Cave in Dreams

Dreaming of a cave is a meaning of being potentially stuck or lost. A cave offers little to no light so if one dreams of a cave, this is perhaps a sign that you are within that cave. You search and try to find your way out, but it is a difficult task. There is little hope, as it requires someone who has been in the cave before and knows their way around to navigate through it and help guide you to safety. A cave offers concealment and protection from the rest of the world. This can represent your yearning to hide yourself away until you are ready to come out and face others.

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4 thoughts on “Cave in Dreams”

  1. This is not my continual dream. My parents divorced over ten years ago, I ve been out of work, for over a year, and now my ill mother has been stuck in my own home, not invited, for the last 6 or so months, on and off.
    I keep having the dream , of the house, and/or other building, with the center floor caved in, it can be an upkept house, or an old decrept hunk of junk. You just can’t walk on that part of the floor, or near it, unless you want to fall down deeper.
    I was a psychology major, but never finished my degree,,,
    I probably already have answered my own question,
    but does not, anyone, have this type of dream, of intensity, magnatode,,,
    Please, any comment, even rude ones, is appreciated,
    The Wulf,
    Thanks ,,

  2. I had a dream that my sister and i were inside a cave. The cave looked like the cave in the childrens story of Ali babba and 40 thieves. It was above ground and had a secret entrance. To open it i pulled on a stone and the face of the cave opened to reveal a door. Once inside the cave had rooms. My sister and i had a room with our jewellery and possesions inside.What does this dream mean?

    1. Im definitely no expert at dreams or caves but years past sometimes people were buried in small caves so it probably signifies the afterlife you and your sister will be safe, possessions probably represent all the good things of your lives

  3. I keep having these recurring dreams about me being inside this crowed cave full of people and a mass flood comes in and wipes most of the people out but only a select few survive.