School in Dreams

Dreaming about school represents the lessons we have not learned yet. Every time when you overcome a certain work or relationship challenge, and you dream about school means your unconscious is trying to help reinforce the learned lessons into your thinking. You may have missed something on the way, and the dreams will show them to you.

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2 thoughts on “School in Dreams”

  1. Starts off in a school, im a kid again but its the future. Were taking a trip to supposedly a very important gathering. When we get to the location everything is gold and there are a lot of other kids there. So me and all these other kids use some sort of moving stairs and brings us to this huge magnificent room. I sit down when all of a sudden a woman calls my name and says I must give my speech, for doing something for which I dont know. So me and this other girl ( for some reason I can never get a look of her face) take this weird elevator which brings us up to this platform in the sky. The woman tells us to get in are correct spots. I was to stand in front of the golden future door that said executive. When the woman says “its time” I wake up