Playground in Dreams

A playground is a child’s place of adventure. Dreaming of a playground can show a more childish and free part of one’s soul. Not necessarily immature, but the childish qualities may be a good sign, reflecting and reminiscing of one’s younger years. It is a sign of great youth, showing a definite enjoyment of the adventurous and young spirit within a more mature and grown person.

Since a playground is where a child feels happy and relaxed, dreaming of it can be indicative of your desire to be carefree and void of responsibilities. You wish to be able to do things the way you want and at your own pace.

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13 thoughts on “Playground in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where a lot of my school was at this beautiful playground by a river. I saw a smoke on the horizon. I warned my teacher and he ignored it. Soon lava came spilling into the area where the playground and we all ran for the river. Once we crossed it, we realized that not everyone made it across.

  2. thank you for the wonderful information. I dreamt when I was jogging in a big play ground alone. I ran three times. round the playground. on one side there were three cows while on the other were grave yards. on the last round i ran out of it.

  3. Dreamt I was on a secluded island that was a journey to arrive but once there , there was a playground that was barely used and it felt forbidden to play on but it was so much fun and very unique

  4. I was dreaming that I was stuck inside of a playground but I could not get out . In the dream , I felt scared because I could not get out and woke up suddenly .

  5. I dreamt that my down syndrome son was going on a field trip. Waiting on the normal school bust to pick him up a mobile playground on wheels came around the corner to pick him up. A playground on wheels picked him up in the alley I grew up in. Wondering what the dream means.

  6. So, my dream started off with me climbing a tree with some of my family, it seemed pretty rooted and the trunk was huge. But the branches had no leaves and they kept breaking. But we wouldn’t ever fall completely because another branch would keep us from falling. The next part we were playing on a playground and I saw a storm coming so we started taking the play ground and realized we shouldn’t be doing that so we tried to put it back together someone I didn’t recognize tried to help. But, The storm got so bad though that we had to leave. We were running through a softball park to find shelter and a tornado touched down coming toward us. Some of us got split up and I thought I saw some shelter for us to run toward.
    Then I woke up.

  7. I saw a dream in which I am on top of some kind of two story building where 2 railways are passing through each other cross-sectionally.
    While i am passing near by this ccross-sectional junction of these railways on top of roof I saw two trains coming on each rail track.. I imigiately waive hands to give signals to slower train to stop or otherwise collision will be happened.. In mean while a fast train passes through the slower one and break the slower train into two pieces from engine.. and rest of train is its place on rail track..
    To seek help when I see down from roof top its some kind of army play ground where army personal are playing games.. i shout to get attention and to inform the incident but my voice could reach to that people.. when I again shout loudly I wake up

    Further, my old car was also parked on roof top

  8. I am dreaming of my school playground , and my principal sir and madam . I love them. I love my school . Now i am in university . I had so many bad memories as well as good memories of my school days . I just want to say my principal mam sorry , as she loved me so much but still i could not get up to mark as she wanted me to see.
    But now i am in much better position. And i really want to thank her for teaching me those hard task of my life.Now those task are helping me so much for handling my life. After i passed out i have never gone to my school again . Because i promised my self one day when i will get at that position where my mam wanted to see me , that day i will go to her and say all about my journey i did to get here . i want to say my principal mam {MAM UR MY GOD MOTHER AND I LOVE U AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY OWN MOTHER .}THANKYOU MAM. UR FAITHFULLY MOUMITA .

  9. I’m 20 I saw myself going to my primary school playground with someone I saw many swings n children swinging in it and many balloons… I saw even myself playing with those balloons… Then we both saw an empty swing n he asked me to sit and began to swing me
    Can you please guide what it means?

  10. I’m 21 and I dream about playgrounds often for years now but it’s always the same playground this huge playground that feels familiar but when I wake up I don’t recall ever going to it the people in my playground dreams also differ sometimes it’s family sometimes friends and sometimes people I haven’t seen in years.

  11. I dreamnt of the “big kids” playground from my elementary school but it was surrounded by some pretty deep water! The water was clear and pretty

  12. I recently stop being friends with a guy who i have a crush on or many years, a loving friendship. In thr playground i am playing with his giant 12 yr old sister, other are there. Im great with most kids, espeically at that age so i think im her caretaker. He comes to pick her up and we are happy to see each other. He goes and comes back the dream goes on and hes tired and so am i . I think i make coffee haha. And might i add. We are penpals and never met

  13. I always dream that I’m in a playground and when I read this about having fun and childhood it didn’t match my dream at all. I was in a playground and the openings for the slides were so small that I couldn’t get my foot into it. I remember trying to put my foot in the opening and it got stuck. I also recall that the opening was very high up. In the dream I remember running around the playground and seeing this boy’s head on the ground under the playground but I think he was either still talking or still blinking and I was screaming his name but then continued running around the playground.
    Then the dream switched and it was like I was at a meeting with some people I knew. There was that same boy whose head was on the floor….
    I’d seen him yesterday at dance practice in reality and his mother IS the choreographer in reality. I was in a show with him and several other people, and he’s going to be in my quince and my cousin’s quince (it’s like sweet 16 but for Hispanic girls). So it seems that he’s liking me or something because he is always trying to dance with me even though he’s not my partner. Let’s call him “J”.
    There was either him or this other boy that I go to school with. I have a crush on him. Let’s call him “A”. He was sitting on a chair and when I came up to him he hugged me and started to kiss my neck…
    Something happened with the playground again… It was like I died and they all lay me far from the playground on the surface of the tire pieces which was all over the playground. But I was awake, blinking and everything in the dream but they must’ve thought I was really dead.
    Somehow I “woke up” and ‘J’ was smiling when he saw me, happy to see me, and his friend said “Aww there’s your girl I knew she’s tough, I knew she’d come back to ya!”

    And I can’t remember from there…