Beach in Dreams

Dreaming of the beach means you are seeking for a place away from your troubles of the daily grind; and rejuvenate yourself by connecting with the warm sun and ocean breezes.

A crowded beach in the dream means you seek company rather than the isolation at work. Go out and party like a rock star.

A calm beach with few people means your life has been too hectic and you need to slow down in order to maintain a balance.

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7 thoughts on “Beach in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed last night about being on a crowded beach with black volcanic sand. The beach was long; I came across a black and white spotted piglet a hen and a cat moving through the crowd. I hugged the piglet and loved it sitting on an old comfortable orange covered sofa. The piglet became bigger as I stroked it over my shoulder, we both smiled. A rich woman in a limousine like a famous film star said to her personal assistant sitting beside her: Get my purse.’ I presume she thought money could buy ther pig and separate two very good friends the now growing pig(let)and I I woke up at 4.00am

  2. The dream I have with beaches is always different in imagery but always the same outcomes. In my dream Im at the beach always with a lot of people around, but yet Im alone. Sometimes relaxing sitting down soaking up the sun, or near the water, or far from the water by a house. But this never fails to happen in my dreams. The waves go from calm and beautiful. To huge violent waves. Always reaching to where I am. And no matter how far away I run from them they always reach me. And the people just simply disapear from my dream. Not being swept away, but they just vanish. Ive been having these dreams I wanna say every couple weeks. I dont know what they mean. And in one dream the wave was huge, so huge it blocked the sky. But it never fell over me…that was the strangest one I ever had. Am I going crazy? Or am I just stressed the hell out…hope I can find some answers on here….thanks for reading.

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), I am assuming that you have been caught by the wave(s) as well except in the last case? The washing away of anything means that it or they or person or people didn’t have strong foundation in life and they let the life of this world (mundane life without spirituality) sweep them away. However, you were aware of this but couldn’t get away. In other words, you have more awareness but still the world affects you. That is why you were alone (was different) but others were not were not. The last one covering the sky: Sky is symbol of the higher ideals in life, therefore the worldly things (the big wave) makes one forget the higher ideals in life. It is best to pray, meditate, and fast and try to interpret yourself. While someone else interpreting your dreams may be helpful, this is the time in history that man has enough knowledge to interpret his own.

  3. I keep having this recurring dream for years now where I go to the beach with a group of individuals of somewhat importance to me. In the dream its always generally the same setting and theme. We go to the beach hang out on the sand and huge waves come up and washes everyone farther up on the shore and some away. I can never tell who it washes away or if it even does most times I wake up. So the variations I’ve had include one where I head to the beach with my family mom dad lil brother sisters andwe get this same hotel then I look on the ocean and eventually head to it now once along time ago I went straight towards the part everyone n there families were which was calm. But that was only once every other time I’ve went to our own secret spot which we are always warned not to go but do ne way. N really big waves come and cause chaos which to me isn’t a bad thing because I love waves. Now the thing that is generally different is who comes to the beach with me its always my family but sometimes friends or ppl close to me. The last time I had the dream it started as a road trip with friends n I ended up separate from them n then meeting up with them n my family on the beach. But this time when was heading there our path was blocked and we had to drive over a barricade n the usual board walk was ruined but the beach was in tack but look like it had aged somewhat. So idk help me figure it out seriously

    1. I have no idea what this means but I have had dreams very similar to this in the past. And sometimes in the dreams there are a lot of sharks in the water as well. In face every time i dream of a beach, there are sharks…

      1. Sal-Om Z, your dream, if you are willing to accept it, is saying: “while you are enjoying yourself or relaxing, there are things that are waiting to devour you (mentally or spiritually or maybe even physically!). It is too much luxury that causes one to forget the reason for being here.

    2. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), if you are willing to accept, too much luxury (mundane, worldly life) can cause one and those close to them to be washed away into delusion. the blocked road is the knowledge or authority coming to you, warning you. However, this is ignored and eventually it is getting old going to this beach (the partying, idle activities, etc. become dull). another meaning is that boundaries are not listened to, resulting in the washing away. Of course, dreams have numerous different interpretations and it is best if they meditate, fast, and pray to find the meaning themselves because you were there not me.