Glass House in Dreams

To dream about a glass house, it may indicate your wish to live in a fairytale castle as an escape from reality. Glass houses are made of fragile bonds which may mean that your relationships with your family and friends may be strained. The prismatic effect of the glass panels of the house may symbolize your differing personalities when dealing with people.

Living in a glass house in your dreams may also symbolize that you feel you are under observation by the world. The transparent nature of glass reveals your deepest secrets, and you fear rejection when revealed.

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13 thoughts on “Glass House in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt my 23 year old daughter was killed by a man in a glass house. He was not well known in the community. One of her friends went to his house, and that is how we found out he was a bad person. Someone called and told me my daughter went to his house even after knowing he was bad because she didn’t believe us. I called my mom to tell her we have to go get her and my mom was crying and asked if I had anyone with me. then I knew. She was killed. I screamed and cried while my heart was ripped out. I cried for how scared she must have been, and how much he may must have hurt her. And how I would never see her again. Terrified me!!

  2. I had a dream that I was given access to use my client’s glass beach house and Lamborghini in California while I traveled between work there and back to Michigan. It was a beautiful home with white sand and right next to the ocean.

  3. I dreamt I was being taught in a building kinda like a mall -it was an outside mall though- and all the walls were glass. There were two men that came in and started a mass shooting, I shot them first, then shortly after they came back to life and were searching for who shot them. I managed to get out but I was running and there weren’t many places to hide because the building was made of glass and for some reason my dream self wouldn’t cross the street to escape the area, I stayed in the mall area.

  4. I dreamt I lived in a glass house, platformed in the middle of the ocean. I threw a party and went outside on the deck for air. A tidal wave could be seen from a distance, but no one from inside to hear me banging on the door, to be let back in. Finally, I dove into the ocean and swam to the underwater hatch beneath the house, that was stuck, where I pounded until someone pulled me back in just as I ran out of air.

    1. Wow, I, also, dreamt I was in a glass house platformed in the Ocean, but, i was inside and saw the tidal wave coming and was trying to close the sliding door. Very tumultuous. Did you ever figure out what the glass house on the ocean meant?

  5. Hi I had a dream of moving in to a new home which had glass windows it looked like a shop and inside the walls were dirty and I did not want too move there. I said too my girlfriend there’s other house why cannot we move to them can you help please thank you.

  6. I had a dream where I looked out of the back of an old house and saw a young child laying in the yard and when I went down stairs and looked out a door I saw the child was dead and I got back into the house quickly and locked 3 brass locks on the door and I heard a knock and went upstairs to a glass wall with a door and I saw some people out through the glass when i looked out the peephole I saw a woman’s mouth and her teeth where demonic or werewolf looking and I saw where they were going around to the other side of the room and were trying to enter from that side which was an unfinished glass wall, I could see the apt. was made from part of a hotel it looked like. The man that tried to enter had vampire like teeth, the Nosferatu old style teeth and he was dressed very refined. They tried to come into my area but I held my hand up and he continued to try to enter but i held my hand up in a gesture where I circled my fore finger and thumb to make a circle and seperated the last three fingers and he stopped and I looked at how my fingers looked and realized I had made a symbol of the Trinity and circle. I kept thrusting my hand at them and thay turned and left but he lifted and held his foot back towards me in a gesture I could not understand, I turned to see where the wall looked as though it was a cafe enterance to a hotel I I thought dang they did not finish the wall and I had I seen that i would not have bought the place. What do you make of this dream?

  7. I had a dream about glass building (all of it is glass, including floorings). This glass building is moving up and while it moves, it shakes a little. I was alone inside the building and I have no recollection of why and how I got inside the building. I was just there and know it is moving and then I woke up.

    I have been looking for a luxury condo in a building – could it be this is what it means?

  8. I had a dream where I was in a glass house. I sat on the sofa with the recliner up and I was holding on to this girl I have a crush on. She was hugging me then all of a sudden we both started glowing and then levitating into the air. The glow grew extremely bright and then we came back down onto the sofa. If it helps, it was a glass house with an extremely large living room with lots of space and trees surrounded the house. It was near a lake and I recall a person standing in the trees watching me. I remember being told that the levitation thing was an alternate form of sex? It sounds weird but help would be absolutely great.

  9. I was in a beautiful glass house on the side of a mountain. All I remember was the outstanding view. I then realized that I was at my own dining table with the usual wall. I don’t understand the going from one to the other. Help

  10. plese tell me the meaning of dream ‘HOUSE MADE OF GLASS’….I will be waiting for ur reply…..


  11. Hi,

    as I am in a coaching program, I have a dream which is a glass house. My family and I are in the home but I feel very insecure and very frightened while I am in the house. yes, i do feel that i am under exposure and I also feel that my relationships with my family and friends are very fragile and strained. I am not happy. i have suffered from childhood emotional trauma in the past and I have to be honest that I have not fully recovered from them yet. I do feel that my confidence level is not high and I am certainly not assertive enough. My friends have told me that they find me always have things to say but will still hold them back despite me feeling really angry and frustrated. My anger builds inward and this in turn hurts myself.

    what should I do?


    1. You seem to have done an extensive character study on yourself and understand the reasons behind the actions that create the aspects of your life.

      Yes, relationships can be fragile like the glass house in your dreams. However, this shouldn’t stop you from fighting off your worst fears or letting out your true feelings. Learn to accept yourself, because no one can create the life you want to live besides yourself.

      Only you can change yourself. The truth is that no one owes you anything. Not your friends, family, parents, siblings, children, teachers, co-workers, supervisors, uncle sam, and even people who are paid to provide services to you.

      If you plan on failing and being non-assertive all your life, you are failing on your own accord because people simply don’t care as much as your mind imagines it to be.