Cemetery in Dreams

Dreaming about different places have various meanings. If you dream of yourself in a cemetery, it symbolizes your melancholy and uncertainty in letting go of your lost loved one. You wish to hold on to the past and let your mind escape back to a period of jubilation with your deceased loved one. Although it may not be an easy task, you must learn to slowly let go of your unresolved sorrow and move on.

The important thing to understand is that your deceased loved one’s memories will remain in your heart, for their legacy lives on in you.

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4 thoughts on “Cemetery in Dreams”

  1. I have had 2 cemetery dreams this month both I was at peace in. Abnormal for my dreams but. I worked in one and was locked in for the night I was serene and couldn’t be happier somehow found a dragon book for my toddler. Also, The one that stands out the most was last nights I had access to a cemetery usually cut off from public eye the caskets seemed dark some unburied but the ground was beautiful looked like fresh snow covered ground but of white lilies that didn’t lose their shape the trees looked like white Birch full of animals entwined with in and on branches like bears in the trunk eagle on the branch etc kinda like how many animals do you see pic.. everything except the xadkets seemed to have a white wash hue including the sky except for the coffins..towards the end there was a building out of site that looked misplaced and the person running it was planning deceptive things for this place they were close to me actually I confronted them outside the sanctuary and woke up..

  2. i had a dream, i am passing by only in the cemetery inside the village to connect the exit while i’m riding in a car what does it means?

  3. I had this dream that I was walking through a Cemetery during the night, and happened to be pushing a pram which had a young child approximately the age of 4. As I continued to walk through the cemetery, I began to meet these “spirits” or “ghost” who had these “colors” around them (particularly around their heads).

    I had never met these people before, until I came to meet 3 or 4 people from school and thought to myself “What are they doing here?”

    Whilst I was talking, the “spirits” or “ghosts” looked very happy to see the child in the pram that I was pushing. The spirits looked happy and calm in general.

    Any ideas what this could symbolize? Thanks.

  4. What does it mean when you dream that you are in a cemetery and a few people who are unknown to you are actually trying to catch you or feel you?