Crossroads in Dreams

To envision yourself at a crossroad in dreams symbolizes your uncertainty in what choices to make in life. At this point, you may have several options that will lead to different outcomes and destinations. The choices you make will produce a prodigious impact on your life currently and the future. However, you feel incertitude due to a lack of confidence and fear. To overcome this, you must learn to trust your instincts and intuition.

The crossroads in your dream may symbolically be an embodiment of unity, for in the end, it can become the central meeting place.

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One thought on “Crossroads in Dreams”

  1. i had a dream where i was walking down a straight road in a cornfield with a girl i never met but loved. the skies where grey and filled with energy. i started to no tbe able to move. my body was lifted about a foot off the ground i was forced to lay horizontally and my arms and legs bent backwards at an impossible angle. i slowly at first started getting pulled away from this stranger/love until my speed picked up more and more like the beginning of a roller coaster. up ahead i saw crossroads coming fast and felt i shouldnt be there. bright red caught my eye from a stop sign and my vision zoomed in to an impossibly clear bright white word, STOP. it felt like hitting abrick wall which also woke me up immediately. i still wonder what would have happened had i reached those crossroads. it huants me still after 25 years.