine . He kissed me back . When i woke up i can still feel his soft ,warm lips against mine . 🖤

    1. I just had sex with Michael Jackson last night & l wokeup to see his cum on my private part…it was so real❤
      I miss him so much

  10. I had dreams of Michael two nights in a row don’t remember the first but this last one I had it was me and him living in a old house with all of his pictures on the wall dressed as a king or a knight and we were married I remember feeling In love and enjoying every moment with him he also had Childern in the house playing around I think they were our Childern. We also went to a movie and went dancing I have no clue what this dream meant.

  11. I had a dreams of Michael two nights in a row don’t remember the first but this last one I had it was me and him living in a old house with all of his pictures on the wall dressed as a king or a knight and we were married I remember feeling In love and enjoying every moment with him he also had Childern in the house playing around I think they were our Childern. We also went to a movie and went dancing I have no clue what this dream meant.

  12. I had dreamed that I was walking down a dark narrow hallway. The only light was torches that were hung on the wall. As I walked, I saw Michael Jackson walking the opposite direction from where I was walking, surrounded by men in black cloaks. We stared at each other for a moment before he nodded and walked passed me. This was 8 years ago, weeks after his passing. I was only 9 years old. I usually forget my dreams, but this one…It just stuck with me…

  13. As I liked MJ, it was kinda wierd to dream of him. It was definitely not in no sexual way. I was telling him how I use to sing, but I started smoking and having trouble singer. Even tho their is singers that smoke. He took the time to help me. Wonderful to know he was a loving person.
    Thank you .

  14. I have dreams of being Michael Jackson or seeing what his life was like from his point of view and he visits me also!! I know many fans of his have dreams of him!! But in my case I knew Michael Jackson personally for over 12 years before he died!! So he wasn’t just a celebrity to me he was more than just friends also!! It feels like he is showing me what his life was like and he loved me and trusted and cared about me because I was real with him!! I just want to know if I’m right!? Or what the dreams mean?

    1. I’m so so so so jealous. I wish I knew him personally and was close with him. I’m so jealous of people that knew him. 😢❤ I wish I could have met him and gotten close with him. He did know a few family members of mine but I wish I could’ve met him. I was a child though…

  15. I have this dream where I’m in my room in a big house, my father calls me and say I must go and check my brother if he has come in since it is late at night. I went to the room and open the door. Michael Jackson is ironing his clothes preparing for the evening church service. He has the iron in his right hand in the huge iron board are two of his huge suites meant for the stage perfomance, their colours are blue and green. The oversize jacket has the shoulder protruding piece upwards and the oversise trousers are bell bottoms. As if we know each other as brotherly relatives, I’m standing holding the room door handle, I asked him refering to him as my brother but I have this respect for him inside if I can go to his church service, he said yes. I have my church but wont go this time but visit his. I asked when is the next service he said in the evening. I asked him the direction to his church since is going to me my first time to his church, he gave me the direction and I left the room.

  16. Idk why but me and mj always dance and become really close and then someone dies and he takes care of me then we get married and have a kid …………..,……………is that weird

  17. I had a dream about me and Michael Jackson playing in his house. Inside it was like a cabin, he had lots of stuff. Statues,pictures and books. He was like 5’9 or 6 foot. He wore a red shirt black hat , black tie , black pants and shades plus black men shoes. He had his hair curly in ponytail. He was smiling and laughing. I saw a bunch of kids younger than me like 4-8 year olds running around having fun. We were playing hide and seek.

  18. Hi I have bean saying Michael a lot
    And I have not had horrible dreams
    They are cool dreams of him and me
    We are something what I can’t say we are
    To gather and I have had him say
    Like he misses me and stuff
    And I can’t say what we have together
    But I miss him Saw much and that I love all u moonwalkers out there stay cool

  19. Well…i have dreams of him sometimes. And when i do whatever happens in my dreams. Some of it happens the next day o_o anyway. He only stares at me tho. I get a mean vibe from him.

  20. Well it’s every night I wake up
    At 3middle of night and
    Me and Michael was kissing
    And he was just hugging me this
    Happens to me every night
    I full asleep I dont know why this
    Keeps happening to me all time at 3am and he says he loves me and stuff like that but more then that he always communicates with me every single day at that time I’m not sure why someone
    Please tell me why this happens

  21. I’ve just work from a dream where I met a young Michael Jackson where he allowed me to try on his 70’s flared black trousers and pink shirt which both looked rediculous on me but we found it funny.
    We then met with a few friends of mine and he raced someone on a bike vs the guys scooter around the block. At first the free but then the other person triumphed second time round. A shoe maker came out of his shop to find what the commotion was and started saying he was going to take his shoe to us and we ended up taking his words “root is the middle of your sole” (or something along those lines) and we started harmonising it on the walk back to where we were staying. The singing was stunning and almost choir like. I can’t find any meaning to it though but cannot be sure the words are correct although the tune seemed so familiar, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

  22. I had a dream of Michael in Invincible-This is it Era..the weirdest part is that i was in my own room(Everything seem and looked normal. felt normal, felt not like a dream)..i got up…went to use the restroom…i went through my door to go to the bathroom..Michael grabbed me and closed my mouth..i screamed through his hand so hard that i felt his hand ring and vibrate..Michael looked me straight in my eyes…kissed my nose…then my cheek…then used his other hand to hold on to the back of my neck….then let his other hand off of my mouth go and immediately kissed me so passionately…my soul melted like cheese melts on toast..my eyes rolled back..my knees got weak ..i fainted…then woke up in front of my door.

  23. I dreamed about Michael Jackson many of times. I had a dream of him sitting in court. I kept looking at him and playing with my siblings and laughing. Mj looked so sad and I did not understand why I was laughing and playing instead of talking to him.

    I also had a dream when I was sitting in a room by Michael Jackson. His kids walked in and looked at us and than walked out. My dream skipped to a part when I was putting his kids inside a car. After that Satan kidnapped him so I had to get him back, to get him back I had to beat Stan in the head with a book. Mj refused to let me help him so I just picked him up and ran away. Before my dream stopped their was a cliff and I think I fell off of it to save him. There are more dreams of him I had but I just can remember the whole dream or enough to explain it.

  24. Hi I’m having a reoccurring dream that I’m dating this guy who I meet in around a marina. He’s name is Alex Reed. After dating for 2 years he said to me I have a big secret to tell you. I am Michael Jackson. He took off his masked and said you can tell noone I’m still alive. My response once holy crap

  25. Last night August 19, 2016 I had a dream of Michael Jackson I said if we can take a picture he said yeah and then I told him you are inspired me a lot he said thats good, but this when it came awkward I said did u fake your death and he said no I universal my death something like that I woke up real quick but confuse. He was wearing black all black.

    Last time I had dream around July. He was saying this is the king of pop but he was saying it. I started crying and he came up to me saying you can’t bring someone up to life then he hug me. I remember him wearing a black coat,blue shirt,black pants and black shoes.

  26. Last night I had a dream also of Michael Jackson,but I awoke confused because it seemed so real. He was standing in a line waiting on something like you do if your waiting to get your driver license, he had shades on, red long sleeve shirt opened but white T-shirt underneath, black pants , white socks and those black shoes he moonwalk in. He never spoke just looked straight ahead, than funny thing is it all jumped to him being driven away in a car but that was it still nothing was said I just woke confused because he has never been in any dream I could remember I was just standing on the corner watching him assuming he was just waiting on his ride.I guess I was confused because it was a regular car I know it sounds funny because he was a passenger in a regular mid size automobile not a limousine

    1. Same in my dream he only spoke to me once or twice I can only remember him shouting my name and I think that’s all I can remember him saying but he was around age 11 for some reason. And in the dream I was 12 so that might of had something to do with it

  27. Last night, I had dream that I was playing with Michael Jackson. I can’t picture the place, I just remember We were playing “it” , we ran, he tease me and I ran after him and he ran and just carried me like a baby or a little child. We really had fun. That dream was full of enjoyment, laughter and smiles

  28. Last night i dreamt of MJ this is not the first time

    My first dream about him was about a school concert. It was 12 am and i was walking home when i saw MJ was performing, he saw me on the stage and called me “hey come up here” i didn’t come instead i run (since i was a kid i was already scared of mj) when i got home i told my father to locked all the windows and doors i told them that mj is running after me, and suddenly someone is outside screaming “where are you?” I looked on the window and saw him and that was the end of my first dream.

    My second dream was last night it’s his concert too. I was sitting near the stage when i decided to go atthe back because i just don’t feel like watching him close i got scared. I stood up and when i was walking my way through the back seat he stopped me and say “happy new year” he smiled and pinched my nose. I smiled back and run towards the back seat. And when i got there i noticed his eyes is all on me, it creeped me out that’s why i hide under the seats, when i wan under the chairs i saw many people also hiding i don’t know why.. and after that mj talk again and said.. “yoohoo, where are you?”

  29. Look I had the weirdest dream of Michael Jackson. He robbed a bank in my dreams (no joke) while moonwalking, and I was trying to catch him. I was successful in the end, but my question is Why? Why is something that has happened in my head. I feel as though I should tell you I also have dreamed of zombies knitting sweaters (again, no joke. Kinda concerning). So, either Michael Jackson is gonna come from the grave with zombies (like thriller) and knit sweaters while seamlessly robbing a bank. I think, I may have problems. Please respond back. Thank.

  30. I dreamed about Michael Jackson when we were in church as praise and worship training on Saturday. And saw MJ training us how to dance when he was on blue green shiny track.

  31. Michael, my hero, is in my dreams many times, but il tell you last night.
    Bad era Michael turned evil, and became a evil Magician. He wore a black and purple hat, with a black coat. He looked so sexy. Since I resurrected him, i thought i was on his side so i followed him around. He went to Neverland ranch and i was there, he painted glow letters black and gold around it saying. “Follow me into my world” or something like that. Then, we were back in NY but we were teavling under a highway in NYC. Then we turned right, i saw a science table with potions on it. Then we went a bit deeper than way and it was all white, it was a secret diner for villans and evil scientists. I was going to sit with Michael, but the chairs were all taken by who came with us. So i silently cried at a table, alone ;-;. Soon, fastforward to what else i remember, we were in a van, and came by my house. It looked better than when we left. My mom seemed to have 6 diffrent colorful cars. My mom came out and talked to me for a minute then gave us 4 stuffed toys. A cat toy, a fluffy cat toy, a dog toy, and a hedgehog toy. I took the fluffy one because it was…well…. Fluffy, and it reminded me of my fluffy cat at home. I started crying silently once more, knowing mom was better without me. I dont remember if Michael felt sorry for me, i might of woke up… I woke up to a purring cat laying on my chest. It was my other cat, not my fluffy one.
    Any ideas what this dream means?

  32. SO I WOULD OFTEN SAY THAT I WILL TAKE MICHAELS PLACE IN HIS AFTER LIFE, AND I WOULD LISTRN TO HIS MUSIC. He won’t leave my mind. At all. And I had a dream today that he was like being sweapt away by a river flowing into an ocean. I jumped in to save him and he tried to push me away to safety. Him and I were being sweapt away and we both were trying to keep each other above water. I let him go because I was weighing him down and he said. Don’t let go you’ll drown. I said I’ll be right behind you. He said do you swear? And I said I swear. I let his hand go, and then I woke up…idk what that was about, but I would have hoped for something a little more romantic XD

  33. I dreamt Michael Jackson wearing red and white in my house.

    He was shining like angelic light and said he is still alive in another realm and i meet certain people with purpose of goodness and kindness. It appeared like he was made of light.

    1. Thanks for that enlightment. I never been a big Michael Jackson fan but I had a dream about him this morning. I was at a dinner table with him and he was laughing. We left to walk through what looked like a rain forest and he hugged and kissed me on the neck

  34. I had a dream where Michael Jackson and I were best friends. We showed up, at nighttime, to a venue packed with cars outside, people wall to wall inside and about 6-7 billiard tables with people playing. Michael was very nice to me in my dream, walking around laughing and talking to each other, and watching all the players.

    I had this dream a few weeks after I came up with an idea for a professional billiards organization, and I also LOVE everything billiard related, except for hustling–I just think that’s unethical and immoral. Do you have any idea what my dream was trying to tell me?

    Thank you for your time, and I love your site,

  35. Hello,

    I remember two dreams concerning Michael Jackson. One of me just hearing his name. Loud and clear. But I don’t remember details of that dream. Then one from last night was him performing at an outdoor mall I believe with fountains and bodyguards. He had dancers too. There were other people there enjoying the show too but I can barely remember this one either. Are you able to interpret what this may mean?