Broken Bridge in Dreams

To see a broken bridge in your dreams indicates that you feel lost and about to collapse due to emotional and mental pressure building up on you. These heavy burdens gradually casts its full weight down onto you. Thus, envisioning a broken bridge is symbolic of this. A broken bridge in your dreams may suggest that there’s a collapse in your awake self. Things such as relationships and opportunities are falling apart and you are that pillar trying to hold onto the bridge. This can also mean that there is a lack of communication and interaction with others.

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12 thoughts on “Broken Bridge in Dreams”

  1. I am 36, single mom of 2 kids I was dreaming that I was walking in a narrow place, then I finally find an ugly door that made of steel I quickly open it and saw a totally collapse foot bridge but not hard for me to climb up to cross to other sides. then on my right side I saw a bridge that is about to collapse too but I feel afraid if I used it it will fall and i will fall too. so I choose to cont. walking on the collapse bridge and it was very easy for me to climb up then I finally see an open space that makes me feel happy and I cont. walking on then see some person not so close to me but I know her in person she walk with me and she offer me to share her umbrella because It was raining but her umbrella got broke so we just laugh together and the rains stop. then she was gone I am again walking alone until I reach into a building I know it was the building I used to park myself and stand bye in real life. but when I go up it look different I saw people in construction working then I saw a beautiful clean white goat then I ask myself and smile why there’s a goat in here? then I wake up it already late 9:45am already.

  2. I’m 19 , I had a dream meteors were hitting certain places in the world and I tryna to run with three other people in my car and I was in the back seat . When went up a bridge and when we realized piece had fell off it was too late and we fell in the water but I escaped the car before it went under water

  3. My 87 yr. Old Dad and I were driving on a scenic beautiful road and then we were on this high bridge over a large river. We could see that the road/bridge was broken in two and that we needed to stop, slow down or were going to go over. We saw thst other people were on the “right” road to get it across. I wondered how I missed that. The feeling of almost falling was very pertinent.

  4. I’m in the woods I loose my way and come across an old green arched wooden bridge… Which joins to higher grounds still Woodlands…. Behind me is a green field and a wire fence…. Underneath is just lower ground no water. I go to cross the bridge and realise all the wood is rotten and I am unable to cross…. I then begin to fear that others may get injured crossing bridge, and try to find a way to close it off.

  5. I’m driving my car inside this building. I come to a part of the building where there is an opening to drive on a bridge to go down to the ground which is about three stories down. As I get on the bridge, I notice that there is a gaping hole in the railing. The car heads straight down to the ground. I hang on tight to the steering wheel and say all the way down that it’s going to be ok. When I hit the ground, I jump up and walk away while my son is trying to figure out what happened. There was also a passenger (Fanessa Washington) in the car that was terrified. I don’t know what happened to her.

  6. I was driving my car on this extremely high, arching bridge. On my way to the middle of it, it completely is cut off and I didn’t see it until it was too late, I didn’t even have a chance to hit the brakes because the cut off came so quick.. so somehow while in the middle of the air, I was able to jump out of my car onto the bridge’s supporting beams (or maybe it was a second bridge I can’t remember now) and dangled there looking down and remembering how scared I was. I then inched my way to the side (like a child on monkey bars) to the edge of the cliff and was safe. That’s all I remember but the biggest memory was when I looked down and the amount of fear I had.

  7. My dream I was driving up a bridge and noticed it was broken so we started driving in reverse and I pulled over in a rest stop and called my mom and she picked up my kids and I. Although, we were in a small car 🚗 it felt good.

  8. in my dream i saw a long hilly road winding on the side of many hills.i saw a bridge on that road.It got broken in two places meaning it turned into three seperate slabs of concrete,i saw vehicles and buses driving along the road and i got very worried for them as the bridge looks okay but was broken and that they may have accident.

  9. I dreamt of a broken bridge that I could not cross because it was dangerous and damaged on the other side. I would have to walk in a tight space that would not allow me to move the way I was intended to move.

  10. In my dream last night we crossed over a river where the water was high and pretty turbulent. The bridge was beginning to crumble but we were able to reach the other side safely. However when we got to other side we noticed all the other bridges near by we’re destroyed and watched one fall right before our eyes. The ground was flooded and we were trapped and couldn’t get to the road. We didn’t want to risk going back over the half broken bridge. We were trying to solve the problem and then I woke up.

  11. Nightmares have been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. I have always been afraid of the dark and when I was young had to take medicine to make me fall asleep. To this day I still have to sleep with my tv on and i am 35yrs old. I have had several recurring dreams, even a few dreams that have came true. More than I care to remember. I do have dreams about driving to a bridge and the bridge is broken so I have to try to figure out how to get over it. There are times when the bridge is extremely high and i am terrified of heights. There are also times when the water is very rough. I could go on forever about my dreams because that’s how bad they are.