Street in Dreams

Dreaming of a street represents where you have been and where you come from. Each street experience and memory builds your character to help determine the person you are today. As compared to being holed up at a desk job, you are the type to prefer frequent encounters with new faces in public places and like to venture into shops to discover new things.

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3 thoughts on “Street in Dreams”

  1. Okay. In my dream, my grandpa, grandma, uncle (group 1), my mom, me, 3 younger siblings, and step-dad (group 2)and my dad, sister, other grandpa, and other grandma (group 3) were all going to the beach down the street, but apart from each other. Eventually, we all joined together, except for group 3, who were a little bit down the ways on the beach. Some of us went to a store along the street, away from the rest of us. I know I was one of the ones who stayed on the beach. We were all going down to the ACTUAL beach (like where everyone enjoyed the ocean) and there was a bridge that lead through those tall grass-like plants that you’d normally find on beaches, and then it would lead out onto the beach. I was the one leading the group, but no one seemed to be following me ( Then again, I might be wrong about them following me). My dream-self didn’t realize that the others were hanging back and just walked right on forward. At the end of the bridge, I didn’t hesitate to step right on out. Before I stepped I saw that there was a great bonfire and people in masks doing an indian tribal dance. Then, I fell (as I always do in my dreams) into the ocean. There was no sand on the beach. I drowned and I remember dying in the darkness of the ocean. Have anything to say about this one??

  2. I had a dream I was following my cousin into a bland building we ran into one of his friends that I never seen before as we started talking to him police surrounded us with their guns drawn on our heads and a Muslim woman laughing at us down the street as if she was setting this up. What can this dream mean??

  3. yesterday I had a dream of 5 red cows one with hind leg out of joint there was more to that dream with a child (someone from congregation screaming because it should not have seen that, today I dreamed of a friend from my congregation and in the dream we were walking its seemed like downtown and we were trying to find where we were at and I remember seeing the street name. It said “bison”. I was thinking is there a relation cow and bison. What is trying to be said, something representing this world .