Asylum in Dreams

Dreaming of an asylum means you are encountering a lot of mental anguish. You are currently troubled by not knowing who could help you through the low points of your life. The more you think that there is no way out, the more you see yourself being institutionalize. You need to seek out help from friends and professionals who may be able to get your situation straighten out.

Do not shrug it off as if everything is normal after dreaming about an asylum.

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3 thoughts on “Asylum in Dreams”

  1. A few weeks ago I had a dream that has been stuck with me. I ended up stabbing a tall, blonde woman in the chest so perfectly that I hit her heart and she died almost instantly. I made no attempt to cover up what I did, just accepted it. I was then sent away to an institution that I was completely fine being in. The place was beautiful surrounded by waterfalls and rivers you couldn’t cross to leave but I didn’t want to. All I remember while being in the institution is telling new “residents” that everything is ok the rooms are sound proof. I would wake up throughout the dream several times and would always go right back to the same dream.

  2. My dreams are always very odd. This dream I was going with a new friend to an amusement park. She brought me to this place that could only be reached by going down an elevator. When we got there it was a very spacious and earthy world. Close to the end there were these monsters trying to murder my friends and succeeded. The remaining of my friends were captured, gutted, and had their parts stuffed into jars. I escaped by giving power back to the elevator and went to the top to the that looked like I was in an asylum lobby. I ran out the exit and into the parking lot. Sadly, the friend that I was with never returned to drive us away but I somehow found my sister and mother in their van about to leave. I jumped into the car and we drove away. I woke up with my heart racing.

  3. I had a dream that I was being institutionalized by somebody. A woman came up to me asking “Are you suicide or do you self harm?” And I replied with a no. Then she told me “you are being institutionalized for violent behavior.” Oddly enough, the dream had a very peaceful feel to it.